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Re-branding and new life questions

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If you missed this post on my life changes, Andrew and I are no longer together.

I am contemplating writing more about it, simply because it’s a part of my life and because many people have emailed me with their own issues they are going through, so I think it’s helpful. I am just worried about doing that in a way that would still keep it somewhat private and won’t hurt the feelings of the other person.

But in the meantime, I am trying to wrap my head around this blog in terms of single co-parenting. Is that the right term? I still don’t know how to define this. Single mother? No. I am not single. And we have a co-parenting schedule. Single co-parent? Again, not single. Am I just single in terms of parenting? But I am not single even then, because we co-parent. Confusing, huh?

LexiFriends series: Alexa (aka Lexitwin)

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I’ve always wanted to write about Lexi’s friends. Or more like show her friendships in pictures. So since these are easy posts, I’ll get a few out while working on more lengthy ones in the meantime.

Alexa, aka Lexitwin, was always Lexi’s best friend. They met when they were 6 months at a music class. And upon learning that they were born on the same day and had essentially the same name ( Lexi, both short for Alexa and Alexis), we instantly became friends as families and, of course, the girls were hanging out a lot from that point on. If you follow this blog or my IG, you know very well that #Lexitwins is a hashtag we use for them, because of how much they look alike (similar heights and hair) and same birthday/name.

Unfortunately, Lexitwin family had to move back to New York, so while we lost a local friend, we still have them as our “distant/occasional visits” kind of friends. Despite being gone, Lexi talks about Alexa all the time.

The best kind of Sneetch on the beaches

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The beach

Whenever I can’t think of a creative title (read: all the time), I tend to resort to Dr. Seuss. Not sure why the guy happens to have the coolest titles ever. For a mommy/baby blog, to boot.

This is nothing more than a photo post. Back from November. Lexi is 22 months, and adorable as always. These have been sitting in my “share later” folder. I figured better “later” than never. So here we go. Just photos. just us. Just the beach. Just Lexi doing splits. Yeah, I know. Weird, but she loves it!

Lexi’s dress is from my favorite Biscotti & Kate Mack

TV, Technology, Media, Iphones, Toddlers, Oh My!

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A controversial subject, like most in parenting.

TV or no TV, iPhone or no iPhone, tech or no tech.

I looked into it extensively when Lexi was born, made a decision and adjusted things as we went and based on our daughter’s changing  personality and needs. Here’ s a detailed breakdown of what I know, what we do, how we do it and why.

Palm trees, sunshine and waves

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Beach time

Some days beg to be photographed. Our recent beach trip was exactly that kind of day. From the blue skies thinly veiled by see-through clouds dispersing the light in just that perfect for photography way…. to clean white sands and foamy waves and tall swaying palm trees, people playing Frisbee on the beach and kids running around screaming in joy.

It’s gotten to be a lot of fun to be at the beach with this little girl. She loves the sand and her sand toys, she adores people watching and swimming in the buoyant water, chasing seagulls and relaxing on the shore accompanied by the steady beat of a drum. She even befriended the local beach drummer and “confiscated” her drum for a few minutes.

What can I say? I am not great with words but I am good with pictures – we love living in Florida. It is everything we could ask for…

Reading with Daddy

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I have had these pictures of Lexi reading a book with daddy from a few months ago and they are just precious to me. I’ve said before that she is very attached to me and most of the time no one else will do. I actually want to write a detailed post about it. Share my experience with attachment (breastfeeding attachment, attachment parenting all in one), which in our case is a classic one. I know there are many women out there that I have talked to and have written to me that have babies who are securely attached and I am sure it will be an interesting post.

So needless to say any uninterrupted, sweet time with daddy has been treasured. Especially in photos.

Dancing Video

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Toddler dancing video

Since we are sort of on the topic about Lexi’s fun personality from the last post, I might as well post this cute video.

Horrible quality due to poor lighting, but oh so precious. Her dance moves were cracking me up. She was mimicking us dancing to a video game a few days ago. She has remembered how we did it and once she saw the controllers again she quickly picked it up.

{age reference: 16 months old}

Next up: Animal Sounds video ( russian-english mix)

Her true self, Kindermusik class

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It’s pretty hard to capture Lexi’s personality in photos.

I’ve been told that I’ve done it pretty well, but there are still so many facets to her energy and liveliness that don’t come through in photos, or even videos ( though the latter has a much better chance of being true to life).

It is mostly due to the fact that a lot of her actions are centered around us, as parents, or other people, not objects and, as the main “photographer”, I cannot both be in the moment and have fun with her and take photos/videos. So I choose to laugh with her and goof around and rough-house and enjoy her cutest giggles and smiles.

If I were to pull out a camera or an iphone at that moment, everything would be ruined.

That’s not to say that I haven’t been able to capture some of her fun personality on video…. Like her singing, drumming,  running, jumping into the pool.  I have!

The reason why I started the post like this is because for once I was able to step back a few times and take photos of Lexi doing what she does in her true “habitat”. Andrew and I decided to go to her music class together. I happened to have my camera with me….

As a result, you can finally see Lexi the way she is, a crazy fun girl who’s full of energy and spunk. I absolutely adore these photos as they show her true self and I know will cherish them for years to come.

Family Evenings

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This is just some photos from a nice night out we had back when my mom was still here. I’ve had these photos sitting in a folder ready to be posted, but never got around to them. Alexis had just turned a year old there and it was one of our normal evenings out.

She is just too much fun in these pictures.