Swan Birthday Party, Part II

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In the second part of the Birthday, the entertainer arrived and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for a birthday party ( aside from having a photographer). Kids LOVED it. They got animal balloons, they played games, sang songs, and had a blast. Next year we will have princess visit the party. Enjoy the pictures.


Photos are taken and edited by MM Works Photography}

































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Comments (7)

  • mila


    Lexi’s twin is so beautiful! :)


  • Nicole


    I’m curious why you are still breast feeding so frequently when Lexi is old enough to be able to wait and probably isn’t hungry based on your pictures of the food. Do you ever have her wait if you are in the middle of something? My best friend is still breastfeeding her toddler (almost 2 1/2), but she only breastfeeds before nap time and bedtime and sometimes in the morning (also if the kiddo gets hurt and needs some extra mommy love). If her son asks to nurse and she is out and about, she tells him that she will nurse him after they get home and he is always fine with it. I’m curious if you do anything like that.


    • Elena @The Art of Making a Baby


      I don’t see a reason to have her wait. I don’t see breastfeeding in public as something shameful. If a child has a need to breastfeed, then they should breastfeed. It’s not candy they are asking for. It’s a basic need for comfort or closeness or whatever it is they need at that point. At 2-3, Bfing is rarely about food.

      There are times when I cannot breastfeed her like if we are driving and she usually doesn’t even ask for it in those situations unless she is really really tired and wants to sleep. But other than situations where I truly cannot breastfeed her at that moment, I do not refuse her requests.


    • Regina


      As another mom breastfeeding an almost 2.5 year old, I’d say it has a lot to do with the individual child and their needs/personality, and your own parenting style. My daughter still breastfeeds very often, and I do not deny her unless I absolutely cannot breastfeed her at that moment. She just needs frequent physical contact. It’s part of who she is. She’s very extroverted and tactile, and always has been. This doesn’t mean she’s clingy, however, as she’s more than happy to run off and play with other kids, and she’s quite independent and a little risk-taker.


      • Elena @The Art of Making a Baby


        Well said! Observing Lexi, it’s clear how important breastfeeding is to her from the emotional and attachment standpoint. I’ve been reading more about attachment lately and it has made me realize just how important it is to allow her to wean on her own.


  • K


    I hope you don’t mind me asking but do you have any plans to actively wean Lexi as she gets closer to three?

    My LO was such a booby baby but at newly two she’s now down to three sessions a day (especially now my supply has tanked due to pregnancy) although I haven’t taken any steps to actively wean her. She’s actually followed the Kellymom guidelines of solids vs breastmilk pretty much to the letter!

    I’m actually kind of sad that we’re coming to the end of our nursing journey (dry nursing isn’t much fun and I’m not sure I want to tandem nurse) and it sucks that I can no longer rely on breastmilk filing any gaps in her nutrition :-)


    • Elena @The Art of Making a Baby


      No, at this time I don’t have any plans to wean. I can see what an amazing source of comfort and emotional stability it is for her and a great attachment tool, so it’s not something I am going to take away before she is ready.
      My milk is drying up though so I am not sure how much longer it will be even with natural weaning.


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