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Self Portrait

Written by Elena @The Art of Making a Baby. Posted in Daily, PHOTO

I used to be a huge self portrait “artist”. Each day/week I’d come up with another fun idea for a self-portrait. Hell, my whole flickr account is one massive self portrait ( I promise I am not in love with myself, i just find it much easier to bring ideas to life when i don’t have to make anyone pose for me. And photographing inanimate objects…. eh! not my cup of tea).

Now that being said, I have to disappoint everyone with a pretty lame SP. BUT… I have an excuse. And a good one.
My spoiled by warmth body cannot handle the horrible temperatures of globalwarming Florida. It has been in the low 60s! 60s!!!!
That is good 20 degrees below my comfort zone. Northerners! No snickering!
So to illustrate what I have been doing this whole week, I am posting this picture.
I have been FREEZING, SLEEPING, WEARING THERMAL PJS, FUZZY STRIPED SOCKIES ( don’t you love them? ) and hugging my husband to death ( for warmth. No other reason).
Even my favorite Travis ( one of the black kitties) kept crawling under the blanket every night with me and tucking his wet cold nose in my arm ( that part I do love).

So here we go. That is me every morning  for the past week.

Please don’t fogrget to VOTE daily!