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RIDING A ROLLERCOASTER – WEEK 7 of 52 Weeks of Experiences

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First roller coaster
If you haven’t joined our 52 Weeks of Toddler/Preschooler Experiences and explored all the ways you can have fun together, check out this post and then this post.


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Last week we had to travel to Orlando for work, so as usual, we made a quick trip to Disney. I have been looking for a perfect time to take Lexi on a rollercoaster for a few months now. I can’t say this was her first rollercoaster experience. My tall girl was 35 inches when she was slightly over 1, so we took her on the Goofy’s Barnstormer, a small rollercoaster meant to be the first coaster for little ones over 35 inches tall. At 1 years of age, she didn’t really comprehend as much, she was sort of scared, but then asked to go again after we were done (which we did). I was really curious how she would do this time considering she now knows what a rollercoaster is. One of her favorite Curious George books ( aren’t they all), is a book about Curious George not being tall enough to ride a coaster. So when we were at the park, and I would ask her if she would go on a rollercoaster with me she would answer “No, I’m too big for it! Go Carousel!” Obviously, she meant “too small” and was referring to the book we always read. I kept trying to videotape her saying say, but each time I’d turn the camera on, she would stop saying it ( it’s always that way). You can see on the video me asking her over and over again hoping she would tell me she is too big again :)

52 Weeks of Experiences List: The Beginning!

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If you have not read the Experience Scavenger Hunt post, go there first and then come back to participate.

So the 52 weeks of Childhood Unplugged experience poll is now closed and I have assembled our list of experiences. I decided that going by the majority vote wasn’t fair because many great suggestions were added late and didn’t get a chance to be seen and voted on as much. So instead I took ALL of the suggestions and compiled my own list out of it and left the rest below for you guys to pick and choose from.

The way I see this happening is everyone either makes their own list or goes off of the one I compiled, if your toddler is similar in interests. I would love it for us to find a way to do the same thing on the same week so that we could share the experience, but of course it’s not going to be possible for everyone, so do what you feel like doing each week.

We’ll review the week each Monday. This week Lexi and I will be doing: Jumping on the bed and couches like 5 Little Monkeys