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Full Term Breastfeeding: the wonders and challenges of breastfeeding a toddler

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Breastfeeding a Toddler
This post is about breastfeeding a  toddler in general. Specifics like when, how, how long will be coming next week in the “daily routines” post.

I could start this with a typical sentence that you hear from the majority of women who are still breastfeeding at a year and a half  “When I first had my son/daughter, I never thought I would breastfeed for this long!”.

It would be a lie, though. I always knew. I knew that if it was up to me, I would breastfeed well into toddlerhood. It was an obvious, a given.

But I actually respect the women who say they never thought they’d breastfeed for this long, because that means they  adjusted their plans and expectations as they went, and more importantly did what was best for their baby.

Easter Girls Photoshoot

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I am pretty sure this is the last photo post I have that I needed to catch up on. Whew! Feels good!

For Easter, aside from the doing the whole egg hunt/Easter bunny thing, we invited our friends over and attempted to take some Easter themed photos with our two bunnies, Lexi twins.

We pulled together two white dresses: one that I bought before Lexi was born and I had a clue about clothing sizes. It was size 24 months, yet she was too almost big for it at 13 months. So this photoshoot was the justification for ever having bought the dress. I love it and now I have photos of Alexis wearing the dress. I guess that’s the most I can ask from a piece of special occasion wear that I bought over a year ago.

For the main sitting photo, it took all four of us to keep their attention (Lexi from running off and Alexa from crying, which are the two issues each of them has when it comes to taking pictures together), but eventually with a lot of readjusting and Andrew’s rendition of the Itsy Bitsy Spider and If you’re happy and you know it, we got it.

Also,of course, I couldn’t get Lexi still enough to take a good close up picture of her, but at least I got gorgeous Alexa to pose for me, so I was happy.

Disney at 10 months: Trip #2

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I am having Disney withdrawals, hence the recent need to catch up on Disney posts from the last 2 trips.

It happens every summer. We can’t go in the summer due to heat and crowds so we wait till September, but in the meantime it’s killing us not to be able to just grab Lexi and go there for a weekend or so.

I am incredibly curious to see how different the trip will be with Alexis being 19 months old. I know she will probably be unstoppable like the last trip at 12 months (coming soon), but I wonder if she’ll be more interested in attractions this time.

Traveling around Florida: Tampa

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At the end of February I got to do something that I hadn’t been able to for years – go to a concert. Andrew and I used to be really into music, so we would go see our favorite bands every time they came around. Since getting pregnant and giving birth to Lexi, without family around us to help with babysitting, we have had to miss some of best bands that came around to Miami and Tampa. I was soooo bummed to have missed a Blink 182 concert. So this time with my mom visiting, when I found out that Pink will be in Tampa ( too late for good tickets), I just had to go.

I found decent (and crazy expensive) tickets on StubHub and decided to take my mom who has NEVER been to a concert with me instead of asking her to babysit. Andrew agreed to watch Lexi and we crossed our fingers that I can put her to sleep, sneak out to a concert and come back all before she wakes up for her first nightly feed.

We booked the closest hotel to the venue, so unfortunately there’s not much to talk about in that department, it was a normal hotel, nothing special, except that we could see the stadium out of our window. The biggest reason for that was so that we could walk to the concert and then rush back if Lexi needed me. She tends to accept no one but me when she wakes up at night, so we were crossing our fingers she’d stay asleep.

Dancing Video

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Toddler dancing video

Since we are sort of on the topic about Lexi’s fun personality from the last post, I might as well post this cute video.

Horrible quality due to poor lighting, but oh so precious. Her dance moves were cracking me up. She was mimicking us dancing to a video game a few days ago. She has remembered how we did it and once she saw the controllers again she quickly picked it up.

{age reference: 16 months old}

Next up: Animal Sounds video ( russian-english mix)

Her true self, Kindermusik class

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It’s pretty hard to capture Lexi’s personality in photos.

I’ve been told that I’ve done it pretty well, but there are still so many facets to her energy and liveliness that don’t come through in photos, or even videos ( though the latter has a much better chance of being true to life).

It is mostly due to the fact that a lot of her actions are centered around us, as parents, or other people, not objects and, as the main “photographer”, I cannot both be in the moment and have fun with her and take photos/videos. So I choose to laugh with her and goof around and rough-house and enjoy her cutest giggles and smiles.

If I were to pull out a camera or an iphone at that moment, everything would be ruined.

That’s not to say that I haven’t been able to capture some of her fun personality on video…. Like her singing, drumming,  running, jumping into the pool.  I have!

The reason why I started the post like this is because for once I was able to step back a few times and take photos of Lexi doing what she does in her true “habitat”. Andrew and I decided to go to her music class together. I happened to have my camera with me….

As a result, you can finally see Lexi the way she is, a crazy fun girl who’s full of energy and spunk. I absolutely adore these photos as they show her true self and I know will cherish them for years to come.

Helping Daddy

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Strider Bike

How does a girly girl like Lexi likes fixing up things and helping daddy assemble toys? Wait till you see her with a toy hammer and a screwdriver pounding at our walls.

I just had to share this super cute exchange between the two of them when I asked Andrew to help me assemble our new Strider Balance Bike.

Now we just have to get her a helmet and she’s off to learn how to ride a balance bike!

Physical Development (13-16 months)

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How much fun are toddlers?

The answer is A LOT OF FUN!

It’s a pretty recurring theme here on the The Art of Making a Baby.

But it’s true. We’ve known that Alexis has been focusing on her physical development for a while now. It has been constant since about 9 months when she first started walking supported.

What’s interesting is that it has not changed until maybe now (16 months) when she started to work on her speech development in parallel (another post coming). But the physical aspect is and has been front and center.

I know every baby focuses on its own thing, works on one thing at a time, or two things at a time, with one always being the primary focus. It’s usually pretty obvious in babies. If you’ve been to the playground, you’ve seen a kid who’s in non-stop motion, climbing a top of everything, demanding swing rides, slides, rushed from one side to another, runs around with his mouth open, screams. Then there are talkers, builders, collectors, swing babies, slide babies….

It all began with a shoe on the wall…

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This post has been due since Lexi started walking 5 months ago.


Such an important part of a baby’s wardrobe.

Making sure what they are wearing is comfortable, doesn’t rub, lasts through their roughplaying, looks great and is versatile (because at $30-50 per quality pair of shoe, they better last long and look great).

Proper footwear is surprisingly important for your baby’s foot health, their developing walking skills and their comfort.

Here are our favorite shoes and brands: