Instagram Friday, December, 2012

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Here is the best of the best from December I hadn’t gotten around to posting.

{I am not sure how I missed Decemeber so completely, so I am going back to that. I also have both January and February scheduled to post, so I don’t miss them this time}

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DECEMBER {age reference: 10 months}

Part II of Real Life in Instagram, Nov ’12

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Part II of the November Instagrams.

It is mind blowing to me how much Lexi has grown in just one month! Can’t wait to share the December stuff {first world problem: too little time too many photos}

1. Typical Meals. I don’t get a chance to cook a lot, because Lexi usually wants mommy, so daddy ends up being the chef. But when I do cook, it’s 5-6 meals at the same time {multitasker and overachiever anyone?}

This picture shows an evening worth of food made: raddish and cucumber dill salad, vegan pizza with vegan pepperoni and vegan cheese, sauteed cabbage and carrots, roasted fingerling potatoes with portobella caps, vegetable soup.

Real Life on Instagram, October 2012

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I used to not like writing or reading Instagram posts. I felt the photography was lacking and I like “purdy” pictures. But I am starting to love Instagram photos more and more for one reason. As Alexis gets older and more mobile, it is becoming harder to have my big heavy camera with a big heavy lens on hand for those cute fun and precious moments that happen in a blink of an eye. In addition to that, she is obsessed with pressing buttons on my camera, which means as soon as I pull it out, Lexi crawls to me which makes it impossible to take A picture, let alone a candid one. So taking cell phone pictures is the only way to really capture the amazing girl that she is. I really don’t like to have become on of those moms that ONLY takes and posts pictures of their kids, but that’s most of what I do all day and it’s hard NOT to take pictures of your kid. So lately, as I have been going through my Instagram photos, I’ve been loving how real authentic and fun they are. Just our life: dirty, messy, funny, real every day life. So this feature is here to stay, as evidenced by its newly created category :)


A massive Zulily order of books. We actually really like these and most of them are impossible to find otherwise.