New Kiddy USA City’n Move: Stroller Feature + Giveaway

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Continuing our stroller feature, I bring to you new-to-USA Kiddy City’n Move, a well-priced lightweight umbrella stroller with features that rival its more expensive competitors.

We have been awaiting the American release of this stroller ever since last year and finally it is here and it couldn’t be better. We got to test drive it pretty well during our trip to Disney.

Let me go over the stats and features, as well as give my personal opinion from weeks of use.

Disneyworld: Day 2, Animal Kingdom

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Animal Kingdom!

My favorite park. At least, it used to be. Now with Lexi, Magic Kingdom trumps them all. Yet I was pretty excited to take Alexis to see all kinds of animals.

We arrived really early to take advantage of the Extra Magic Hours that day and raced through the whole park to Kilimanjaro Safari ( my favorite ride) to beat the crowds. We were late. While the timer was showing a 15 minute wait, we could tell by the lines that it was more like 30 minutes and they just hadn’t updated the screen yet. 30 minute was just too long to wait in the heat.  Click Continue reading below…

Pumpkin Patch, Try Numero Uno

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pumpkin 8

So we picked a nice overcast day ( those are the best for pictures, clouds act like one giant lightbox), found a random church-run pumpkin patch (mind you, I’d never been to a pumpkin patch before so I didn’t really know what they were supposed to be like), dressed Lexi into a cute coordinating dress and were off to take some pictures.

By the time we got there, it was getting dark from the thunderclouds and I had a feeling we had but five minutes before it started raining. I was right. So 200 pictures of my little girl, 2 pumpkins and soaking wet family later, we loaded ourselves into the car and left.

Did I get some cute first pumpkin patch pictures? Yes!

The best shot, being this: {click CONTINUE READING below}

Real Life through Instagram, September ’12

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Instagram LOVE!

{or trying to catch up on photos}

I’m pretty sure these are from September. Though looking at them and seeing how little Lexi was just over a month ago blows my mind. This could not be September. She could not have been NOT crawling and pulling up on everything just a month ago. Not possible. And yet here it is. My baby who grows by leaps and bounds at this point. Definitely makes you want to have another. Eventually. Not now.
See what we’ve been up to { or WERE up to a month ago. Eventually I will get current, I promise :)}

Lazy days and far away friendships

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{some of the photos below were taken by Teagan, the rest- as usual some by Andrew, most by me}

The best part about having friends ALL OVER the US is that while you miss them so much on most days, the times when they are able to visit become incredibly special. Our house is ALWAYS open to our friends, everyone knows it. And most of our friends out of state have taken advantage of the open door policy ( in a good way) as frequently as they can. We love that! There’s something special about having people you love spend a week or two living in your house, having fun, waking up and going to sleep with you, watching movies, taking trips to the beach. It’s like a big adult and sometimes co-ed slumber party. Actually, now that I think of it, I need to buy like 10 sets of Victoria’s Secret pjs of all sizes just for guests, so that we would match too :)

VIDEO: Alexis – 7 months to 8 months

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This video is two weeks too late and so many changes happened development-wise in the meantime, but this is what life was all about for our little Alexis between being 7 and 8 months:

Learning to Crawl
Learning To Pull Up
Playing Reading Bathing
Talking Destroying Hugging
Laughing Whining Yelling

all the wonderful things that a baby can do.

ENJOY! { click CONTINUE READING below to see the video }

Mother-Daughter Love

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16 faces


I wanted to share this collage I made out of the photos I took of me and Lexi. These are so far my favorite photos together, and it was the most spontaneous photoshoot ever,  with a remote and my camera propped up on a trashcan snatched away from the office, contents dumped on the floor, because it was the only thing I could grab fast and with one hand.
But the photos turned out to be the most authentic and cool that I have ever taken of the two of us.

We just had fun.

Laughed, blew raspberries together, kissed, tickled toes, read books, goofed around.
I am slowly getting back to taking self-portraits with Alexis and I know I will cherish them forever.
{ To see the photo, click CONTINUE READING below}

How we share our parenting duties…

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{note: when I say WORK or STUFF to do- I mean actual work for the businesses we own,  that make us actual money. When I say BLOG WORK or BLOG STUFF, I mean work related to this blog, so it’s more like a hobby}

Whenever Andrew and I discussed parenting before we had a baby, we agreed on pretty much everything. One of those things being that both parents, mother and father, should have an equally active role in a child’s life, if possible.

See, we were both working together, each pulling 50% of the work load. We also cleaned the house together. We cooked together ( he would cut, I would cook). We played together. We watched movies and shows together. When I got pregnant, we took care of my pregnant self together when I was sick as a dog the first few months, we prepared for birth together, we read parenting books together ( though that last one was hard, because Andrew hates reading) So it was only natural that we would go into parenting thinking that we would do a precise unconditional 50/50.

The Real Life through Instagram, August ’12

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I haven’t been able to share my Instagram photos, so here are some starting from August. Instagram is probably the best way to see what real every day life is like for us. If you’d like to follow, just shoot me a quick email before sending a request. I want to keep my Instagram community small so that I could interact with more people. Below are some of my August picks.

First swim in the ocean: Photo Post

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As I mentioned in the post about our birthdays, the morning after my birthday fun, we woke up and hurried off to the beach before the sun got too high and too hot.

This was officially Lexi’s first dip in the ocean and I was super excited to see how she’d react. She absolutely loved the water. There were smiles and giggles and lots of splashing.

There’ s really not much more to say, it’s all captured in the photos below.