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Painting and Kite Flying with Friends

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Last week I wrote about messy toddler painting on a big canvas.

What followed that painting session was inviting some of our friends over to join us and a sprinkler run that ensued. Pay attention to their faces as they run through the water- priceless!

Then we pulled out a kite and the kids were just amazed! They kept begging for a turn to fly the kite. We try to repeat these golf course gathering at least once a week when schedule allows and everyone is in town.

Enjoy the pictures!

Outdoor Painting

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About two months ago, I decided to explore the idea of painting on a bigger canvas than a notepad.

I brought out a big roll of paper, Crayola washable tempera paints with brushes and let Lexi explore it.

Painting on paper quickly got old and she proceeded to color all over her body. She was probably one of the most fun and creative activities that can be done with a toddler. Lexi is usually very active and prefers either doing something physical or reading. Drawing or painting wasn’t something that kept her attention for TOO long.

However taking it outside and making it messy opened a whole new world of possibilities for her. This is the activity we do virtually every day. Sometimes she gets VERY messy, other times she paints on paper, but she always gets some paint on her and around her which makes our patio the perfect place for it.

Because tempera paint isn’t supposed to be used on skin (even though we wash it off almost immediately), I bought the Crayola Finger paint to be used for this activity. It’s not a nice and bright as tempera but it certainly is good enough.