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Impromptu Shoot at the House

Written by Elena @The Art of Making a Baby. Posted in Daily, FUN TIMES, PHOTO


 I used to be a crazy photographer. I have 45,000 pictures from the last 2-3 years and don’t even have a baby to photograph. This year I’ve slowed down with my picture-taking, so when I woke up after Thanksgiving ready to shoot something, it was an urge I could resist, to my husband’s chagrin.

We got ready to go get some Black Friday shopping done, happened to put on matching outfits, and after a quick look in the mirror , I knew who my next photography victim was going to be. Since i stopped maniacally taking pictures, we haven’t taken any fun/good family photos in the past year. So I dragged A. around the house  like a mad woman armed with a tripod, a nifty-fifty and a Mark II. The result was a bit better than expected.

Here are some of them: