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The girl in the red dress- Vday style

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Valentine's Day

Two days before Valentine’s Day, we went to our weekly Kindermusik class V-Day style. We had put together little valentines for everyone in the class to exchange with, pulled out a perfect red dress from the closet that had been waiting to be worn on this holiday… The class was a lot of fun and Lexi enjoyed exchanging valentines with her friends.

We hadn’t done anything special during the week because she still doesn’t get the point of crafts aside from scribbling or drawing and has no interest in trying it, and she is too active to cook V-Day themed recipes with me, so I didn’t want to even attempt any of it till next year. Besides, with our anniversary falling on Valentine’s Day, I wanted to keep this holiday for us, adults, without catering to kids too much, like we do for pretty much every other celebration.

After class, we spontaneously took pictures (we had no plans to do so) and those were our only V-day inspired photos this year. Later, Andrew drove up while we were taking pictures and brought some roses. Unprompted. :) Sweet!