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22 Week Bump Update

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All my bump update photos are always taken on the exact day I hit the next week ( Thursday, according to conception date set by me, not the doctors). So on Thursday morning I woke up and felt happy and felt like having fun ( I usually dread taking these photos- too much work- gotta put clothes on, do something with hair, hopefully put some make up on). I still didn’t put make up on, or wash my hair ( I know gross), but this outfit made me happy, so I figured I’d take goofier photos than usual. And also just FYI for those who wondered, I never ever edit anything on these bump photos (what would be the point?), except for the pimples on my face ( because it’s so bad right now) and most of the time I have no make up on ( unless it’s obvious that I do). Normally I don’t get out of the house without at least some make up on.


How far along: 22 weeks.

How big is baby: The size of a papaya and almost a pound.

Total weight gain: 2 pounds again (149lb) this week, for a total of approximately 13 pounds from the start of the pregnancy.

Yeah, as you can see the cookies didn’t stop last week :) lol I am now done with whatever we had at home and if we don’t buy any more, I should be just fine. Still eating really well otherwise.

Sleep: I have been going to bed later than I should, so the sleep hasn’t been very restful, but I am changing it this week.

Maternity Clothes: Lots of leggings, some maternity work out pants, maternity jeans on occasion when I feel like it, but mostly pre-pregnancy dresses and skirts.

Best moment of the week:

Alexis playing patty-cakes with Andrew. ( read below)

Food cravings : Soft cookies and lots of fruit

Food aversions: none


Heartburn – oh I had it bad for a few days this week. Like my throat is ON FIRE!!!!!
Rash – I can’t tell if it’s getting better or not. I don’t think it’s getting worse so that’s good. It did spread to the rest of my body in certain spots, but very manageable so far.
Acne – it has not gotten better at all. So i figured I am stuck with it for a while now.


Alexis is very active when I am sitting or lying down. These are my favorite times of the day.

So the other day, we were hanging out on the couch talking… Alexis had been super active all day. She was moving and kicking, so my husband put his hand on my belly and pushed softly. She responded with a kick. He waited a few seconds and pushed back again, she kicked his hand again. They went on exchanging pushes for quite a long time, until he stopped pushing back. It was so much fun – it was obviously random- she was actually responding to his pushes. So amazing! Andrew kept gushing over it for the next two days which was so cute “I had my first game with our daughter!”

She’s already such a daddy’s girl!

Also, one day this week, she moved in a way where i could tell it was her head pushing into my side, so we gently pet her on the head- you could actually feel a big hard area. I didn’t think those things were possible until much later in the pregnancy, so it was very cool.

Gender: Girly girl!

What I’m looking forward to:
This weekend and more nursery work. Husband will be working on the casings and assembling the crib. YAY!
It’s probably time to start interviewing pediatricians, too!

What I miss:
Nothing! I love our little baby girl so much, I refuse to miss anything at the moment!

Next appt: October 6th

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