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Playroom in Progress Guide: SET UP

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As I am slowly and painfully trying to design/fill/create Alexis’ playroom I am finding absolutely zero guides online as to how best to do it.

The truth is, while it is very personal as to what kind of playroom you design for your children, it is also important to make sure that you’ve got all your educational and creative basis covered, as well as make it a comfortable, safe and inviting environment.

So I decided to put together my own guide. It’s not a guide for OTHER people, it’s MY guide, though you can definitely use it to help you define your baby’s playroom areas, as well. I’ll be sure to put in a few finds for you guys, too.

PLAYROOM {in progress} GUIDE

Easter Fun

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Easter 2013

Oh what a change this Easter was from our last year’s Easter.

I cannot get over how much fun it is to have a toddler. To see all the experiences?through?their curious eyes.

We had two egg hunts this year, but at the moment I will only be posting one. The second one has 748 photos to go through. And is more of a baby photoshoot than an egg hunt. Gorgeous inspired photoshoot.

On Saturday we were invited to a neighborhood egg hunt and boy, was I surprised.

What brings me the most joy…

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is photography. Photographing my little girl.

I don’t think I am great at it. I am average. But it gives me so much happiness taking photos and then sifting through them, organizing them , processing them. It’s a shame I can’t to on a vacation and organize my photos all day long for 2 weeks …

So while I was gone from here , from life, without having my laptop and my precious photos, and while working on launching Daily Mom, there have been many photos taken a filed away.

Here’s a small part of what I have shot. In just 2 months (has it really been two months) Alexis has changed greatly. I have a lot to catch up on – I know… But I am loving having this blog, and managing Daily Mom and being a SAHM/WAHM to the most adorable toddler in the world and a wife to the most hardworking loving man in the world. I never thought my life would take this kind of track. That I would be a full on MOM. A mom with hobbies and interests and work, but still a MOM, one completely dedicated to her daughter. Yet I am and I am going to embrace it.

11 Months old

Little girl in red…

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The other day I decided that we needed to get out more on the weekends, rather than try to cram as much housework as we can, along with blog work, along with family time. I said “Pfftt! Housework! Who needs a clean and organized house anyways!?” (that’s my philosophy lol) “Let’s go to the lamest freaking bbq show in the worst part of town!”

Ok, I didn’t know it was going to be lame! Or that it’s in THAT part of town. Or that the “petting zoo for kids” meant a lizard and a tired panther in a cage.

Letters to Lexi: 11 Months Old

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11m main

I don’t know where to start. Again.

Again. You’ve blown our minds.

Yes, we are first time parents so our minds are pretty easy to blow. But you’re still a rockstar, regardless of anything.

At 10 months 6 days exactly you took your first independent steps. The next day you ran from mommy to grandma, and back. Then to daddy and back. By midmonth you were taking 10 steps on your own. They were wobbly and were more like running than walking- you were in the process of falling and catching yourself over and over again, which is what walking is, essentially. You spent this last month doing nothing but walking holding onto one of our hands. You don’t like holding two hands. Oh no, you push the second hand away and walk with pride holding onto only 1 finger. Crawling is long abandoned.

Safe Toys Feature: Tiny Love

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If you missed the Toy Safety post, go back to read it here.

I have a soft spot for Tiny Love. It’s the first company that I discovered that is conscious of toxic chemicals in children’s products. It’s the first company that I started obsessing over when I saw all their products. It’s also one of the first companies that was added to my baby registry.

For the first few months we used ( and destroyed) our favorite Princess Gym that was a gift from American grandma. It was probably THE most used accessory in the house. By the time Lexi “grew out of it” developmentally, we had nothing but the mat left. All the toys had been carried around and taken with us so much that the gym no longer served as that. Then it was time to buy a bigger mat for Lexi to play on before she started crawling.

Memories, Dreams & Reflections: 2012

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Two years ago I was lucky enough to have a ton of time on my hands, a passion for photography and countless fun times. So when I participated in Ashley’s Memories, Dreams, Reflections, there was a lot to reminisce about. The next year that followed was all about my pregnancy and, honestly, I couldn’t even think about anything but the upcoming birth, so I skipped MDR.

This year, however, is perfect! It was simple, different, somewhat uneventful, but at the same time HUGE when it comes to our roles as parents and our baby girl. So here is a look back at what 2012 had in store for us, based on the prompts provided by MDR 2012.

Christmas Time this year

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This Christmas things were a bit different than normal. For one, we were ALL sick with a wicked flu/cold/bronchitis/whatevertheheckitwas, except for Lexi who only got some runny noise. Needless to say it was hard staying in the holiday spirit when phrases like “I really think I am dying” were being uttered multiple times by both of us. Luckily, my mom was there to help us and we’ve survived our first sickness with a baby. Caring for a baby when you feel like death really sucks. I’ve heard it before but it really rings true when you feel it yourself.

Despite the not-so-holiday sickness, we thoroughly enjoyed Christmas. Not as much as we could have, had we been functional, but it was still baby’s first Christmas  which meant cute dresses, fragrant trees, lots of light and presents.  She was so adorable point at the tree and the lights outside and showing the sign for “light”.

Alexis has a career in theater!

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{Edit: video is now uploaded below}
I am not sure if every mother feels the same way, but while the traditional milestones are so much fun and cheered on and anticipated, there are other types of milestones that are so much more special to me.

First meaningful kiss for mommy, first snuggles, first look of adoration, first baby sign, first bouncy dance to music….

This month we have hit one of the most adorable milestones I can think of that I can actually share with the world. Alexis can now sing!

She sings with me, after me, on her own. Using her high voice and her low voice, carrying the melody and dancing with her hands. She sings in her high chair when she’s had a good meal. She sings while playing with toys.

I am honestly in awe of this person growing up in front of me. She is SO much more than anything I ever imagined. It’s truly a miracle watching her grow, and I am not a sentimental person.

She’s always been very expressive from the very beginning (refer to the talking video at 3 weeks), but this is just “too much”!

See for yourself!