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Oh My Poor Back! {or how my baby started walking}

Written by Elena @The Art of Making a Baby. Posted in BABY, Best for Baby, New Mom Experience


So when Alexis started walking with support at 9 months, she walked with us holding both her hands. She was fast and excited and loved it so much that was all she wanted to do.

Soon she wanted more independence and had to ONLY hold one of our hands. At 10 months she started taking independent steps, but inconsistently, so her main form of transportation was still by holding onto our finger for balance.

Needless to say that was ROUGH on our backs. We are 5’11” and 6’4″. To get down to her level in order to hold her hand, we really have to bend. Our backs started feeling it, so we attempted to straighten out a bit which was possible by tilting our body while holding one of Lexi’s hands. (hello, one-sided back pain!)

Then the real walking started. See, Lex wasn’t like some babies who carefully take step after step, lower themselves slowly. No, she was like the other type of babies, who sort of just take off and run. NO stopping, NO walking, NO lowering herself down. If she were to fall, it’d be a face plant, no doubt.

– Lexi, say hi to tile floors!

– Tile floors, say hi to Lexi!

Letters to Lexi: 9 Months

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Dear Lexi,

This is the age! The age when I considered other people’s kids BIG. I look at you, though, and you’re still so small, so fragile, so vulnerable. There’s yet so much for you to learn , so much to master.

But you are growing at warp speed. Mastering one thing after another. One morning you would wake up and just have this new skill. Since the earlier months I have noticed one remarkable thing. I can SEE cognitive jumps in your development. Like, one day you would just be MUCH smarter than the day before. A HUGE JUMP!