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Tuesday Pregnancy Question – Pets and Infants

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As most of you know, I have three cats and the question has been floating in my head for a while:


Our cats are super curious when it comes to new things or rooms that tend to stay closed for a long time. Our future nursery is the only room in the house that hasn’t been used, since we’ve always known it’d be turned into a nursery eventually. So we keep some boxes and furniture there, along with some files- so it’s basically a storage room. It generally stays closed. But the second we go in there to find something, all three cats launch themselves into the opening of the door and proceed to sniff everything out.

I realize that after some time in that room, they’d get bored. But the day we bring a new baby into our house with its new baby smell, the cats will go crazy, I know it.

I assume it’s not really safe to let a cat sit/lie/sleep in the baby’s crib. I haven’t done much research about infants yet, mostly just pre-pregnancy and pregnancy itself.  But it makes sense that you wouldn’t want pet hair and their bodies anywhere near the baby in the first few months, right?

Any experience you’d like to share about your new baby and your pets? Their reaction, their incessant need to be in the baby’s crib/bassinet? What did you do to prevent that? And also once your baby was able to sit and play, how did they interact with the pets?

I’d love to hear your stories!

Kittah licked me

Oh and I am sorry I haven’t been to all of your blogs recently. I am going to catch up today.

Also I will be making a BOOK PAGE, where I’ll psot a list of all the pre-conception and pregnancy books I’ve read or am reading for those who might be interested. It should be quite an interesting list.

Playing with the cats and pussies.

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I spent half the day today watching this amazing man Jim live and play in a real lion’s den. This guy, who owns (???) a wildlife refuge and rehabilitates wild animals that were injured or are unwanted, is running out of money and is holding  sort of an unconventional  “fundraiser”. He will spend the whole month of January living, sleeping and playing in a cage with two 250 pound  lions, 1 year old Ed and 2 year old Lea. This man is amazing , because he has such a rapport going with the animals. He plays with them, feeds them, wrestles with them, pats them on the back, kisses them all over their face and mouth. It’s really adorable to watch.  He’s doing a live video stream for the whole month while he’s in the cage for people to watch and hopefully donate money. His teenage daughter Chelsey brings him food and helps around the refuge, feeding other animals. She’s not allowed in the cage with the lions because they’re too big now. But up until recently she was caring for them too. Little Ed is really missing her. So this evening I actually saw him feeding the lions. The cats were roaring and growling waiting for food. It’s such a sight, so humbling! I recommend you go and watch them play  on his website, where you can also donate some money. The lions love him to death and it’s just adorable to see them interact. An article and a TV spot about it here.{this picture is not of the lions mentioned above}

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Also, we assembled my new drum set and I’ve been killing it playing along to Green Day’s “21 Guns” and Pink’s “Who Knew”, solely because they’re the easiest songs to play to and I semi-knew the beat from my Rock Band drums days. Pretty cool I gotta tell you, pretty cool!

Aside from lion watching and drum playing, I started my new exercise program (in addition to my daily pilates), designed specifically to increase strength and endurance of the muscles necessary for pregnancy, labor and recovery. I did a fitness test to see where my muscles are at and everything was above par ( abs, lower back, upper back, shoulders, legs, thighs, arms), except for ankles (whaaaat?) and PC muscles ( the figure eight that encompasses your urethra,vagina and anus- excuse my bluntness). In order to have strong PC muscles, that would be very beneficial in labor and recovery, you’d have to be able to “hold” it for at least 10 seconds. I’ve never done kegels before and I guess it shows. The good news is that  the muscle is easy to train. So there I go, squeezing my vageygey any chance I get.

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It was kind of funny, because DH and I were working out and while he was doing some man arm exercises, I stood on my hands and knees and started doing my kegels. After a while, I look at him with a smirk and ask: “Hey, do you know what I am doing?”, cuz really it didn’t look like I was doing anything besides standing on my hands and knees. How would he know that I am working my vagina muscles??? :)
And he goes:” Squeezing IT?”
We both burst out laughing! I guess there will be a lot more grosser things we’ll be going through during pregnancy than my husband “guessing” that I’m working out his favorite part of my body.

Ok, here’s a test for ya’ll fit ladies out there. Apparently I have weak (-er?) ankles, the punishment for which will be me tripping and spraying my ankles when I get as big as a hippopotamus on fast food. I want to know if it’s just my weak spot or if it’s really something most of us seem to  have in an underdeveloped state ( my hubby couldn’t do it either). Would you all please squat for me?  No, I won’t make you squeeze your lady parts. We’re talking about ankles here. Squat if you can and then sit in the squatting position for at least 15 seconds while ( and THIS IS KEY!) making sure that your HEELS are flat on the floor. So, you cannot be on your toes! That doesn’t count. Only flat on your heels for 15 seconds. Can anyone do it? Anyone?

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If you can, I envy your flexible strong ankles

For those who are interested ( whether you are or are not planning on having a baby in the next year or two), I will attempt to post a scan of the pre-pregnancy strength and flexibility test. I wish I had read this book, like, a year ago, and now I’d be walking around with a strong crotch that could suffocate an elephant and ankles that  allow me to sit in a squatting position for hours….you know…in case I have to take a dump in the middle of the road and I’m experiencing some pregnancy induced “blockage”.

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I heart Pet’s Faces

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I love kitties. Dogs…not so much (so i do admit some can be totally adorable), but kitties ( and bunnies and anything warm and fuzzy) are my weakness. I treat them like my children. Sometimes I treat them better than some people treat their kids. I let my babies wake me up each morning with a gentle (and sometimes not-so-gentle) pat on my nose or cheek with their fuzzy paws. I won’t get up no matter how uncomfortable I am if a kitteh is sitting/sleeping on me. I shower them with kissies and pet them frequently.
I forgot to mention there are 4 of them and I could not imagine life without my cute kitties.

Say hello to Jenny! To be honest, she is a trouble maker. She’s out only female in our feline household and she DON’T like it! Boys bother her!




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Why the picture of my two adorable black kitties, Travis and Casper?

My test for toxoplasmosis antibodies came back. And despite the fact that I grew up with a ton of cats and currently have 4 adorable kitties, I am still NOT immune!

What’s a girl gotta do to get some toxo immunity?