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Best Toys for Outdoor Play {12-24 MONTHS}

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Since summer officially started in all parts of the northern hemisphere, I am sure that mommies of all kids all ages are trying to figure out ways of getting everyone outdoors, keeping them outdoors and keeping them entertained there. Usually, it doesn’t take much to have fun outside, if you’re willing to run around with your toddler, roll in the grass, throw the ball around.  But toys can always be an enhancement to a parent involved play or a welcome distraction for some alone time.

Unfortunately, in Florida,summer often means HOT (not always, but most of the time), so we are actually going back indoors. That’s fine by me, because we’ve spent months playing outside while others bundled up and stayed at home.

But I’d like to share some of the items that have been thoroughly enjoyed by Lexi while playing outdoors while summer is still in full swing everywhere else.



Written by Elena @The Art of Making a Baby. Posted in BABY, Best for Baby, New Mom Experience

If you missed the Toy Safety post, go back to read it here.

B. TOYS are the most original toys that you will find on the shelves of toy stores. Aside from nontraditional baby colors and fully recycled and recyclable packaging, B. Toys truly represent what is, in my mind, creativity and innovation.

I remember when I first bumped into B Toys online. I was going over and over their toy list literally excited for all the toys I will get to buy for Alexis. It wasn’t long after B. Toys sent me a few of their items to try, that I went ahead and ordered most of  their Lexi-appropriate toys.

When it comes to safety, here is where B. Toys are at according to their customer service. B. Toys do not have any BPA, they meet the standard requirements for lead and other substances. MOST of their toys are PVC free, except for soft squishy ones ( damn those soft toys that just require PVC!). And while I personally do not buy ANYTHING PVC if I can help it, if you do have soft squishy B toys, you can breathe a sigh of relief over the fact that B. Toys does not use phthalates at all. Instead they use citric acid as a softener (unlike most other companies that use PVC who DO use phthalates and simply try to keep it under the government mandated maximum)

One fun thing that B. Toys does is include funny quotes from real children in their toy tags, so whenever we get a new BToy, Andrew and I sit down and read through those and laugh.

So here are some of our favorite toys.


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If you missed the Toy Safety post, go back to read it here.

Today we’ve got Lamaze toys by TOMY brands. Lamaze toys are pretty mainstream and aren’t known for being “green” in particular. However, the company, that also owns my favorite Boon, is obviously set on making safe products.

First of all, all Lamaze toys are made primarily out of fabric with a few small plastic components.

What Lamaze toys DO NOT HAVE:

Fire Retardants

Now that’s that out of the way…


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{Read the first part about toy chemicals here}

I remember when I first got our Apple Park toys when Alexis was still little, I became obsessed. I had never seen organic toys that were SO COOL! I never even hoped I’d find something like that. A company that carries a good assortment of organic toys that don’t look like they’ve been sewn by hand ( though that look can be cute).

Take this crawling ladybug critter. It has a wood teething ring, a soft body and a cute little leaf to suck on. But that is not what kept ME playing with it. If you pull on the teething ring and let go, the ladybug vibrates and moves towards you. Wicked cool! So it’s a teething toy that later would be turned into a cool moving toy that even a toddler wouldn’t be bored of.


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Heading our SAFE TOYS FEATURE is HABA, a wooden toys giant!

Haba, to me, is an exception to my “rule” that the bigger the manufacturer, the more careless about safety they are. They are the best example of a company that stayed true to itself as it grew, a company with a conscience.

According to Haba their products comply with EU standards, as well as are tested independently.

My two favorite lines of Haba are wooden toys and their new Organic toy line.

The wooden toys are painted with solvent-free, environmentally friendly, water-based stain, which is where the trouble usually arises with some traditional paints having lead and formaldehyde. So you can be sure that it is ok for babies to mouth HABA’s toys.

This Pixie World Stroller Toy was one of Lexi’s favorites to look at when she was little and play with when she got a bit older ( though, I do not recommend leaving your child alone to play with this).

Toy Safety {In Time for the Holidays}

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As we are approaching the most important holiday of the year (at least from a little kid’s standpoint), one might wonder if all those bright colorful toys that are routinely bought for babies and toddlers are safe. I mean, OF COURSE, they are safe! The government makes sure of it, right? Right?

Apparently wrong!

While 65% of people believe that toys that contain toxic or potentially toxic chemicals wouldn’t be allowed on the shelves of baby stores, the reality is more grim. In fact, our government has long since subscribed to the philosophy of “safe unless proven otherwise”. That is where we, as parents, are forced to do the due diligence before buying a cute toy.

It is true that we cannot protect our babies from every danger, no matter how hard we try – we can’t live in a bubble. But we CAN take certain steps to educate ourselves about, let’s say, toy safety, especially considering that aside from food (more on food safety in another post), this is the one thing that gets put in their mouths constantly in the first few years of life. I also won’t be talking about “fringe dangers”, like plastics that are yet to be found dangerous (all those millions of new chemicals, plastics and materials that get made and discovered in labs all the over the world have not been proven dangerous and thus are by default “safe” as far as our government is concerned). So even so called safe plastics are not necessarily safe. Wood is, of course, the best, but wood can have hidden dangers, as well as natural rubber.

What makes it even more dangerous is our current standards for levels of toxic substances in children’s toys are based on a 180 pound adult male. As you can imagine that makes a huge difference when the same amount of toxins is ingested by a 20 pound infant whose body and brain are developing and don’t have the same capability of processing toxins.

The issue also comes in when these toxins “interact” in our body and create different reactions all together than they would if they were simply ingested alone.

I would like to list all the common dangers, as well as the materials that are considered somewhat safe, ways to find out what is in your toys, hidden dangers of “safe” materials to watch out for, and finally a list of companies that are committed to making toy safety a priority and have been found to be more consciences and safer than others. What I will NOT cover is the physical danger of toys, like making sure they are age appropriate, can’t be choked on, as well as can’t cause bodily harm. Those are more common sense things.