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Some Days Call for a Beach Day

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Sometimes I just want to share photos. That’s all. I have let go the feeling of obligation of making every post count, every post informational or educational or based on experience. Sometimes I don’t need words. Just imagery.

It doesn’t mean I won’t write about our lives, but it means that I now put less pressure on myself to do what I think I should do and instead do what I feel like doing in the moment. I have too many “SHOULDS” right  now to turn this blog , something I write for pleasure, into another SHOULD.

Also, some amazing things on the horizon that I am very excited about, that are keeping me even busier these days, but that’s the only way I’ve ever been able to live. Busy, with too many things to juggle. That’s the only way to be productive for me and driven and into what I am doing.

Family Halloween: Frozen (Surprise! Surprise!)

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So obviously, our Halloween costumes were Frozen themed. Obviously because what girl doesn’t want to dress up like Elsa for Halloween? And what parent doesn’t want to be their children’s supporting cast in the fantasy of being their favorite character? After repeatedly asking Alexis what she wants to be for Halloween, we have surrendered to the standard and typical answer of many 2 year olds. ELSA!

So 2 weeks before our Mickey’s No-So-Scary Halloween party, we went in search of family Halloween costumes. Surprisingly, no one was offering Kristoff costumes aside from really expensive and not-so-good-looking etsy options. Eventually, we found all of our costumes on (directly from China, ya’ll), which is where we will be ordering all our costumes from now on. Custom made to size ( a must when you’re 5’11” and 6’4″), great quality, acceptable pricing. My skirt fit perfectly and the length was ideal, which is hard to get. My only complaint is for some reason they thought the front of the shirt needed to have some room which made for a pretty uncomfortable and awkward  top, but that didn’t stop from the whole toddler population of Magic Kingdom to be convinced that I am princess Anna ( on that in the next post).

Pumpkin Patch 2014

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Pumpkin Patch

Remember our first Pumpkin Patch trip? It was funny, and pretty cool, and not what I expected. We go plenty of fun pictures of Lexi but not the greatest family pictures. I meant to reshoot, but life intervenes.

Fast foward to this year. Guess what? We got plenty of cute Lexi photos, but our family photos had a great church building in the background. Hahahaha!

We just can’t win!

At least we all look cool in our sunglasses :) After this I said I would come back in the morning and re-shoot the other way so that the building wasn’t ruining the shot ( because of the position of the sun we weren’t able to turn out and get well exposed photos), but you know what?

I am learning.

Real Life on Instagram February 2013

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This post makes me officially caught up on Instagram posts, so the next one will be month of March! YAY!

I find this segment refreshing, because if you really care to take the time to look through the collages I put together, you can catch a glimpse of our normal life and what it looks like ( the highlights of it, of course)

In February we visited Disney for the last time till the fall, since the crowds start coming in right after that. It was one of the hardest trips I’ve ever taken with Lexi. I sure do hope I get a chance to post photos and describe the trip, but in the meantime, you can see a glimpse of it in my Instagram photos.


Biergarten, one of our favorite Epcot restaurants since forever, due to the fun atmosphere and its laid back feel. One of the highlights of the trip was Lexi going out onto the dance floor to listen to the Musikanten (spelling?)  and dance. Lexitwin soon followed and they completely melted the whole audience.


Beach trip, infrequent due to the most horrible winter. The gulf can’t warm up since we keep having cold nights and often cold days. So when we do get a chance to go to the beach, it’s a treat.  Lexi is a bit unruly and unstoppable about the water and runs right in, which is makes it hard to take beach trips during colder days.


Our Favorite Outfits: NununuBaby

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I was editing pictures to post on here and then decided to group them by outfits instead.

When it comes to clothing, Alexis has more of it than she can wear ( damn you, sale sites), and mostly they are all of different random brands, but there are a few companies that keep a constant presence in her wardrobe.

One of the is NununuBaby. I think I mentioned it a million times. It is alternative style clothing that is like nothing you’d expect a girl to wear. Skulls, stars, alphabet and funny toddler sayings is what you’ll see on it and only a few colors: light pink, white, black, grey and neon green. I think they are super cool! Definitely standout in the crowd of bright pink and ruffles ( not that I don’t like that, I very much do, but I also enjoy variety and contrasts in my life).

Toddler Life: Cute Things Lexi Does (12-13 months edition)

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Cute Things Lexi does

Rather than doing monthly updates for the whole 2nd year of Alexis’ life, I decided that it would be much more fun and special to regularly write about all the cute new things she does. I will attempt to keep this a regular features and add things to it as she learns new things or blows our mind with the adorable things she can do.


Instagram Friday, December, 2012

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Here is the best of the best from December I hadn’t gotten around to posting.

{I am not sure how I missed Decemeber so completely, so I am going back to that. I also have both January and February scheduled to post, so I don’t miss them this time}

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DECEMBER {age reference: 10 months}