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Fall Clothes Photoshoot in Minnesota

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So I was sitting here sorting through and editing the photos I took for Melody Lane and a few other brands while in Minnesota last week, because this is the kind of relaxing, up at 1 am night I like to have. No really, I edit photos to relax, because at this point in my life, the only way I can relax is if I am actually doing something useful and productive that isn’t what I have time to do during work time.

So anyways, I was editing photos and thought “Hmmm, maybe I should post about these. It would only take me half an hour at most to write this up, the pics are ready. Why not?”

Pink Sailor

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This week I am pretty much absent from here so I am sorry for half-hearted posts. Lex is sleeping MUCH better during the day which gives me more time to work on the computer but I have a few projects I am working on, which leaves me little time to post on the blog :)

Big news for my family: My mom is coming in December for 4 months. I have been trying to get her to visit during the holidays for 10 years now and finally, she will be here on Christmas. That means another Disney trip to enjoy all awesomeness that Disney whips out for the holidays (I won’t really be blogging about that trip, since you will have your fill of Disney from the upcoming posts, but I will share a few select photos that are the most festive)
My mom being here also means being able to work on the blog at other times rather than naps and off my cell phone. So yay to that! I do expect to spend the majority of time with Lexi and mom but at least I’ll be able to take an hour or two to get some posts written and some work done while my mom enjoys her granddaughter.

So today, we’ve got some pumpkin cuteness from Halloween. Lexi was about to grow out of that pink dress, so I thought I’d take a few pictures of miss cuteness before she does.