Enchanted Tales with Belle

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Enchanted Tales with Belle

Recently we came back from another short trip to Disney and there was something I wanted to write about. I usually don’t write “short-ish” posts like this, especially about just one topic, but this one impressed me so much I feel it warrants its own post.

Up until now we have always skipped one attraction at Magic Kingdom, “Enchanted Tales with Belle“. It’s a new attraction, a part of the Fantasyland redesign, it always has insane waits and up until now it was not included into the FastPass program. So we had skipped it every time.

This last time, however, it was one of our three FastPasses that we are allowed per day under the new program that we got. So we went.

This attraction was a complete shock to me because I was going there expecting it to be a waste of time for a 2 year old and two adults. As an adult, I don’t care to go there again ( or really see it the first time), but for children it’s magical, and that’s all that counts.

Disney Fashions Part I

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The very first post of the Disney recap and series from this year is a very visual one. It’s the very first post in part because it doesn’t require much writing, mostly photography. The other Disney posts will have to do more with tips, ideas on what to ride and what to skip if you’re visiting with a toddler, where to stay, what to take, as well as the photo recap of our annual 2 weeks at Disney.

For those new to the blog, we live three hours away and go to Disney regularly (once a month at least), but every year we also take an extended 2 week stay at Disney to enjoy the parks fully and visit all the attractions. The annual visit always falls on September, the least busy time of the year, so we get to walk onto all ride and really maximize our time there. Read about Disney Trip 2012.

A relatively big part of planning for our trip is always outfit selection. I’m not very good at styling clothes for myself, and it’s too hot in Florida to really style much for a toddler (since you cannot layer or use leggings and other accessories under skirts and dresses), but I always enjoy planning what we’d be wearing for each park and each day. And, of course, having a baby girl is absolutely amazing, because you get to dress her up even more (though I have to admit some of these brand make ADORABLE baby boy clothing, too). And if you’re not interested in clothing, at least you’ll get to enjoy beautiful photography.

Back from Las Vegas

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{This beautiful view is JW Marriott Las Vegas. I absolutely LOVED staying close to the mountains rather than the strip.}

So we are back from the Expo in Vegas and attempting to put our lives back in order. Luckily, my mom is now here and here’s huge help. It’s amazing what a difference having extended family around makes. Everything is just so much more relaxed and laid back, because there are plenty of people to look after Lexi while the rest get stuff done.

Traveling Around Florida: Palm Beach II

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I have some interesting posts in the works right now (you can see a list on the side) but they need some photos to be taken, so in the meantime I’d like to finish posting about our short trip across the state.

You can read the beginning here (Palm Beach Part I), including the description of the resort we stayed at ( Palm Beach Marriott Singer Island Beach Resort & Spa )

The next few days were typical relaxation days. We woke up without having anywhere to go ( the advantage of a rainy day), had room service breakfast in bed, ventured out into the hotel. Later in the morning we both had spa treatments which is always a welcome distraction from our otherwise always busy days even on a mini-vacation. This resort is one of the few that offers an amazing Hydrafacial which I read about  too late to have one, which was a shame. Instead I had a standard Swedish massage and relaxed in spa amenities.

There was also some pool splashing. What I love about Marriott resorts (and I’ve stayed at a few after being impressed with this one) is that they have a beach style walk-in in pool which is great for toddlers and a waterfall feature. Alexis loves falling water of any kind, so it’s always a blast.

Some time towards the evening, we had an amazing dinner at 3800 Ocean restaurant with an ocean view. We even spotted a crazy surfer who was braving the high winds.

The rest of the day was spend hanging out in our huge room, making short runs to the beach in our pjs and attempting to get into the beachside Kid’s Club in the resort for some activities for Lexi.

Now onto the visual:

Traveling around Florida: Palm Beach Day 1

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Continuing our travels around the state ( and soon to be extended to other states- first plane flight with energizer bunny- kill me!), recently we took a short drive to Palm Beach ( 2.5 hours to be precisely) for a couple days to relax and have some fun.

As it always happens we had big plans that may have included a drive-through zoo, a jungle island and a few other kid friendly spots, but due to the week of rains that this trip fell onto, all we got to do is stay at our hotel and explore it instead. Not that we had a problem with that.

The hotel we stayed at this time was Palm Beach Marriott Singer Island Beach Resort & Spa, a resort located on Singer Island in Palm Beach. Actually, when we were looking to move to Florida, Palm Beach was one of our top picks because of how beautiful the area is.

Disney Trip #3: The impossible @ 13 months

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Hooray! I caught up with all my Disney posts! This was the last trip we took in February and we won’t be back till September.

It was a completely different experience this time, given that Alexis could walk. And oh my was it challenging!

There’s a week in February that is very low in attendance, so Kristy (Lexitwin mom) and I spontaneously decided to grab our mamas and take a three generation girl trip to Disney. Sans our men.

We were delirious, obviously! Well, at least I was. Kristy lucked out with Alexa being very content in the stroller the whole time at that age. Having a baby in the stroller seemed SOOOO nice and relaxed compared to what me and my mom had to deal with, that Kristy had to hear “YOU SUCK!” every time Alexa would fall asleep in the stroller. Haha! At some point, she would go “Check this out!”  and laugh/snicker every time Alexa (Lexitwin) would fall asleep in the stroller.

I am just glad I wasn’t crazy enough to have gone there without my mom. I expect our September trip to be pretty similar, but we are, at least, going there with that expectation.

What was so hard this time?

Disney at 10 months: Trip #2

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I am having Disney withdrawals, hence the recent need to catch up on Disney posts from the last 2 trips.

It happens every summer. We can’t go in the summer due to heat and crowds so we wait till September, but in the meantime it’s killing us not to be able to just grab Lexi and go there for a weekend or so.

I am incredibly curious to see how different the trip will be with Alexis being 19 months old. I know she will probably be unstoppable like the last trip at 12 months (coming soon), but I wonder if she’ll be more interested in attractions this time.

Traveling around Florida: Tampa

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At the end of February I got to do something that I hadn’t been able to for years – go to a concert. Andrew and I used to be really into music, so we would go see our favorite bands every time they came around. Since getting pregnant and giving birth to Lexi, without family around us to help with babysitting, we have had to miss some of best bands that came around to Miami and Tampa. I was soooo bummed to have missed a Blink 182 concert. So this time with my mom visiting, when I found out that Pink will be in Tampa ( too late for good tickets), I just had to go.

I found decent (and crazy expensive) tickets on StubHub and decided to take my mom who has NEVER been to a concert with me instead of asking her to babysit. Andrew agreed to watch Lexi and we crossed our fingers that I can put her to sleep, sneak out to a concert and come back all before she wakes up for her first nightly feed.

We booked the closest hotel to the venue, so unfortunately there’s not much to talk about in that department, it was a normal hotel, nothing special, except that we could see the stadium out of our window. The biggest reason for that was so that we could walk to the concert and then rush back if Lexi needed me. She tends to accept no one but me when she wakes up at night, so we were crossing our fingers she’d stay asleep.

Epcot and Magic Kingdom- first time!

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Disney trips… We’ve had two more visits to Disney since the first one and I am just now posting the photos and a quick recap of the Epcot and Magic Kingdom visit when Alexis was 7 months old. I know it’ pretty bad. But what can I say – I get busy. I get a zillion emails from you guys, another zillion for other people, other posts to write and life to live. I have to pick and choose based on urgency and desire. This was neither until now. I just wanted to finish posting pics from our first trip –  it was fun, it was memorable, it had to go up on the blog.

So move along if you don’t want to see cutie patootie 7 months old pictures of Lexi at the most magical place on Earth.

Age reference: 7 months old