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Easter Fun

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Easter 2013

Oh what a change this Easter was from our last year’s Easter.

I cannot get over how much fun it is to have a toddler. To see all the experiences?through?their curious eyes.

We had two egg hunts this year, but at the moment I will only be posting one. The second one has 748 photos to go through. And is more of a baby photoshoot than an egg hunt. Gorgeous inspired photoshoot.

On Saturday we were invited to a neighborhood egg hunt and boy, was I surprised.

Our Favorite Outfits: NununuBaby

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I was editing pictures to post on here and then decided to group them by outfits instead.

When it comes to clothing, Alexis has more of it than she can wear ( damn you, sale sites), and mostly they are all of different random brands, but there are a few companies that keep a constant presence in her wardrobe.

One of the is NununuBaby. I think I mentioned it a million times. It is alternative style clothing that is like nothing you’d expect a girl to wear. Skulls, stars, alphabet and funny toddler sayings is what you’ll see on it and only a few colors: light pink, white, black, grey and neon green. I think they are super cool! Definitely standout in the crowd of bright pink and ruffles ( not that I don’t like that, I very much do, but I also enjoy variety and contrasts in my life).

Toddler Life: Cute Things Lexi Does (12-13 months edition)

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Cute Things Lexi does

Rather than doing monthly updates for the whole 2nd year of Alexis’ life, I decided that it would be much more fun and special to regularly write about all the cute new things she does. I will attempt to keep this a regular features and add things to it as she learns new things or blows our mind with the adorable things she can do.


Letters to Lexi: 11 Months Old

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11m main

I don’t know where to start. Again.

Again. You’ve blown our minds.

Yes, we are first time parents so our minds are pretty easy to blow. But you’re still a rockstar, regardless of anything.

At 10 months 6 days exactly you took your first independent steps. The next day you ran from mommy to grandma, and back. Then to daddy and back. By midmonth you were taking 10 steps on your own. They were wobbly and were more like running than walking- you were in the process of falling and catching yourself over and over again, which is what walking is, essentially. You spent this last month doing nothing but walking holding onto one of our hands. You don’t like holding two hands. Oh no, you push the second hand away and walk with pride holding onto only 1 finger. Crawling is long abandoned.

Photography for Mommies: GEAR

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Today I will start a series of posts that are probably the most requested ones of all time.


Photography for Mommies

(it’s like “photography for dummies” books, but it’s mommies. Get it? Get it?)

It’s not a series for people who are well versed in photography. This will be written for beginners, new mommies and veteran mommies, who are looking to get better pictures of their kids and themselves, and their families, and their dog, you get it!

I wanted to start this series with a post about photography gear for two reasons:

Letters to Lexi: 6 Months

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Dear, girl!

You are half a year old. 6 months. It’s a big deal! It’s a really big deal! So much has changed. YOU have changed.

This month brought on so many changes. These changes almost sneaked upon us. Without warning. Just BOOM – you’re different.

The biggest thing I’ve noticed is you LOOK older. You look like a little girl. It’s quite adorable. You make cute little girl faces, and wave your arms around in frustration or happiness. Those two can come one after another.

You’re the most amazing kid on the planet. Like really, you bring us joy every day. And you are becoming easier and easier to handle every day.  You laugh so much, you’re such a happy girl. Six months rocks. Really- the best age so far!

You’re becoming more and more beautiful. Either that or I am getting more and more biased because I love you more with each day. Your eyes are so big and blue and so captivating. Your lips have that perfect pout and you have the most rounded head I’ve ever seen.

This month has had a lot of firsts for you:

You had your first road trip to Orlando, your first wedding reception, your first 4th of July party and many others I’ll mention below.

You did amazing at the late night 4th of July party. You were too busy looking around to realize that it was past your bedtime and wouldn’t go to sleep even when I tried putting you down in the  quiet and dim nursery.

You’re into both mommy and daddy more and more each day. My favorite part is when daddy goes to get you when you wake up from your nap and brings you out to me while I am working on my laptop, and you JUST LIGHT up and start kicking and bouncing in his arms so hard that he can barely hold you.

You had your first stay at the hotel and you absolutely loved it. You loved seeing all the places and people. You slept just as well as you do at home and you never complained. Except on your 4 hour ride home, which was a little bit rough.

You do so good in the car now. As long as you have a toy to entertain you and switch them around periodically or  I talk to you or sing to you, or play peekaboo, you’re happy as a clam. You will actually fall asleep in the car seat pretty consistently if you’re very tired with some help from mommy or daddy (singing usually helps).

You are wary of strangers, yet with enough time and smiles, you smile back and bounce in my arms. You’re super social while staying cautious of anyone you don’t know.

You met your auntie Boom Boom and you loved her. You took to her very quickly and allowed yourself being carried around and played with.

You cut your first 2 teeth. For some reason, it is so special to me. Your first tooth came through after a few days of fussier than normal behavior, though I cannot reliably connect it with teething. At first I saw the gum getting whiter and then there was a blackish dot on top of it. I was sure it was a tooth, but your daddy didn’t believe me. And sure enough the next day there was a white cap. And then the same thing happened with the second bottom tooth. They are still pretty small but your smiles are even more adorable now.

You are a much more proficient sitter now. You’re strong and solid. You LOVE playing with your hands while sitting up. Your coordination is so good now. You grab a toy with one or two hands while sitting down and then you start shaking it side to side. Eventually you accidentally let go and your toy goes flying a few feet in the air. You easily reach for things all around you when sitting. You love playing with your Finn&Emma gym while sitting up.

You don’t know how to get into a sitting position, but you do know how to move from sitting to crawling/tummy down.

You aren’t a crawler yet. I was sure that after getting on your knees last month, you’d be crawling by now, but you somehow shifted your focus to other things and put crawling aside until just a few days ago when you went back to trying to get on your knees and move.

I find it really cool how you keep switching from thing to thing working on different skills at different times. It’s a little bit like me. I usually get interested in so many things at once I have to split my attention between them.

And the big one is you rolled over from your back to your tummy. And then to your tummy again. And that was that. I knew you had been waiting for something to start rolling consistently and that something was  apparently going from back to tummy. As soon as you knew how to put yourself into your favorite position, the other way around wasn’t an issue. You still prefer scooting on your tummy to rolling around, but you’ll occasionally roll when you need to get a toy or for the fun of it. You became really good at it, too. After the very first roll from back to tummy, you kind of just continued doing it all without hesitation whenever you needed to.

You’re quite the social butterfly nowadays, you love smiling at people after you’re done studying them and determining whether they are good or not. We had painters getting our house finished last week and oh my god, you just couldn’t stop smiling and talking to them.

Speaking of talking, that picked up too (I can tell you worked hard on many things this month). You try to talk to us and strangers as much as you can, but it’s mostly raspberries, aghoos, and these forced screams and types of sounds that make me think you want to go potty. Only recently did I realize that  it is you attempting to talk to all of us by screeching and you’re trying to make sounds the only way you can right now. In the last few days you have expanded your vocabulary to include more ba-ba-bas and na-na-nas and ma-ma-mas and all kinds of different sounds that really sound like speech. So much fun!

You still sleep with us, even though I try to start you off in the crib each night, but you won’t have any of that silliness. You have to feel mama’s breath on you or touch her, or the best thing in the world: nurse to sleep. Oh, you love that and I love it just as much. You didn’t used to be a baby that nursed to sleep, but it’s something that I sort of started with the bedtime routine. I might regret later, but for now I treasure the times when you fall asleep at the breast.

I really enjoy lying down with you, though I don’t get to do it often, because your short naps are the only time I can write for the blog. But the time that I spend rocking you is one of my favorite times during the day. I love smelling your sour milk cheeks and feeling your warm breath and having your soft squishy body cuddle into my arms. Seriously, I will miss it so much when it’s gone.

The last two weeks you’ve been playing on your own for good stretches of time (10-15 minutes), but we are still always there whenever you need us once you’re done playing. I’ve been putting a pillow behind you so that if you fall you don’t hit your head.

Your sleep is still the same. Every 2 hours seems to be your thing at night and every 40 minutes during the day.

You developed this shy smile that is just beyond adorable! It’s this tentative little thing that soon evolves into a big grin and a little nose scrunching. I love your nose -scrunching. And snorting- oh your snorting is beyond adorable ( probably to me only). I really need to get that on video (put it on my today’s to-do list)

You’re IN LOVE with water! Such a water baby, it makes me so happy! You squeal with delight whenever you get splashed, you love being rained on or going under sprinklers, having fun bath time with daddy or when mommy fills up a big girl tub and lets you play there with her.

We recently bought your a non-vinyl baby pool and you adore splashing in it. You’ll laugh every time you get water in your eyes and face.

You also had your first swim in the pool. Again it was a great hit. I’d hold you up and you’d kick your legs and swim like a big girl. We are now going to the pool every other day or so and it’s by far your favorite activity

You’re also back in your cloth diapers which makes mama so happy. I am excited to be buying more cute colors and prints and ditching the disposables.

Your first boat trip happened this month, as well. You did so good. It was pretty hot, even though we got started early and kept you in the shade. You fussed occasionally when it got hot or when we had to put an lifevest on you, but as soon as the boat would pick up speed and you’d feel the wind on your face, you’d start bouncing and smiling. We love watching you experience new things.

Here’s a big one: YOU STARTED BLW! {baby  led weaning}. I say YOU because you truly commanded this one. I’ve been keeping you away from solids even though you’ve been able to sit unsupported and have been reaching for our food and had the pincer grasp down since 4.5 months. I wanted to wait till 6 months. You had other plans and you let me know. One day you grabbed a cherry out of my hands and started gumming on it. So I bit into it for you to see what you’d do. Well, as soon as you tasted the juice your eyes got all big and you started sucking it out and gumming more. The next day as you were sitting in my lap and I was eating a peach, you reached out and took the peach with one hand (I didn’t stop you this time), you instantly brought it to your mouth like you positively knew what you were doing and started EATING it. I took that as a clue that you were ready and eager to start solids. Since then we’ve been ocassionally giving you whatever it is we were eating as long it was appropriate. You’ve had peaches, strawberries, zuccinnis, avocados, potatoes, mushrooms, plum,  navy beans, red pepper, banana and maybe a few more I am forgetting.

You love it, you truly love exploring food, playing with it, chewing it, learning how to manipulate it in your mouth and swallow it. And we enjoy watching you learn. I am looking forward to you joining us at all our meals.

Your personality is sparkling! You’re expressive, fun, you smile so widely when you see people you like/love, you get so intently focused on things one second and another you’ll just lying there pondering the problems of the world.

On a serious note, recently I’ve had this weird train of thoughts ( you know how sometimes a situation pops into your head and you think about what you’d do in that case).. Well, with the Colorado shooting, I’ve been thinking a lot about what would I do in situations where our lives are in danger. And without a millisecond delay, there’s no question in my mind that I would give my life for a 1% chance of saving yours.

For readers

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Wooden Gym: Finn&Emma

Non-PVC pool: The Pop Up Pool

Excersaucer: Evenflo Jam Session


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Beach Trip

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I am trying to catch up with all the photos posts that I’ve planned, so I am hoping once they are all done, I will be more current on things and events. The way Alexis naps, cooking and cleaning have to go by wayside, as I try to get at least 10-20 minutes of blogging during each nap. Sometimes I luck out, sometimes I can’t even get that. That’s life.

So for a few days/weeks you’ll see older photos and posts from when Alexis was 2.5 months and on.

Here we go:

We live relatively close to the beach, about 15-20 minutes to the closest public beach, or more to some other fun ones. Right now, when Alexis is small, beach trips are limited due to many factors. Up until now we couldn’t really take her anywhere without a major meltdown in the car seat. We got a new convertible car seat and another one coming for 2 week trial review, so we’ll see how she does then, but I am very hopeful. Another reason is this is Florida, which means 8 am and it’s too hot to go anywhere with a small baby. So when we can do baby sunscreen at 6 months and swim in the ocean is when I can expect to go back to weekly beach trips. Lexi is like mama, she LOVES water, so I am excited to see how she reacts to the ocean. The key will be to make sure she is comfortable in the heat. My plan is to get a beach tent plus 2 strong battery operated fans plus baby sunscreen plus early mornings and a lot of nursing sessions to keep her hydrated. I am crossing my fingers that will work.

Anyways, our first trip was selfish. We really really wanted to go to the beach, even if just for a few minutes and a few photos and the sunset. Thankfully, Alexis was doing just fine that day and handled the car well and I actually managed to get her to sleep sometime during the walk to the beach. Looking at these pictures, she was soooo little… It’s only been 2 months and she’s a different baby.

The day we went was unfortunate: very windy and kind of chilly, so I held Alexis close and shielded her from the wind and the sun. We spread a blanket on the sand and sat shoulder to shoulder, relaxing for the first time since the birth of our daughter. It was nice to not be so focused on things and just lay back on my husband’s chest with our 2.5 months old baby girl in my arms. It’s a shame there isn’t a picture of the both of us, but I am still trying to get the hang of doing self-portraits while juggling a baby. Eventually, I’ll go back to being able to include our whole family into the picture, not just one of us + Alexis.

She eventually woke up and I nursed her leaning against my hubby’s back. It was getting colder so we pulled out her adorable terry hoodie from My O Baby that she only manage to wear once.

And then the fuss train arrived and Andrew strapped her into our Nordic carrier (btw, I just noticed that it’s on sale for only $79  and this is my favorite carrier, so I wanted to point that out in case someone is looking)  walking around singing to her while I took pictures of the beach and people around.

There was some prayer group at the beach or something along those lines, raising hands in the air and chanting. It’s amazing how the beach changes with seasons and times of day. During season, the beaches are crowded with tourists, and at sunset the locals come out, summertime comes and you won’t see a soul on some of the beaches, those are my favorite times to go.

Finally, the sun went down and we rushed home. For the next week, we’d remember how nice it was to get out and go to the beach and feel normal again. It only gets better from here on out.

A month or two later, we took another trip to the beach, however by the time we got in the car and got there, the clouds gathered and the wind picked up indicating the inevitable Florida shower, so we had to quickly pack back up and go home. It was just as I closed the car door that the rain starting pounding on the windshield.

I feel so blessed to live near the beach. I cannot even begin to imagine the fun times to be had when Alexis is big enough to swim and play in the water. We got a sneak peak of what it’s like to have a “beach daughter” with Gabby (and another one here) and are looking forward to repeating it with Lexi.