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Easter Girls Photoshoot

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I am pretty sure this is the last photo post I have that I needed to catch up on. Whew! Feels good!

For Easter, aside from the doing the whole egg hunt/Easter bunny thing, we invited our friends over and attempted to take some Easter themed photos with our two bunnies, Lexi twins.

We pulled together two white dresses: one that I bought before Lexi was born and I had a clue about clothing sizes. It was size 24 months, yet she was too almost big for it at 13 months. So this photoshoot was the justification for ever having bought the dress. I love it and now I have photos of Alexis wearing the dress. I guess that’s the most I can ask from a piece of special occasion wear that I bought over a year ago.

For the main sitting photo, it took all four of us to keep their attention (Lexi from running off and Alexa from crying, which are the two issues each of them has when it comes to taking pictures together), but eventually with a lot of readjusting and Andrew’s rendition of the Itsy Bitsy Spider and If you’re happy and you know it, we got it.

Also,of course, I couldn’t get Lexi still enough to take a good close up picture of her, but at least I got gorgeous Alexa to pose for me, so I was happy.

Disney World with an infant

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While I am continuing to work on the photo and story posts from our trip to Disney last month (among a million other things), I wanted to go over what it was like visiting Disney with an infant, FOR that infant, tips, tricks, what worked, what didn’t, what we liked and what was not so good. I will not be writing about most of the basic things you can find about Disney with a Google search. I will talk about our experience and what worked for us and hopefully these things will help you out if you ever decide to venture out to Orlando yourself.

First of all, I’d like to mention that this trip was made for Alexis. Yes, we were both DYING to go to Disney again, so that played into the decision to take her to Disneyworld, despite the fact that she is too young to take too much out of it. However, the purpose was to go there hoping she’d enjoy it as much as we do, see the sights and have a new experience. We have been Disney passholders for as long as I remember living in Florida, so we had already done our share of rides and Disney fun. This was our turn to introduce the Magical World to our daughter.

How we share our parenting duties…

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{note: when I say WORK or STUFF to do- I mean actual work for the businesses we own,  that make us actual money. When I say BLOG WORK or BLOG STUFF, I mean work related to this blog, so it’s more like a hobby}

Whenever Andrew and I discussed parenting before we had a baby, we agreed on pretty much everything. One of those things being that both parents, mother and father, should have an equally active role in a child’s life, if possible.

See, we were both working together, each pulling 50% of the work load. We also cleaned the house together. We cooked together ( he would cut, I would cook). We played together. We watched movies and shows together. When I got pregnant, we took care of my pregnant self together when I was sick as a dog the first few months, we prepared for birth together, we read parenting books together ( though that last one was hard, because Andrew hates reading) So it was only natural that we would go into parenting thinking that we would do a precise unconditional 50/50.

Exersaucers: Jam Session

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Ok, I have to preface this review with the following:

{I am not a huge fan of exersaucers/stationary jumpers/jumperoos (whatever else they are called). The crazy bright lights, the annoying repetitive sounds, the upright position when they should be crawling around on their belly – it’s essentially a placeholder for the baby while you go get some stuff done. However, babies LOVE them, and they give mamas a minute or two to get stuff done. }

Note: I couldn’t stop taking pictures of Lexi in it, since it’s so cute, so you get a lot of essentially identical photos :) lol

So when I was talking about reviewing one, I was skeptical. We had a Fisher Price one we borrowed from a friend of mine. A conventional standard Fisher Price that you see in every other house. Alexis really enjoyed jumping in it and playing with toys. But the annoying sounds and music would get us EVERY time. We’d have to turn it off, but then I felt like I was robbing her of full experience in it.

And then she started taking EVERYTHING in her mouth. This spelled the end of the Fisher Price. I don’t particular trust Fisher Price, or any big big corporation for that matter, to not make toys out of some toxic plastic ( nothing to back it up, just a big company and a few lead related recalls, as well as their previous stance on toxic plastics,which I know they have correct ).

Note: If you happened to have inquired with their customer service about the type of plastic this jumperoo is made of, feel free to share, I am sure a ton of parents would love to know.

Anyways…. so we get the Evenflo Exersaucer Jam Session and get it out of the box and I don’t know what I expected, but it’s plastic (duh!)…. Before I get Lexi in it, I email the customer service ( even though I am dying to try it out), inquiring what plastic it is made of and whether it contains PVC, Pthalates, lead or cadmium, which I should have done ahead of everything, but I spaced out. The answer comes back fairly quickly: “[…]polypropylene and does not contain PVC, Phthalates, lead or cadmium.”   Whew!

In the meantime, I wash the seat fabric and the chew toys.

It was fairly easy to assemble, though I have to admit, hubby was doing all of the assembly with me just playing with Lexi and watching.

A few minutes later, Lexi was put into it to play. At first, I thought  it was just like any other jumperoo/exersaucer type deal. She jumped around in it, all wide eyed, excited at this new shiny toys she’s been presented with.

But unlike most products that you start finding flaws with as your baby uses, this one kept getting better and better.

So the concept of the Jam Session is the following:

There are 4 interactive “smart” toys that represent an “instrument” each: percussion, piano, guitar/sax/trumpet and a conductor’s score. Each instrument plays a specific genre of music depending on what has been selected on the conductor’s score. So if the conductor’s score is set on jazz, the rest of the instruments play jazz melodies when triggered. Same happens when she selects rock or classical music There are 67 activities for your baby to play with in this version of the exersaucer.

The piano toy can be set to play notes or melodies. The conductor’s score plays longer songs when triggered. The hanging guitar/sax/trumpet play shorter songs when pulled down on and the overhead lights light up. The drum plays a short little melody, as well and there’s a spin wheel with plastic balls in it. On one of there corners there is a fake microphone with little plastic pellets for noise making. Each side has a detachable teether in different shape and one mirror.

The bottom of the exersaucer has a blue balance base that supposedly helps to “build core strength and coordination”

Like I previously mentioned, at first I was a bit disappointed. Being so used to jumping centers that were filled with multitude of toys, lights, noise and color, my first impression was that Lexi won’t like it because there are not as many toys to play with.

Over the last 2 months, I have been learning why my initial impression was completely wrong.

The lack of overly stimulating toys means that she has to turn and reach and pull and push to get the results she wants. {It’s kind of like the advice of not surrounding your baby with too many toys, but leaving one or two for her to play with so that she would be prompted to move to reach them}. I almost feel like it IS truly beneficial to her and her development which is a far cry from how I felt about activity centers before.


– Given that with Lexi who is semi-mobile ( she doesn’t crawl, but easily gets from sitting position into a crawling position, but not always safely or gracefully), we often have to put her in the Jam Session for a minute or two while we get what whatever we need.

Well, I couldn’t believe it, but both me and Andrew would dance and sing every time Alexis would trigger a song. Why? That’s because finally the music in a kid’s toy is one that parents can relate to, as well.  To this day, I dance every time she plays Rocking Robin and she watches me and jumps around (or sometimes shakes her leg in a fun way attempting to dance too).

It’s been 2 months and I have not once thought “Oh, this music is annoying”. In addition to that, rather than have music every time she jumps, it has to be triggered by her specific action, whether it’s pulling on the hanging instruments, turning the page of the score, or pressing the piano keys or drums.

– Teethers are a perfect shape and height for her. They bend, they twist, they turn, they can be manipulated in any way possible. It’s often that you see her with her mouth on the teether while jumping around

 The piano keys are really easy to press and she is at the point where she uses the switch to go from melodies to notes ( not on purpose, of course).

I also was not sure that I’d like the base rather than the floor like most other activity centers have, but I like it  lot, because it adds more bounce to her jumps and keeps her trying to balance her body which is always a good activity for infants.

Evenflo has 3 exersaucers in their new line, but I just really really like this Jam Session. It’s fun, it’s low key and it fosters love for music that is not an annoying repetitive childish tune.

-Another pleasant surprise for me was that the Jam Session is not overly colorful. The toys are bright and happy but the posts and the seat base are white with black accents, so if you’re the type of person who is not a fan of ridiculously bright and colorful baby things in your house, this will probably be the most inconspicuous one of them all. I actually enjoy looking at this bright spot in our living room.  It looks very neat from the distance.

There are very few baby items that I get very excited to review and this is one of them. It turned out to be a great one from both parents’ and baby’s standpoint contrary to my expectations of what a jumping activity center would be.

Note: When we first received the Jam Session, Lexi couldn’t easily turn in the seat. I emailed the customer service and after a few emails back and forth, they sent me a new seat that turns perfectly. I just wanted to mention that in case someone else has that problem. Evenflo customer service is great,so don’t hesistate to contact it.

Note 2: I don’t have a giveaway for you, guys, at this time, since Evenflo didn’t have giveaway units available, but I am hoping in the future I’ll be able to offer a giveaway as well.

Let me know if you have any questions about it, I’d be happy to answer.

*This product was sent to me for review by Evenflo. I was not compensated for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.

Beach Trip

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I am trying to catch up with all the photos posts that I’ve planned, so I am hoping once they are all done, I will be more current on things and events. The way Alexis naps, cooking and cleaning have to go by wayside, as I try to get at least 10-20 minutes of blogging during each nap. Sometimes I luck out, sometimes I can’t even get that. That’s life.

So for a few days/weeks you’ll see older photos and posts from when Alexis was 2.5 months and on.

Here we go:

We live relatively close to the beach, about 15-20 minutes to the closest public beach, or more to some other fun ones. Right now, when Alexis is small, beach trips are limited due to many factors. Up until now we couldn’t really take her anywhere without a major meltdown in the car seat. We got a new convertible car seat and another one coming for 2 week trial review, so we’ll see how she does then, but I am very hopeful. Another reason is this is Florida, which means 8 am and it’s too hot to go anywhere with a small baby. So when we can do baby sunscreen at 6 months and swim in the ocean is when I can expect to go back to weekly beach trips. Lexi is like mama, she LOVES water, so I am excited to see how she reacts to the ocean. The key will be to make sure she is comfortable in the heat. My plan is to get a beach tent plus 2 strong battery operated fans plus baby sunscreen plus early mornings and a lot of nursing sessions to keep her hydrated. I am crossing my fingers that will work.

Anyways, our first trip was selfish. We really really wanted to go to the beach, even if just for a few minutes and a few photos and the sunset. Thankfully, Alexis was doing just fine that day and handled the car well and I actually managed to get her to sleep sometime during the walk to the beach. Looking at these pictures, she was soooo little… It’s only been 2 months and she’s a different baby.

The day we went was unfortunate: very windy and kind of chilly, so I held Alexis close and shielded her from the wind and the sun. We spread a blanket on the sand and sat shoulder to shoulder, relaxing for the first time since the birth of our daughter. It was nice to not be so focused on things and just lay back on my husband’s chest with our 2.5 months old baby girl in my arms. It’s a shame there isn’t a picture of the both of us, but I am still trying to get the hang of doing self-portraits while juggling a baby. Eventually, I’ll go back to being able to include our whole family into the picture, not just one of us + Alexis.

She eventually woke up and I nursed her leaning against my hubby’s back. It was getting colder so we pulled out her adorable terry hoodie from My O Baby that she only manage to wear once.

And then the fuss train arrived and Andrew strapped her into our Nordic carrier (btw, I just noticed that it’s on sale for only $79  and this is my favorite carrier, so I wanted to point that out in case someone is looking)  walking around singing to her while I took pictures of the beach and people around.

There was some prayer group at the beach or something along those lines, raising hands in the air and chanting. It’s amazing how the beach changes with seasons and times of day. During season, the beaches are crowded with tourists, and at sunset the locals come out, summertime comes and you won’t see a soul on some of the beaches, those are my favorite times to go.

Finally, the sun went down and we rushed home. For the next week, we’d remember how nice it was to get out and go to the beach and feel normal again. It only gets better from here on out.

A month or two later, we took another trip to the beach, however by the time we got in the car and got there, the clouds gathered and the wind picked up indicating the inevitable Florida shower, so we had to quickly pack back up and go home. It was just as I closed the car door that the rain starting pounding on the windshield.

I feel so blessed to live near the beach. I cannot even begin to imagine the fun times to be had when Alexis is big enough to swim and play in the water. We got a sneak peak of what it’s like to have a “beach daughter” with Gabby (and another one here) and are looking forward to repeating it with Lexi.

Mother’s Day Post

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{I would like to say a huge THANKS to Isabella Oliver for supplying clothes for this photoshoot. IO is and has been one of my favorite maternity and womenswear stores. Their clothes are the perfect mix of classy and sexy.  From maternity styles that take you from pregnancy to postpartum to a classy womenswear collection, they have the best styles and great quality. Check out my maternity dress from Isabella Oliver here and don’t miss out on an awesome giveaway of this Jersey Drape Dress  in honor of all the Mothers out there at the end of this post. If you’re pregnant, check out their amazing resource, Isabella Oliver World: Pregnancy in Style}

Elena’s outfit:

Top: Cool Cotton Shirt in Blue and Sequin Jacket

Bottom: The Skinny Jeans

Jewelry: Luna Wrap Bracelet

Mom’s outfit:

Top: The Perfect Tee

Bottom: Zip Pencil Skirt

Jewelry: Chelsey Necklace

Alexis’ Dress:


Growing up in Russia, we didn’t have Mother’s Day. There was an International Woman’s Day on March 8th, which was pretty big and celebrated all over. But somehow mothers were never singled out. I don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing. I think all the women deserve to be celebrated (and so are men), but our Moms do hold a special place in our hearts.

Being new to this, the identity of a “Mother” hasn’t synced in with me yet. I don’t feel like a MOM. I feel like I have this precious little baby that I love more than life and want to spend every second with and take care of and help in life and put on the right path. If that’s what it feels like to be a mom, then I am it.

So Mother’s Day this year for me is a Day dedicated to My Mother, as well as my own emerging identity of a mother, as well as the future possibility of Alexis being a mother if she chooses to.

It has been incredibly rewarding to have my mom here with us for the last 3.5 months, witnessing the first weeks of Alexis’ life. It’s special for her and it was special for me. I know Alexis will forget her grandma was here with her, but  it meant a ton for my mom, as well as me. Having support of a mother during your own transition into motherhood is incredible. Yes, it’s challenging, because being “seasoned”, my mom had her own ideas of what’s right and what’s wrong. But what makes my mom so great is that those ideas were never set in stone and absolute.

Yes, I did have to tell her about a million times why Alexis’ newborn acne isn’t a heat rash from bundling her too warm but from my hormones, or that it’s ok to assist a baby in sitting up without “bending her spine permanently”, or that the reason why she can’t lie on her back is reflux (“What? You and your sister didn’t have that!” Yes, mom and she does!).

Yes, she did hover and second guess me and herself 5 times a minute.  But all of it was CLEARLY done with the best intentions possible, with the care and concern in her eyes. It was never said in a mean or judgmental way, neither did she ever get offended when I would tell her she was wrong.

My mom has always put her kids first. That might have destroyed her marriage, but she doesn’t know how to be any other way. I want to be like my mom but find a balance in taking care of my kids while sustaining my relationship with my husband.

I’ve always said she was selfless. She’d do anything and everything for us. Growing up, I ALWAYS knew that my mom will do whatever it takes to help me succeed. I was brought up with an unspoken “you can come to me with everything” rule. She trusted me to make my own decisions, yet always worried about my safety. {she’s a worrier}

I’ve never been afraid to ask her for something or feel like I am inconveniencing her, because she’s always let me know that nothing that I would need is an inconvenience. It’s truly a blessing to have a mom that will never think of herself  first, even though I wish sometimes she would. And I, in turn, would do anything for her as well.

I believe we have kids to give them all that we can in terms of love, support and attention. We don’t have kids for ourselves, because we’re bored or because we need someone to love us.  We have them to add a hopefully better human to this world, arm them with all the best and let them live their life.

I am new to motherhood. I have a lot to learn. I have to learn patience and tolerance, which is not one of my virtues. I have to learn to be nurturing, more than I already am. I have to learn how to be the best example for Alexis. I have to learn how to foster her identity without losing my own. I have to learn how to most beneficially work with Alexis’ personality and bring out the best in her.

Alexis brought change, a lot of it . Not only in our lives but in our thinking. I welcome change. I thrive on changes. Motherhood has been “different” but oh so rewarding. It has been hard but oh so easy and natural. It has been EVERYTHING and NOTHING I expected. I have worked hard to stay flexible and fluid in my doing and thinking. A baby is so unpredictable and changes happen so fast that sometimes I have to remind myself that it’s all good, it’s all normal, it will all pass and unfortunately it will go by too fast.

As I am sitting here writing this post, Alexis is in her swing with my husband in front of her. They are talking and she’s cooing and squealing and laughing even though she didn’t sleep much last night (was awake from 12am to 4 am). And even though I didn’t sleep along with her and I am so tired that all I want is for her to fall asleep so that I could nap too, I absolutely adore hearing her laugh and suddenly I DON’T want her  to sleep. Suddenly I’d rather hear those wonderful sounds of my daughter being happy.  And that’s what motherhood is all about.


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Stepping out Saturday

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Ok, to be fair, I “stepped” out during some random weekday, but who’s watching? The point is “I STEPPED OUT”.

These days just the act is worth a picture. Hopefully some day I’ll actually blowdry/straighten/curl my hair (whoa! Mind explosion!) and/or wear something more presentable than a church lady outfit. But I still don’t fit into most of my bottoms ( damn you, Elena, for liking your jeans and shorts too tight), so I resort to dresses and skirts, and I don’t own too many skirts, so yeah…. let’s just say I need to improve in that department and it started last night with a big order from Victoria’s Secret consisting mostly of …? You guessed right! SKIRTS!

Taking a simple picture of an outfit proved to be more challenging that I thought. My little girl is the complete opposite of a model sometimes. You’re either lucky – you point the camera at her and she STARES RIGHT at it, oooorrrrrr…. (which happens more often) stares right at it and makes a face/starts fussing right as you hit the shutter button (especially if I am holding her and REALLY REALLY REALLY want a good mommy/daughter picture).

When I get a chance, I’ll do a post of her Robin Scherbatsky faces ( you know what I mean if you’re a HIMYM fan)

{ Alexis: Banana onesie by Spunky Stork, Diaper by Apple Cheeks
Elena: grey ruffle top by Express, skirt from God knows where, diaper bag by Baby Kaed,
golden ballet flats from MyHabit by Yosi Samra, Tree of Life bracelet from Gilt by Tai Jewelry }

In other news, there are a ton of posts I am trying to write (pictures, experiences, giveaways, reviews, my favorite baby items, month #2 post) but OH MY GOD, Alexis won’t nap for longer than 10 minutes anywhere other than my arms for the past week. She’s definitely a handful, my little girl.

{ Right now as I type this, my husband is frantically trying to shush and rock her to sleep, because she’s overtired but she won’t sleep for longer than a few minutes, poor girl. Thank you husband for giving me these 20 minutes to write a quick post. }

My hopes are: this weekend I can get enough me time to edit some photos and write some things, but that might be wishful thinking…

{oh and just now she stopped crying and zonked out thanks to our white noise generator app, so as long as Andrew is holding her I can continue typing}

Also, we’ll attempt to go to a Butterfly releasing ceremony on Sunday (1000 butterflies) with Alexis. Cross your fingers that we survive the outting with the heat and her not being able to take more than 15-20 minutes in one place, be it stroller, carrier, wrap or sling, except for our arms ( hey, at least we’ve got that)

{and now she’s lying next to me in her swaddle and tossing and turning. Sleep, baby girl, sleep! How do you like my play-by-play? lol}

More {BETTER} outfit posts to come. I’ll definitely “model” some of the new purchases, since one of the posts I am writing is about how I am absolutely OBSESSED with buying clothes nowadays {it really is a problem and has to stop}

See you again soon!


Photo Share Tuesday: Mom is here

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So finally the day that I didn’t think would ever come is here. My mom has safely arrived from Russia, having endured a 48 hour trip: an overnight train ride, a 10 hour flight and 2 connections in the US. In the past few days we’ve been enjoying her cooking and her presence! It’s nice to have her around and it seems like it’s always been that way.

She’s very funny when it comes to my belly moving and me telling her what Alexis is doing there. I guess back when she was pregnant in Russia, there were no ultrasounds, they didn’t know the sex of the baby or much about the development of the baby, so it was just something that was happening TO them, rather than a human life growing. She’s a bit freaked out about labor, I can see that every time I mention it. There is no way she’d want to be in the delivery room and no way I’d want her there, because I’d be concerned with how SHE’S handling it rather than concentrate on relaxation techniques.

She’ll be here until end of May. I’m really excited that she’ll get to be with Alexis as a baby and not just a newborn, she’ll get to bond with her and speak Russian to her. It’s also HUGE help for me to practice my Russian so that I can speak it more fluently when Alexis arrives.

So without further edo, here are the first shots of my mom and I, first and probably last ones with my pregnant belly. I am also working on taking some of the last shots of the nursery. It won’t be 100% complete when Alexis comes, since I am still not sure what to put on certain shelves and in certain drawers, but it’ll be close to the final state.

A s far as labor signs, I don’t really have any. I feel great, I am resting a lot until week 39 when I am going to start walking a lot and I always get contractions while walking. And otherwise, we’re just waiting for Alexis to decide she’s ready. The hospital bags are as packed as they can be right now (will do a post on that), the birth plan is signed, the car seat is installed, my mom is here- we are ALL READY!


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Happy Mother’s Day!
Happy Mother's Day

If anyone should be grateful today, it should be me: I have the most amazing mom ever!

She’s loving and supportive, wise and strong, absolutely selfless and giving.

I hear some stories about mothers, and it always makes me appreciate my mom even more. She spent her whole life completely devoted to us, kids. There was never any manipulation and guilt-tripping. I always felt that my mom has my best interests in mind, and that, my friends, is the only thing a child needs. To feel loved and secure and full of trust. My mom gave it to me.

Growing up we didn’t have fancy toys, or a big apartment, or money, we didn’t have a college fund or pocket money, but what we had is a mother who would do anything to make her daughters happy.

She was strict, but trusting. She never treated me like a child, always like a person with my own desires,decisions and thoughts. She let me be the person I wanted to be, while limiting me in that right way that kept me out of major trouble. I never felt stifled by her, or underestimated, or shut down.

I feel that  I am the person that I am now, mostly due to her allowing me to be myself in every possible way. That instilled confidence in me, gave me forward thinking, and open-mindedness. I often bend rules but never break them. I know I can do anything and be good at everything. She helped me be the ultimate thinker, analyser, wise beyond my age.

I love her for that! The best parenting is supportive loving conscious parenting. And while it might not have been conscious for her due to hard times, it was definitely loving a supportive.That’s all I could ever ask for.

Happy Mother's Day

The Trendy Treehouse


Happy Mother's Day