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Micro Scooter Party

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Who is here a fan of scooters? What about your kids? If so, you would have loved Lexi’s last Birthday party.

I’ve talked about how much we love scooters here. We ride adults scooters along with Lexi.

So for her 4th birthday (which was a few months ago but of course I am just now writing about it, because, damn, I took lots of pictures and had to edit them and also… LIFE), we partnered up with Micro Kickboard to do a scooter birthday party.

2nd Birthday: The Morning of

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So it’s end of March. It’s been two months and I am ready to do a recap of Lexi’s 2nd birthday. Not too bad, considering my track record. At least it’s not August :) See? I am trying to catch  up.

The series of posts on her birthday will be similar to last year:

I have very fond memories of the first birthday party and the second one, too. You’d think that with all the stress of planning, stress would be all that I would remember, but it’s really just so much fun!

I will talk about planning and the theme and how the thought process evolved for the party in the Decor Part.

So on the eve of her birthday, our friends who were visiting us for Lexi’s birthday from Ohio stayed up late helping us assemble her gifts (thank you, guys!) and blow up balloons. The next morning, we were up very early with Lexi and went down to the living room after I dressed her into a black swan dress for the pictures. Gabby, our friends’ daughter and our first love, who was sleeping with us in our bedroom, was up as well (Lexi gets pretty chatty in the morning and she woke her up).

First Birthday Party: Smash Cake

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{All photography is by Stacey Downey Photography, editing by The Art of Making a Baby}

The smash cake part was, of course, the best part of the birthday and I am thrilled with the photos that our photographer Stacey took of it. Seriously, some of the best shots and memories of the whole event.