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On traveling solo, sleep and being away from Lexi

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As I am sitting here at 11:40 pm on a Wednesday night, two days late on my promised (to myself) weekly post, trying to decide what I can write about that I have the inspiration for and doesn’t take literally 4-5 hours to complete (writing to formatting to photos). I have a few drafts started but it’s all informative posts that really need some time put into them.

So the easiest, I thought, would be what I personally consider (harshly put) “useless babble”, but people seem to like. I have trouble writing posts that I don’t feel in some way benefit the reader, aside from photo posts or travel posts-I am sucker for those.

So that being said, how about we talk about a huge change that has happened in my and Lexi’s life: having to and being able to leave her with her dad and travel (for work or pleasure) solo.

Good Bye Babyhood, Hello Toddler!

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I’ve had this post written in my head for MONTHS. Since Alexis started walking full time at 11 months. And it was only now when a reader asked me to write it, did I actually consider putting it “on paper”.

For the past few months I’ve had unexplained joy inside of me. Waking up with Lexi and seeing how she has changed, what a wonderful little person she is becoming, how she is turning into a girl.


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Happy Mother’s Day!
Happy Mother's Day

If anyone should be grateful today, it should be me: I have the most amazing mom ever!

She’s loving and supportive, wise and strong, absolutely selfless and giving.

I hear some stories about mothers, and it always makes me appreciate my mom even more. She spent her whole life completely devoted to us, kids. There was never any manipulation and guilt-tripping. I always felt that my mom has my best interests in mind, and that, my friends, is the only thing a child needs. To feel loved and secure and full of trust. My mom gave it to me.

Growing up we didn’t have fancy toys, or a big apartment, or money, we didn’t have a college fund or pocket money, but what we had is a mother who would do anything to make her daughters happy.

She was strict, but trusting. She never treated me like a child, always like a person with my own desires,decisions and thoughts. She let me be the person I wanted to be, while limiting me in that right way that kept me out of major trouble. I never felt stifled by her, or underestimated, or shut down.

I feel that  I am the person that I am now, mostly due to her allowing me to be myself in every possible way. That instilled confidence in me, gave me forward thinking, and open-mindedness. I often bend rules but never break them. I know I can do anything and be good at everything. She helped me be the ultimate thinker, analyser, wise beyond my age.

I love her for that! The best parenting is supportive loving conscious parenting. And while it might not have been conscious for her due to hard times, it was definitely loving a supportive.That’s all I could ever ask for.

Happy Mother's Day

The Trendy Treehouse


Happy Mother's Day

What makes you want to have children?

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I had asked this question on my other blog hosted on a Russian website of my Russian friends and co-bloggers.
And I got really amazing inspirational and insightful answers from both single people and married women with kids, married women without kids, those that decided they didn’t want to have kids and those who don’t want to have kids just yet.
I understood each person’s point. I’ve been there: single not being able to imagine having a kid, where pregnancy would be about one of the worst things that could happen to me. Married but so happy with our married life that I felt absolutely no need to have kids just yet. Also wanting kids but not sure if we should have kids, that we should change our life drastically.

So now I thought I’d ask the same question of my blog readers: moms and future moms alike.
What made you want to have a baby? Was it planned because  the time was right? Was it unplanned and how did it change your life? What would you tell yourself a few years ago when you were childless and having fun now that you know what it’s like to be on both sides?

All answers are welcome, whether you’re overwhelmed with responsibility and not sure if life would have been easier without or if it’s the best thing that could have happened to you!
I’m not looking for religious answers or that children are gifts from God. I want to hear true-life feelings and emotions, rationalizations and doubts.
The Paper MamaShare your stories!

In the meantime I’d like to post these pictures of a beautiful family I know who has their second child a months ago ( both unplanned). These were shot by me behind the scenes  of a photoshoot by my friend Leeka from MM Works. It was freeeeeezing that day on the beach. I felt so bad about little baby Alex who was only a few weeks old. In between the shooting, i’d take him from his mother and hug him tightly to warm me up and he’s fall asleep in my arms each time.



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