Nursery Rhymes with Mothergoose Club

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Mothergoose Club

I wrote earlier about Lexi being in love with Mothergoose club songs. We have their CDs and DVDs and she often watches (read: dances to) them on YouTube.

One day I decided to try out the DVDs that came with CDs that we’ve been listening to for months and she freaked! She loved having the characters singing and performing on the big screen where she could freely dance and “sing” with them. I love how she couldn’t believe they were there and kept tapping on the screen on each one of them.

I managed to videotape the tail end of her excitement, so the next day I made sure  to have my camera handy and turned it on again. She had so much fun. We don’t do it often any more, I don’t think I put it on the big screen since then, but I need to remember to occasionally treat her to their big performance.

Make sure to get to the itsy bitsy spider part, I adore the way she dances/signs to it. This video melts my heart and I know will be one of the most treasured memories I have of little Lexi at 17-18 months being the cutest little bug ever.

Speech development (13-16 months)

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Physical Development: 13-16 months

So by now it is pretty clear that Lexi IS NOT A TALKER.

A runner– yes! An energizer bunny– definitely! A singer– hell yeah! Maybe even a dancer, or a musician. Haha. Not a talker.

She says the right amount of words for her age for us and our pedi to not be concerned, BUT for the last months she has been more interested in everything else BUT talking.

Don’t get me wrong she says real words. She makes up her own words she uses. She babbles using a ton of sounds. She talks to herself. She sings.

She signs when she needs to get the point across. But speech has been on the “need to use” basis and clearly she has not needed to use it.

Dancing Video

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Toddler dancing video

Since we are sort of on the topic about Lexi’s fun personality from the last post, I might as well post this cute video.

Horrible quality due to poor lighting, but oh so precious. Her dance moves were cracking me up. She was mimicking us dancing to a video game a few days ago. She has remembered how we did it and once she saw the controllers again she quickly picked it up.

{age reference: 16 months old}

Next up: Animal Sounds video ( russian-english mix)

Baby Rockstar – this is our new favorite activity

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We’ve been having a ton of fun dusting off my long forgotten SingStar disks, Rockband game and our keyboard and drums.

Alexis instantly took to all of it and asks to go sing and play several times a day. It’s really cute, too, the way she asks for it. She will point in the direction of our movie room and sing “Dadabada” while dancing :)

I can’t help but notice her taste in rockstar clothing is pretty awesome, too. Nununu star romper couldn’t be used for a better occasion.


Guess where we are and what we are doing…

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Palm Beach Singer Island_20130525__00001

I know I am technically on a break this month, but I couldn’t help but share this cute little video of Ms Lexi jumping into the water. Over and over again.

My little 15 months old water baby is enjoying herself and the surroundings at the Marriott in Palm Beach. Give her a body of water and a new environment and she’s one happy baby. I think it won’t be long till she’s going to be diving head first into that water :)

Babyhome Spotlight and a girl who apparently “likes to rock”

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A few months ago, I had a talk with Babyhome representatives about trying out and writing about all Babyhome’s products. It was a big undertaking on my part, considering I couldn’t use some of them items due to Lexi’s age, but I was curious enough about it and felt like it would help broaden my “baby gear” horizon, as well as hopefully give some of my readers new ideas as to which products might work for them.

After slightly under 6 months of trying some Babyhome products and thoroughly inspecting others, I’d like to present to you this feature.

{and if you’re not in the market for a stroller, a bassinet, a high chair, a side rail or a bouncer, at least check out the video featuring adorable Alexis rocking out on each one of the aforementioned products. She found a way to have fun with them all. Wait for the last product, it was shot more recently and she’s the most adorable there, at 13.5 months}.

Oh the days…

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Don’t you sometimes wish that you could get a month or two uninterrupted by anything and anyone without responsibilities so that you could catch up with all the things you don’t have time to do that are lacking in your life? I am sure mothers specifically feel the pain.

I remember being young, carefree and childless and thinking that I had no time to do anything cuz I worked. Bwwahahahahahahahaa! I don’t think you understand the meaning of lack of time until you have kids ( adding a full time job or work at home job, part time job and hobbies on top of that is a plus).

My schedule has turned into “go to bed at 1-2 am, wake up at 7-8am”  just so that I could possibly make a dent in everything.

This is what toddling looks like…

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The long awaited walking videos.

As I wrote in the 11months post, Lexi started walking full time {with support} at 9 months and then with one hand + first independent steps at 10 months and then full on ran throwing our hands aside at 11 months.

Here is the progress video of what it all looked like.

I cannot believe what a chubster she was before she started walking (i.e. in the first shots)

And if you don’t want to waste time looking at how she arrived at walking, you can check out her toddling around for the last 2 weeks.

Complete with head shakes, belly rubs, flashcard kisses, stumbles, screams and lots of running and falling into things. Hit change quality to view it in HD or less fuzzy.

Alexis has a career in theater!

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{Edit: video is now uploaded below}
I am not sure if every mother feels the same way, but while the traditional milestones are so much fun and cheered on and anticipated, there are other types of milestones that are so much more special to me.

First meaningful kiss for mommy, first snuggles, first look of adoration, first baby sign, first bouncy dance to music….

This month we have hit one of the most adorable milestones I can think of that I can actually share with the world. Alexis can now sing!

She sings with me, after me, on her own. Using her high voice and her low voice, carrying the melody and dancing with her hands. She sings in her high chair when she’s had a good meal. She sings while playing with toys.

I am honestly in awe of this person growing up in front of me. She is SO much more than anything I ever imagined. It’s truly a miracle watching her grow, and I am not a sentimental person.

She’s always been very expressive from the very beginning (refer to the talking video at 3 weeks), but this is just “too much”!

See for yourself!