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“Inside Out” Scooter Birthday Party Recap

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I seem to have this habit now: blogging about Lexi’s last birthday party right before her new one. Probably because I am thinking about it, so it pushes me to talk about the last one.

I already posted the 4th birthday photos we shot with the scooters here, now it’s time to show what the party itself looked like.

This was the first party where I did not focus on making sure I had the perfect decor and food. Probably because I am so much busier than previous years. The idea of the party came to me literally 2 weeks before the birthday. So we did the best we could with items in a retail store, rather than online which is where I normally search for and buy decorations for other birthday parties.

We had a main Inside Out birthday party theme and the Scooter after party. Every guest received their own scooter to use and take home, which was a fun and unexpected “party favor” to give.




We decorated the rooms in our house into Emotion Rooms. The main party area with the food was Joy, all food on the table was yellow – bananas, fish sticks, organic chicken nuggets for those who eat meat, oranges, cheese, pears, chips.

The cake and candy table was Bing Bong, pink and colorful. The one thing we did splurge on was the cake. Though honestly, I do not think it was necessary this time. Everyone enjoyed the cake itself, not the decorations on the cake. Damn, it makes me want to have cake.

One of the bathrooms was the FEAR room. With a gross bug on the handle and a skeleton hanging on the wall and spooky music playing. We had fun walking each and every guest into the Fear room. Everyone loved it.

The playroom was separated into SADNESS with the tent covered in blue balloons and blankets to sit and be sad in and DISGUST with a table with yucky bugs and critters.

All the room boards were decorated by Lexi. I wrote the words and she proceeded to match it up with the right emotion and help me draw things on it.

Everyone enjoyed the ANGER room. It had red balloons and red tissue paper that everyone could stomp on and tear apart and be angry, along with blow up baseball bats for taking your anger out on other things or people. There was lots of pretend fighting and then we had a dance party!

After everyone ate and played, and blew the candles and enjoyed the cake.


Finally, we went for what in my opinion was the best party of the party: SCOOTER ride. We spent probably 3 hours riding around (along with adults) and hanging out on the cul de sac. Some of the neighbor kids joined in and we all had a lot of fun. Even adults rode our big scooters.

When everyone left, Lexi opened her presents. To her surprise, it was all Lego (that was all she ever played with so when asked about what she liked, we said “legos”), she lay there staring at them and then immediately demanded that we build them all. :) which we did!

This year, we will be doing a party outside of our home, since we moved into a much smaller place. And as much as I would love to plan something at our community clubhouse, I don’t have the mental energy to do it all. So we are outsourcing it to an indoor playground type of place since there will be even more kids this time. :)

Today exactly one year ago you were only 3

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And now suddenly you are FOUR!

Why does the gap between 3 and 4 seem so much more substantial than I thought it would be?

At 3 you were still a toddler to me, now you’re a big girl.

Looking at pictures of our last year’s party, you seem like such a baby. Not any more.

So as we celebrate your 4th birthday, with an awesome theme, great guests and even better ideas, I want to share some of the party photos from the last birthday.

First Birthday: Morning of & Gift Opening

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I am starting a series of posts about Alexis’ First Birthday celebration.

I was going back and forth between doing a party and celebrating small with just family and then finally things started falling in place for a party, so I decided to go for it.
We both felt like the first year needs to be celebrated. It was a trying and a joyful year for us an one of the most important years for Alexis and that needed to be acknowledged.

Slowly I came up with a theme I wanted to have: French. I didn’t have a clear idea on whether it was going to be Paris or Poodle (ok, definitely not poodle) or countryside or shabby chic. It was kind of a mix of everything…but that’s for a later post.

The morning of January 31st, we woke up bright and early with Alexis while it was still sort of dark. Her grandma USA was visiting and my mom is staying with us, so they promptly came out to congratulate their adorable granddaughter and watch her open presents. For the gift opening, she wore her new dress, a birthday gift from Nosilla Organics and a matching diaper ( so cool that we had a teal BG to go with it)

Our Birthday Celebrations

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I will keep this post short but full of pictures, because I would like to be able to look back and see what we did for our birthdays the year Alexis was born.

We are both August babies, Leos, so we celebrate our birthdays the same month which has always been pretty awesome. I had big plans originally. I was going to throw a huge party but what I failed to realize is that everyone who would normally be at that party would be gone for the summer ( the sucky part of having a summer birthday), including the location where I was going to throw that party in. Oopsie!

And out of the people that did stay in the area for the summer, a family of 4 caught a stomach virus, one had a Galapagos trip and another a business trip to NYC and so on and so forth. So basically out of  35 people who originally planned, only a handful were actually in town at that point. Story of my life. No biggie, though. Like one of the friends who couldn’t be there pointed out “Every day is your birthday, Elena!

I Heart Faces: Best Face of 2010

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For I heart Faces Contest

Happy Birthday, America!

This photo was taken for the July 4th celebration of our country’s birthday in 2010. Self portrait, done as all other photos: with tripod and remote.

It probably doesn’t really stand a chance with all those cute kids’ faces (OMG, are all bloggers mother? lol), but I just really want to share this photo with you guys.