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Swan Birthday: Birthday Cake

Written by Elena @The Art of Making a Baby. Posted in Birthdays, Fun as a Toddler Mom, FUN TIMES, LIFE, Life as a Toddler, PHOTO, Photo Stories, TODDLER


Part II is all about the cake. We used the same amazing European bakery for the cake as on her first birthday.
The cakes they make taste so authentic, not overly sweet and with such a subtle soft cream.
Since we were doing everything last minute, we opted for a simple cake that we [attempted to] attached a tutu to.

It was so funny watching the girls blow out the candles.
Alexa was too timid to go anywhere near the people at first and Lexi didn’t know how to blow well yet so she was spitting all over the place (Cringe! Sorry, guys!).
Finally the candle was blown out and then Lexi asked for it again and again ( we told her we would do it at home). Everyone clapped, she looked very proud. Alexa did get a chance to blow out a candle too later when there weren’t so many people around.