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Best Toys for Outdoor Play {12-24 MONTHS}

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Since summer officially started in all parts of the northern hemisphere, I am sure that mommies of all kids all ages are trying to figure out ways of getting everyone outdoors, keeping them outdoors and keeping them entertained there. Usually, it doesn’t take much to have fun outside, if you’re willing to run around with your toddler, roll in the grass, throw the ball around.  But toys can always be an enhancement to a parent involved play or a welcome distraction for some alone time.

Unfortunately, in Florida,summer often means HOT (not always, but most of the time), so we are actually going back indoors. That’s fine by me, because we’ve spent months playing outside while others bundled up and stayed at home.

But I’d like to share some of the items that have been thoroughly enjoyed by Lexi while playing outdoors while summer is still in full swing everywhere else.


Toddler Life: Cute Things Lexi Does (12-13 months edition)

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Cute Things Lexi does

Rather than doing monthly updates for the whole 2nd year of Alexis’ life, I decided that it would be much more fun and special to regularly write about all the cute new things she does. I will attempt to keep this a regular features and add things to it as she learns new things or blows our mind with the adorable things she can do.