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Palm trees, sunshine and waves

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Beach time

Some days beg to be photographed. Our recent beach trip was exactly that kind of day. From the blue skies thinly veiled by see-through clouds dispersing the light in just that perfect for photography way…. to clean white sands and foamy waves and tall swaying palm trees, people playing Frisbee on the beach and kids running around screaming in joy.

It’s gotten to be a lot of fun to be at the beach with this little girl. She loves the sand and her sand toys, she adores people watching and swimming in the buoyant water, chasing seagulls and relaxing on the shore accompanied by the steady beat of a drum. She even befriended the local beach drummer and “confiscated” her drum for a few minutes.

What can I say? I am not great with words but I am good with pictures – we love living in Florida. It is everything we could ask for…

Her true self, Kindermusik class

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It’s pretty hard to capture Lexi’s personality in photos.

I’ve been told that I’ve done it pretty well, but there are still so many facets to her energy and liveliness that don’t come through in photos, or even videos ( though the latter has a much better chance of being true to life).

It is mostly due to the fact that a lot of her actions are centered around us, as parents, or other people, not objects and, as the main “photographer”, I cannot both be in the moment and have fun with her and take photos/videos. So I choose to laugh with her and goof around and rough-house and enjoy her cutest giggles and smiles.

If I were to pull out a camera or an iphone at that moment, everything would be ruined.

That’s not to say that I haven’t been able to capture some of her fun personality on video…. Like her singing, drumming,  running, jumping into the pool.  I have!

The reason why I started the post like this is because for once I was able to step back a few times and take photos of Lexi doing what she does in her true “habitat”. Andrew and I decided to go to her music class together. I happened to have my camera with me….

As a result, you can finally see Lexi the way she is, a crazy fun girl who’s full of energy and spunk. I absolutely adore these photos as they show her true self and I know will cherish them for years to come.

This is what toddling looks like…

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The long awaited walking videos.

As I wrote in the 11months post, Lexi started walking full time {with support} at 9 months and then with one hand + first independent steps at 10 months and then full on ran throwing our hands aside at 11 months.

Here is the progress video of what it all looked like.

I cannot believe what a chubster she was before she started walking (i.e. in the first shots)

And if you don’t want to waste time looking at how she arrived at walking, you can check out her toddling around for the last 2 weeks.

Complete with head shakes, belly rubs, flashcard kisses, stumbles, screams and lots of running and falling into things. Hit change quality to view it in HD or less fuzzy.

Letters to Lexi: 11 Months Old

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11m main

I don’t know where to start. Again.

Again. You’ve blown our minds.

Yes, we are first time parents so our minds are pretty easy to blow. But you’re still a rockstar, regardless of anything.

At 10 months 6 days exactly you took your first independent steps. The next day you ran from mommy to grandma, and back. Then to daddy and back. By midmonth you were taking 10 steps on your own. They were wobbly and were more like running than walking- you were in the process of falling and catching yourself over and over again, which is what walking is, essentially. You spent this last month doing nothing but walking holding onto one of our hands. You don’t like holding two hands. Oh no, you push the second hand away and walk with pride holding onto only 1 finger. Crawling is long abandoned.

Safe Toys Feature: Tiny Love

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If you missed the Toy Safety post, go back to read it here.

I have a soft spot for Tiny Love. It’s the first company that I discovered that is conscious of toxic chemicals in children’s products. It’s the first company that I started obsessing over when I saw all their products. It’s also one of the first companies that was added to my baby registry.

For the first few months we used ( and destroyed) our favorite Princess Gym that was a gift from American grandma. It was probably THE most used accessory in the house. By the time Lexi “grew out of it” developmentally, we had nothing but the mat left. All the toys had been carried around and taken with us so much that the gym no longer served as that. Then it was time to buy a bigger mat for Lexi to play on before she started crawling.

Memories, Dreams & Reflections: 2012

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Two years ago I was lucky enough to have a ton of time on my hands, a passion for photography and countless fun times. So when I participated in Ashley’s Memories, Dreams, Reflections, there was a lot to reminisce about. The next year that followed was all about my pregnancy and, honestly, I couldn’t even think about anything but the upcoming birth, so I skipped MDR.

This year, however, is perfect! It was simple, different, somewhat uneventful, but at the same time HUGE when it comes to our roles as parents and our baby girl. So here is a look back at what 2012 had in store for us, based on the prompts provided by MDR 2012.

Christmas Time this year

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This Christmas things were a bit different than normal. For one, we were ALL sick with a wicked flu/cold/bronchitis/whatevertheheckitwas, except for Lexi who only got some runny noise. Needless to say it was hard staying in the holiday spirit when phrases like “I really think I am dying” were being uttered multiple times by both of us. Luckily, my mom was there to help us and we’ve survived our first sickness with a baby. Caring for a baby when you feel like death really sucks. I’ve heard it before but it really rings true when you feel it yourself.

Despite the not-so-holiday sickness, we thoroughly enjoyed Christmas. Not as much as we could have, had we been functional, but it was still baby’s first Christmas  which meant cute dresses, fragrant trees, lots of light and presents.  She was so adorable point at the tree and the lights outside and showing the sign for “light”.