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Second post in the Lexifriend Series is about Melissa, or as Lexi used to call her “Mewiffa”.

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These two met at a Children’s Museum and became instant friends. The girls have such similar personalities. Both extroverts, both very hyper and excited, neither likes sleep and has trouble “turning off”. Watching them be together is hilarious. They jump around from excitement, hug each other and just totally vibe off off each other’s personalities. You  might have seen some of their pictures in this beach post.

Love these pictures below of the girls having fun with E in the Dinoland pool in their adorable Submarine Swimwear and Babiator sunglasses. By the way Lexi is STILL absolutely obsessed with this pool play center. I definitely recommend it for the summer.

IMG_6206 (2) IMG_6213 IMG_6219 IMG_6222

IMG_6719 IMG_6720 IMG_6723 (2)

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  • Mamato2


    Oh my goodness! I seriously have to to stop and look at every picture that Melissa is in. She is just a beautiful little girl….can even make a messy ponytail look good. LOL I’m sure her Mom hears it all of the time, but her eyes are amazing.


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