Oh My Poor Back! {or how my baby started walking}

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So when Alexis started walking with support at 9 months, she walked with us holding both her hands. She was fast and excited and loved it so much that was all she wanted to do.

Soon she wanted more independence and had to ONLY hold one of our hands. At 10 months she started taking independent steps, but inconsistently, so her main form of transportation was still by holding onto our finger for balance.

Needless to say that was ROUGH on our backs. We are 5’11″ and 6’4″. To get down to her level in order to hold her hand, we really have to bend. Our backs started feeling it, so we attempted to straighten out a bit which was possible by tilting our body while holding one of Lexi’s hands. (hello, one-sided back pain!)

Then the real walking started. See, Lex wasn’t like some babies who carefully take step after step, lower themselves slowly. No, she was like the other type of babies, who sort of just take off and run. NO stopping, NO walking, NO lowering herself down. If she were to fall, it’d be a face plant, no doubt.

- Lexi, say hi to tile floors!

- Tile floors, say hi to Lexi!

Clearly, that couldn’t happen. Our solution? Run right behind her with our arms stretched out in front of her in case she falls ( which at her speed was very likely). To do that we had to bend in two and run. Literally. 30 minutes later and my back was dead. Then my husband’s.

Something had to give.

I had seen a baby walker (not the one where they hold onto it and walk) online before that would solve our problem but one review I had read online that talked about how it was a waste of money. It went something along these lines: “It’s a stupid idea, because I have to put it on and take it off every time my baby wants to go play rather than walk”. That made sense to me, so I had decided a while ago that I wouldn’t be buying a walker.


Fast forward till now, with Lexi, the super racer, we had to give it a chance.

And this is why I am writing this! I just had to share! We LOVE it! I ordered it on Amazon with 1 day shipping, because our backs were YELLING at us, put her in it and didn’t skip a beat. She doesn’t even notice it. She is still sure she is walking completely unsupported. Which she is.

For us, the walker isn’t there to support Alexis. She can walk just fine on her own. It’s there to catch her in case she falls. So we walk around with the straps loose, Lexi balancing herself while walking and if, by some chance, she trips or stumbles or loses balance and starts falling, the straps catch her. Ah! Backs saved, frustration- gone! We all enjoy walking around with her exploring things. It’s our favorite pastime now. She has so much fun and we enjoy it with her.


Here’s an even better thing!

Because we are not afraid of her falling and somehow not catching her, we let her walk however she wants, stumbling, losing balance, tripping. Before we used the walker, any stumble meant we caught her and prevented her from correcting her own balance. With the walker, she is only caught when she is actually falling.


I love this thing so much and I almost didn’t buy it because of that review ( one of the reason why I take Amazon and other site reviews with a grain of salt) that I just had to tell you, guys, about it. To save your backs. It’s worth it.


You probably wouldn’t need it if your baby is more cautious or walks slowly and does a good job lowering her/himself when falling. But if you have a “bulldozer” with an iffy balance, that is anything like Lexi, you will thank me!

Now 2 weeks later she walks safely without it, having learned to slow down and properly lower herself when needed.


You’re welcome!




Note: I did not receive this product for review. It was bought by me and I loved it so much I had to share it with the readers.

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