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Easter Fun

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Easter 2013

Oh what a change this Easter was from our last year’s Easter.

I cannot get over how much fun it is to have a toddler. To see all the experiences?through?their curious eyes.

We had two egg hunts this year, but at the moment I will only be posting one. The second one has 748 photos to go through. And is more of a baby photoshoot than an egg hunt. Gorgeous inspired photoshoot.

On Saturday we were invited to a neighborhood egg hunt and boy, was I surprised.

Garden Tea Party

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This is my favorite picture post of ALL TIME!

While at Disney we booked a reservation at a Garden Tea Room at Grand Floridian resort, the fanciest resort at Disney World.

It was our one chance to do something special and princess like with Alexis that wasn’t too extensive since she was only 7.5 months.

Like I described in the recap post, we didn’t want to put her into an uncomfortable and hot princess outfit until she was old enough to want it, but did want something special for her to wear. The dress she wore c/o of Baby Beau & Belle was utter perfection! It’s kind of funny but it turns out a friend of mine had bought their dress for her little girl’s christening  a few years ago. What a small world! Really their dressesare meant for events like weddings, birthdays, christenings, but I can’t think of a more fitting place at Disney to wear such a fancy silk dress than the Garden Tea Room at Grand Floridian. Feel free to check out their website and Facebook and Twitter for frequent contests and giveaways.

When little Lexi is old enough, we will do Garden Tea Party at the same place with Princesses and Disney characters and tiaras and many special girly things, but for now we had our own PARTY.  If anyone is planning on visiting Disney, I would say it is almost a must that you visit the tea room. If you have older (loud) kids, then probably the tea party is best, but if your babies/kids can stay quiet or you’re coming on a adult only trip, there is no better place to relax and feel all “pretentious” and pampered than in a fancy room overlooking (you guessed it!) a garden, sipping the tastiest teas you’ll ever drink in the smallest cups with your pinky out, while savoring mini deserts and mini-sandwiches which are a part of 4(?) courses. Actually, I loved their tea so much, I asked if we could buy it and sure enough, at $12 per box Princess Tea was ours!

Lately in photos

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I’ve been meaning to catch myself up on photo posts for a while now and I think I am pretty close. My goal being, to be able to post current happenings in photos right after they take place rather than wait till I get through the backlog of photos. This is sort of a photodump. As much as I try not to do it, it is sometimes necessary. Next up: my first solo fun outing with girlfriends (which really happened in August, oops) and of course THE REST OF THE DISNEY POSTS (I promise they are coming)

1. Birthday Beaching

These photos got lost in the mess that my TAOMAB folder is at this point. But Lexi is so cute in some of them I couldn’t leave them off the blog. This was the morning after AJ’s birthday. It was stormy and overcast, so we had only a short swim but the beach was gorgeous in its frowny state.

Photo Share Tuesday: Mom is here

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So finally the day that I didn’t think would ever come is here. My mom has safely arrived from Russia, having endured a 48 hour trip: an overnight train ride, a 10 hour flight and 2 connections in the US. In the past few days we’ve been enjoying her cooking and her presence! It’s nice to have her around and it seems like it’s always been that way.

She’s very funny when it comes to my belly moving and me telling her what Alexis is doing there. I guess back when she was pregnant in Russia, there were no ultrasounds, they didn’t know the sex of the baby or much about the development of the baby, so it was just something that was happening TO them, rather than a human life growing. She’s a bit freaked out about labor, I can see that every time I mention it. There is no way she’d want to be in the delivery room and no way I’d want her there, because I’d be concerned with how SHE’S handling it rather than concentrate on relaxation techniques.

She’ll be here until end of May. I’m really excited that she’ll get to be with Alexis as a baby and not just a newborn, she’ll get to bond with her and speak Russian to her. It’s also HUGE help for me to practice my Russian so that I can speak it more fluently when Alexis arrives.

So without further edo, here are the first shots of my mom and I, first and probably last ones with my pregnant belly. I am also working on taking some of the last shots of the nursery. It won’t be 100% complete when Alexis comes, since I am still not sure what to put on certain shelves and in certain drawers, but it’ll be close to the final state.

A s far as labor signs, I don’t really have any. I feel great, I am resting a lot until week 39 when I am going to start walking a lot and I always get contractions while walking. And otherwise, we’re just waiting for Alexis to decide she’s ready. The hospital bags are as packed as they can be right now (will do a post on that), the birth plan is signed, the car seat is installed, my mom is here- we are ALL READY!

New Photo Blog, Selfie Magic

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 This blog has been a bit slow lately, I admit, but there is a very good reason for that. For the past 2 weeks I have been busy working on my new separate photoblog, Selfie Magic. It is not a professional photography website, it’s simply a blog space where I can put all of my photos and participate in challenges and photo linkies without clogging up my main blog. I have always felt bad posting a lot of photos on The Art of Making a Baby, because it’s a baby blog and the goal of it was to journal my experience going through the pregnancy and pre-pregnancy progress, and turn it into a baby blog.

There is a catch though! My new photoblog has a very heavy self portraiture slant. I used to do self-portraits regularly being part of a Flickr selfie group, and stopped when I moved to NYC to pursue modeling. Hindsight being 20/20, that’s when I should have concentrating on photography because, to be honest, I’ve gone to some fabulous places and met lots of fabulous people. What stopped me was that you don’t really expect a NY model to be running around with a big heavy camera in her hands ( I did get to teach some photographers how to use their cameras LOL). So now I’d like to resume shooting self-portraits, not as many as before, but definitely make more effort that i have recently. I’ll be also posting a lot of non-selfies, so it’s not going to be all about me (Whew!)

The thing that I am excited about the most is the new weekly photo linky I’ll be hosting, called SELFIE SATURDAYS. It’s designed to help women learn to take good pictures of themselves and to break out of the box that most of us are currently in. I’ll be posting tips on how to shoot certain types of self-portraits weekly as well as setting a theme for each week to get our creative juices flowing.

You can participate in Selfie Saturdays in conjunction with or independent of our new GET FIT Challenge, though I would love for you to join in on it too.

I would really love for all of your to participate and to go over to Selfie Magic and start following it as well. If you’re using a feed reader, you can get  Selfie Magic feed here. If you prefer receiving updates in your email box, subscribe by email.


Don’t forget to check out  our new GET FIT Challenge, and join if you haven’t already.


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