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Egg “painting” – Week 6 of 52 Weeks of Experiences

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I am totally behind on posting our weeks. Whenever I travel even for a day, it screws up my posting schedule big time, because there is usually a lot of work I am trying to catch up on otherwise. But I am back and no more travel for a whole week (whoo-hoo!). Then we are once again going away for a while, but I am hoping to steal those naps and evenings to post and work.

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WEEK 6 – egg painting

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“52 weeks of Childhood Unplugged”, an experience scavenger hunt!

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Must do's for toddler and preschoolers

I would like to propose something!

If you have a toddler or a pre-schooler, read till the end.

The other day I was on the playground with Lexi when some of the older kids started climbing a tree. Obviously, Lexi instantly said “Lexi, too! Lexi, too!
So we walked over the the leaning tree and watched the kids take their turns climbing it while she bounced up and down, chanting “Lexi too climb tree!!!”

When the kids were done, I helped her get started and she happily and proudly attempted to repeat what she saw the other kids doing. As I stood there helping her get higher and higher on the tree, it made me think of two things:

1.We should take her to the Robinson’s Tree House at Disney (lol)


2. What an AMAZING moment! This is her FIRST time climbing a tree! Such a true childhood experience. So fun and free.

Do you remember being kids? Scaling the impossible heights, sitting on branches, basking in warm sunlight and just enjoying being independent and free? Those are some of the happiest simplest times.