Some Days Call for a Beach Day

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Sometimes I just want to share photos. That’s all. I have let go the feeling of obligation of making every post count, every post informational or educational or based on experience. Sometimes I don’t need words. Just imagery.

It doesn’t mean I won’t write about our lives, but it means that I now put less pressure on myself to do what I think I should do and instead do what I feel like doing in the moment. I have too many “SHOULDS” right  now to turn this blog , something I write for pleasure, into another SHOULD.

Also, some amazing things on the horizon that I am very excited about, that are keeping me even busier these days, but that’s the only way I’ve ever been able to live. Busy, with too many things to juggle. That’s the only way to be productive for me and driven and into what I am doing.

See? That’s already too many words.

So photo posts, do my readers enjoy them?

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Comments (9)

  • Verna


    I love photo posts! Thanks for sharing!!


  • Kelly


    Are you looking for honest feedback? haha :) No, I don’t love photo posts, because that’s what Instagram and FB are for. I come to the blog for your woooooords, girl! :)


  • Jenn


    Where did you get that rash guard? Love the colour!


  • Hippie Mama Pea


    Well I for one LOVE your photo posts! Sometimes I don’t get time to read the longer ones, and I love seeing what’s going on with you guys!!


  • Tanya


    First, I love all your posts! Questions : 1 – Are Lexi’s sunglasses prescription? If so, where did you get them? Have you tried Zeni Optical? Thanks in advance!



    • Elena @The Art of Making a Baby


      Yes, they are. They are Babiators that I filled with prescription sunglasses at a local store ( any optical shop will do it)
      I haven’t tried Zeni, but I did go through quite a few online retailers for glasses and have a few favorites. I need to write a post about it.


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