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Bokeh is Sweeeeeeet!

Written by Elena @The Art of Making a Baby. Posted in Daily, PHOTO



After having a super stressful couple of days, nothing seems to make me happier than working on some pretty shots. Personally, i do not think there’s anything more magical in photography than light and bokeh. Those washed out circles of happiness enhance any photo. My first Canon Digital Rebel was bought 4 years ago because I wanted to have the joy of looking at bokeh in almost every photo.
After the 1st lens, came the nifty-fifty ( 50mm) for the sole reason that it has f/1.8 which means I’d be getting more of that yummy bokeh.

So for today’s challenge it was very difficult for me to pick just one photo. Christmas is just too much fun with a 50mm.

S0 here’s some BOKELICIOUS bokeh love for you people! BE HAPPY! LIFE IS WONDERFFUL!

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You Capture


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Christmas Mood

Written by Elena @The Art of Making a Baby. Posted in Daily, PHOTO

Our holiday plans include doing absolutely nothing on Christmas ( or going to Key west or maybe going to Mickey’s Xmas party. Can’t decide which). Spending New Years with friends at an All White Party in Miami. Going to Universal Studios to experience the Harry Potter ride and drink some Butterbear again. Then visiting friends (internet friends for the first time! That’s always my favorite part of the internet friendships)  mid January in Colorado and hopefully doing some skiing)
So it’s going to be busy!

Our first real wonderfully smelling Christmas Tree. Enjoy the Lights


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