Letters to Lexi: Happy 10 months, Baby Girl!

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It’s only month 10 and I am already starting to run out of words for you.

There is so much that you do, so much that changes on daily basis, and so much love that grows with you.

This whole “having you as a daughter” gig keeps getting better. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t wish I could bottle up every single ounce of your cuteness for posterity.

Sometimes, I just stare at you trying desperately to commit every roll, every hair, every finger and toe, every single expression and sound you make, to memory, because I am so afraid that soon I won’t remember what you were like. A part of the reason for why I take so many photos of you ( and photos in general) is because, while I have excellent short term memory, my long term memory has always sucked. I don’t want to not remember every single thing about 10 months old you in 10 years. I want to have it right there on video and photo. So you and I are stuck with tons and tons of memories keeped in a digital file.

Baby Classes

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I completely spaced out with everything that is occupying my head right now and forgot to write about how our first baby classes went/are going.

Let’s start with our swim classes. Like most of you pointed out on facebook to calm my fears of having to dunk Alexis, first swim classes are introduction to water. That means: getting comfortable in the water, learning to reach the ledge, singing songs and just in general having fun. Sounded great to me!

We arrived to our first class ( that was back in September I think) and were the third mom/baby pair at the class, the other two with a 1 year old and a 2 year old. What I didn’t realize was how basic the class would be. It makes sense now: introduction to water!

Garden Tea Party

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This is my favorite picture post of ALL TIME!

While at Disney we booked a reservation at a Garden Tea Room at Grand Floridian resort, the fanciest resort at Disney World.

It was our one chance to do something special and princess like with Alexis that wasn’t too extensive since she was only 7.5 months.

Like I described in the recap post, we didn’t want to put her into an uncomfortable and hot princess outfit until she was old enough to want it, but did want something special for her to wear. The dress she wore c/o of Baby Beau & Belle was utter perfection! It’s kind of funny but it turns out a friend of mine had bought their dress for her little girl’s christening  a few years ago. What a small world! Really their dressesare meant for events like weddings, birthdays, christenings, but I can’t think of a more fitting place at Disney to wear such a fancy silk dress than the Garden Tea Room at Grand Floridian. Feel free to check out their website and Facebook and Twitter for frequent contests and giveaways.

When little Lexi is old enough, we will do Garden Tea Party at the same place with Princesses and Disney characters and tiaras and many special girly things, but for now we had our own PARTY.  If anyone is planning on visiting Disney, I would say it is almost a must that you visit the tea room. If you have older (loud) kids, then probably the tea party is best, but if your babies/kids can stay quiet or you’re coming on a adult only trip, there is no better place to relax and feel all “pretentious” and pampered than in a fancy room overlooking (you guessed it!) a garden, sipping the tastiest teas you’ll ever drink in the smallest cups with your pinky out, while savoring mini deserts and mini-sandwiches which are a part of 4(?) courses. Actually, I loved their tea so much, I asked if we could buy it and sure enough, at $12 per box Princess Tea was ours!

Real Life on Instagram, October 2012

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I used to not like writing or reading Instagram posts. I felt the photography was lacking and I like “purdy” pictures. But I am starting to love Instagram photos more and more for one reason. As Alexis gets older and more mobile, it is becoming harder to have my big heavy camera with a big heavy lens on hand for those cute fun and precious moments that happen in a blink of an eye. In addition to that, she is obsessed with pressing buttons on my camera, which means as soon as I pull it out, Lexi crawls to me which makes it impossible to take A picture, let alone a candid one. So taking cell phone pictures is the only way to really capture the amazing girl that she is. I really don’t like to have become on of those moms that ONLY takes and posts pictures of their kids, but that’s most of what I do all day and it’s hard NOT to take pictures of your kid. So lately, as I have been going through my Instagram photos, I’ve been loving how real authentic and fun they are. Just our life: dirty, messy, funny, real every day life. So this feature is here to stay, as evidenced by its newly created category :)


A massive Zulily order of books. We actually really like these and most of them are impossible to find otherwise.

Halloween 2012: Baby’s First Halloween

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halloween 12

A quick post about how our Halloween went. We have a love hate relationship with the holiday based on whether we are able to come up with an interesting costume idea or not :)
Those years that we hadn’t or had been too busy, we acted like it wasn’t even Halloween. On other years, we had more fun than one should be allowed to have. You can see our previous years’ costumes in this post.

This year we were invited to a friend’s Halloween party. After some searching I found the perfect family outfit :) I had to search the net for a green mushroom hat and a onesie with the mushroom graphic on it, but our two costumes were super easy.

Mario, Princess Peach and Lexi as our little Power Up Mushroom

Miss Lexi channeling her Holiday Spirit….

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The other day we woke up early and decided to do a photoshoot.

A Holiday themed photoshoot, that is.

It took literally both of us + 2 cats + 2 books + a drum, a lens cap and 3 cups to get the job done, i.e keep Alexis from speed crawling away from our make-shift “Christmas tree”.

At the end my husband and I were both sweaty, tired, but happy to have gotten THE SHOT. Or more like A TON OF SHOTS that we love love love!

Baby photographers- I BOW to you because you have the hardest job!

We picked out the best shot to be featured in the Mud Pie contest.
Click here to see which photo we picked and vote for Lexi ( you vote by liking the photo on Mud Pie’s FB page)

And after you vote, you can come back here to see which photos didn’t make the cut, but are still so so precious.

Pink Sailor

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This week I am pretty much absent from here so I am sorry for half-hearted posts. Lex is sleeping MUCH better during the day which gives me more time to work on the computer but I have a few projects I am working on, which leaves me little time to post on the blog :)

Big news for my family: My mom is coming in December for 4 months. I have been trying to get her to visit during the holidays for 10 years now and finally, she will be here on Christmas. That means another Disney trip to enjoy all awesomeness that Disney whips out for the holidays (I won’t really be blogging about that trip, since you will have your fill of Disney from the upcoming posts, but I will share a few select photos that are the most festive)
My mom being here also means being able to work on the blog at other times rather than naps and off my cell phone. So yay to that! I do expect to spend the majority of time with Lexi and mom but at least I’ll be able to take an hour or two to get some posts written and some work done while my mom enjoys her granddaughter.

So today, we’ve got some pumpkin cuteness from Halloween. Lexi was about to grow out of that pink dress, so I thought I’d take a few pictures of miss cuteness before she does.