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Traveling around Florida: Tampa

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At the end of February I got to do something that I hadn’t been able to for years – go to a concert. Andrew and I used to be really into music, so we would go see our favorite bands every time they came around. Since getting pregnant and giving birth to Lexi, without family around us to help with babysitting, we have had to miss some of best bands that came around to Miami and Tampa. I was soooo bummed to have missed a Blink 182 concert. So this time with my mom visiting, when I found out that Pink will be in Tampa ( too late for good tickets), I just had to go.

I found decent (and crazy expensive) tickets on StubHub and decided to take my mom who has NEVER been to a concert with me instead of asking her to babysit. Andrew agreed to watch Lexi and we crossed our fingers that I can put her to sleep, sneak out to a concert and come back all before she wakes up for her first nightly feed.

We booked the closest hotel to the venue, so unfortunately there’s not much to talk about in that department, it was a normal hotel, nothing special, except that we could see the stadium out of our window. The biggest reason for that was so that we could walk to the concert and then rush back if Lexi needed me. She tends to accept no one but me when she wakes up at night, so we were crossing our fingers she’d stay asleep.

Gaylord Palms: Alexis’ First Trip to Orlando – Part I

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When we were first invited to Andrew’s mom’s wedding reception in Orlando 3 months ago, our first thought was “Oh, we’d love to, but there is no way we can drive all the way to Orlando with Lexi”. That was a bummer, but it beat the prospect of a screaming baby in the car for 4 hours. As the time went on, though, and Lexi was getting more and more manageable at 4 months on, I was starting to think that maybe, just maybe, we’d be able to make that trip. We knew her problem was the carseat and we put all our hopes into the new roomy convertible car seat from Maxi Cosi. As I wrote before, the car seat worked out fabulously. The screaming fits ended as soon as we swapped our infant seat for this new cool (as in temperature-wise) and big Pria 70. So we tentatively told my MIL that it was looking like we could actually make it.

We were both super super super excited. Before Lexi, we’d take frequent trips to Orlando to just have dinner or walk around the parks, or see friends, as well as drive to Miami and other cities of interest in Florida. It’s what we did for fun. With Alexis being a very particular baby, especially in the first 4 months, and hating the car seat, we’ve put it all on hold, but we both couldn’t wait until we would go these places with our daughter.

Each one of us had our own concerns having never traveled with an infant. I was concerned about how she’d do in the car, how she’d fall asleep there, whether I’d be able to keep her entertained for the whole 4 hours. Andrew was really worried about what we’d do in the hotel, considering that at that time Alexis would only fall asleep while being rocked. But we went for it, figuring we’d play things by ear and do what we had to do.

With it being our first overnight trip and hotel stay, we packed everything imaginable, and his mom promised us a portable foldable rocker (which worked out FABULOUSLY, btw).