Boden Maternity- {Pregnant with Style}

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Welcome to Week 7 of Pregnant with Style feature, a weekly low down on the cutest and little known maternity brands.

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Boden is a British brand that started out as a small menswear company only to grow into big, bright and beautiful brand with a full range of clothes for everyone. The one thing that comes to mind when I think of Boden is COLOR. COLOR and PATTERN! Their styles are incredibly distinguishable from anything else we are exposed to here in US. It’s like Benetton grew up and discovered luxury.

I’ve been in love with their strict shapes, classy designs, warm styles, tantalizing colors and mind-bending patterns since the first day I visited Boden website.

Recently, however, I discovered that Boden carries a small, but equally bright and happy maternity line. Using the same funky patterns and bright coordinating colors, Boden makes maternitywear fun again! Check out Boden maternity line here.

And if you like your man looking prim and proper and classy and most importantly HOT, visit the men’s section. Boden started in menswear, so they know a thing or two about how to make your man look dashing. Too bad we don’t have much use for yummy sweaters and trendy coats here in Florida, but I know now where I am going for an outfit or two when things get really chilly here.

Btw, I got a really good kick out of Boden’s “Dad Dancing” video. I loved it so much, I watched it three times, showed it to hubby and just had to post it here. I’m sorry, but if my dad looked this hot, I’d let him dance around all day long.

So onto the actual review of one of Boden’s tunic/dresses…. I chose the Fun Knit Tunic for the few months of cold-ish weather in Florida and the first time I put it on it really paid off :) I got it in a size or two larger than I needed to accommodate my preggo belly and it worked out perfectly. I wore it with black leggings and flats for a cute and comfy look and my husband and I went to a neighboring community to take some maternity style photos. During the day I was comfortable as long as the sun wasn’t shining, but by the end of the night, poor Andrew was freezing his bum off and I was warm and toasty.

The funny part was that Andrew was lukewarm on this tunic when I was looking at it online, but when I got it and put it on, he wouldn’t stop commenting on how cute it looked. I loved the simple design with a little fun colorful flare at the bottom. It can be worn with leggings, pants and I really adore the way it looks with bare legs and boots on (yum!).

Aside from womenswear, maternity and menswear, Boden has THE CUTEST MINIBoden collection for kids and babies and super adorable JohnnyB, clothes for teens. Boden recently launched their winter collection of boy clothing and girl clothing, as well as adorable irresistible baby stuff , so if you have kids, you won’t leave that site without some monetary damage (he-he)

Is this dress cute or what? I’m so getting it for Alexis when she’s a little older to match my tunic.

I’d love to hear what you think of my new tunic and Boden’s styles and what other maternity brands surprised you with the style and quality.

Disclosure: I received the above mentioned product for free. All opinions are 100% my own.

Everly Grey Maternity- {Pregnant With Style} feature and giveaway

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Week 6 of Pregnant With Style

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Discovering and introducing new and interesting maternity brands…

This week it’s Everly Grey Maternity.

USE CODE EVG20 to get a 20% discount off your Everly Grey purchase for the month of November as a special promotion for my readers.

Everly Grey is your total everyday affordable maternity wear, from dresses, to soft tops, to blouses to comfy pants and shorts.

I got to try out an Emmy top and Owen twill cargo pants and I have one word for you: COMFORT! I remember when I first received my package and put the Emmy top on, I spent the rest of the day lounging in it.

The top feels more like a tunic – long, lean and comfortable, perfect for fall weather. The navy inspired stripes add a touch of elegance to any casual outfit, so you can still look classy if you pair it up with skinny jeans and a pair of stilettos. The 4″ side slits will accommodate your ever-growing front and rear without accentuating it. All together I thought the Emmy Top was a perfect item to have in your wardrobe, both during pregnancy and after.

So when I first tried it on, I walked around in my undies and this top for a few hours until my husband looked at me strangely and asked “Why don’t you have pants on?”

That’s when I remembered I forgot to try out the pants lol

I’d say the biggest complaint I’ve heard from pregnant women about maternity clothes are pants/jeans that just don’t fit/don’t fit right. And I have to agree: the band pressing on your stomach is just too tight and too uncomfortable after a certain point in pregnancy.

Say hello to the Owen Pants! I love twill pants in general. I had a ton of skinny twill pants before pregnancy and hope to buy many more after. I love how they hug your body but don’t look exactly like good old jeans. The band of these pants is below the belly, just like you’d wear normal pants, except for it’s a slightly thicker and sort of like a soft scrunchy. It doesn’t press on your tummy but doesn’t stick out from under your shirt. In other words, the pants band fits perfectly under your belly without causing any discomfort or bunching up. I love the zipper on the ankle that gives it a more rough look, as well as big pockets on the back and the sides that take the pants from leggings category to cargo pants field.

Below are a few other things I own and/or like from Everly Grey Maternity:

{blue top no longer carried} {Blue Beth Dress}

{Rowan Tuxedo Top} {Robyn Top} {Poppy Dress} {Beth Dress}

All the Everly Grey items I have are extremely soft and comfortable, but most importantly affordable. And now you get an opportunity to win your own Emmy Top or Owen Cargo Pants in your size! All you have to do is ENTER the giveaway below. Please read the rules carefully, but otherwise it’s super easy with Rafflecopter (no more multiple comments for entries- one click each and you’re done (almost)).

You can also USE CODE EVG20 to get a 20% discount off your Everly Grey purchase for the month of November as a special promotion for my readers. They are having a really good sale right now, so don’t miss out.

and Mandatory Entries: {read carefully}

Having fun with the Belly – 2Chix Giveaway – Pregnant With Style

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Week 5 of Pregnant With Style

This week is all about having fun with your pregnancy.

We can pretend we’re all sophisticated and fancy, but sometimes we just want to put on jeans and a cool tee and feel like we’re still hot stuff even with the belly. That’s when humor helps (Because who are we kidding?)!

Who hasn’t seen these awesome maternity tees around? The ones that say funny things about your belly or your pregnancy or the man who knocked you up?

Well, 2Chix Maternity is the company that makes them (or at least makes the cute and funny ones).

Andrew and I received 2 tees: What’s kickin’ (for me) and Changing the World One Diaper at a Time (for hubby). It was actually a lot of fun wearing them around town. I liked that the writing isn’t too huge, tacky and in your face, but people close to you definitely notice it and chuckle every time.

The T-shirts are made from 100% cotton which is always good during pregnancy since we tend to be hot or for those who have picky husbands who refuse to wear anything but 100% cotton.
I love that the Tshirt was tight fitting to show off my belly (but of course one could always get a size up if they prefer baggier styles) and the men’s styles are definitely long enough ( that sometimes is a problem for my 6’3 husband)

Ok, now the best part: The lines! My favorites are:



and for your favorite man:


There are also funny hoodies, tanks, baby onsies and other maternity clothes. And if celebrities love this brand ( Selma Blair, Tia Mowry, Brooke Shields, Jennifer Garner, Melissa Joan Hart, Julia Roberts, Constance Zimmer, Jaime Presley and Angelina Jolie), then you will too.

So here’s how you can win a  free novelty T-shirt in your size ( for you, for daddy or your baby).

and Mandatory Entries: {read carefully}

There are two mandatory entries, after which you will have additional entries available,
and 1 daily entry for which you can come back to enter daily.
The winning entry will be verified and  the winner disqualified if the action is not found or if the mandatory items are not fullfilled.
Make sure to notate how you’re following the blog in the extra info field (entry #1). The entry won’t count if that information is missing.
Please make sure to comment on which tee from 2Chix you’d like to win to be eligible (entry #2). The comment is to be posted to this blog post.
The giveaway is open to US residents only.
All comments will be moderated and will appear once approved.

If you have a blog, there’s an entry worth 10 points ( post our button on your blog’s sidebar)

{If you’re not sure how to use to enter, feel free to watch this video tutorial or email me at contact {at} prebabyblog {dot} com
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Pregnant with Style: Shabby Apple Review and Giveaway

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Week 3 of the project I secretly dubbed “Best Little Known Maternity Brands”.


As I mentioned before, I am going to introduce 1 relatively unknown awesome maternity company each  week and give you guys an opportunity to win something. As I find maternity brands, other than the typical Gap, Old Navy, Pea in the Pod, etc, I will be writing about them here every Sunday. So far I have posts lined up till the end of the year, so come back every Sunday for a new discovery. Often enough the maternity items I will be reviewing are suitable for wear before pregnancy, as well as post-partum and during nursing, so even if you’re not currently pregnant or looking to get pregnant, don’t miss these.


I have always been a HUGE fan of Shabby Apple. I’ve known about their terrific dresses for quite a while, however only recently did I discover that Shabby Apple also carries a small but “oh-so-wonderful” maternity line. And their maternity dresses are just as glamorous and detailed as their women’s dresses.

I’ve been eyeing the Two’s Company (Da Vinci in non-maternity style) dress for a while, so I was completely stoked when I finally received it. I loved the idea of a simple yet detailed dress that feels and looks comfy, like something you’d wear instead of sweats and a tee to hang out with your friends and still look cozy, but not dumpy. The kangaroo pouch just made it an “inside joke” for the maternity version of the dress.

A simple dress at a first glance, Two’s Company is far from that. The puff sleeves add a sophisticated touch to the casualty of a  grey jersey dress, the drop waist adds to the laid back look, the pouch up front reminds me of the comfort of a sweatshirt.

I felt and looked comfy and cute in the dress the second I put it on. This is what maternity should be about: adapting non-maternity styles to look fabulous whether you have a baby on the way or not.

The rest of the Shabby Apple’s line is just as fabulous if not better.
Their  tag line that I want to sign my name under about a million times is
“A return to what dresses were always meant to be — a one-piece outfit. No need to add anything…no tank tops, no cardigans, nothing (except accessories, of course!)”
As a dress lover, that speaks to me. I love the ease of putting on a dress, but often I feel like the outfit is unfinished no matter how many accessories I put on. These dresses require nothing extra- they look fabulous as they are.

Some of my favorites are women’s dresses that look like a two piece outfit: a skirt and a blouse. How can you not love that?  And have you seen Shabby Apple’s version of a little black dress? Yum!

There’s really no need for me to go on and on, because I think the dress selection speaks for itself- just look at it.

If you’re sold on Shabby Apple already, you can use this coupon to get 10% OFF in the next 30 days: “theartofmakingababy10off”. They often run cool promotions, so feel free to check out and like Shabby Apple Facebook page to get those discounts.

Now here’s how you can score a FREE DRESS!

Shabby Apple would like to give away one dress to a lucky winner! The winner gets to pick the maternity version of the dress seen in my photos (Two’s Company dress) or the non-maternity version (Da Vinci dress). The giveaway is open to US residents only ( sorry my Canadian, European and international friends! )

Annee Matthew Maternity Review and Giveaway: CLOSED

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Hey, guys, remember I told you that I discovered quite a few lesser known maternity brands that I’m loving so much I will be featuring them throughout my pregnancy? And not only featuring but giving you all an opportunity to score some goodies as well!

Well, here’s one of them!

Annee Matthew Maternity

I remember how daunting it was: the concept of buying clothes that looked bad, felt uncomfortable, cost too much and would only be worn for a maximum of a few months before being put away in the furthest corner of my closet to hopefully never be seen again. Oh the fear of maternity clothes! And how surprised I was to find out that “Hey, maternitywear does come in pre- and post- version too”.

But then somebody dropped a bomb on me:”If you’re going to be breastfeeding, you will need to buy a whole new wardrobe to be nursing friendly”  !BAM!

That’s where Annee Matthew maternity clothing comes in and that’s one of the things that I LOVE about it. It can be worn before pregnancy, during pregnancy, during the “whale period” of pregnancy AND while breastfeeding, it’s comfortable, it’s affordable, it fits like a glove and it’s super cute.

For some of you this might not come as a surprise, but as a first time mom who pretty much never had to deal with babies or pregnant friends (most of my friends are still waiting to have babies), this seemed really cool!

Check it out:

You lift up the flap on the shirt to expose your wondrous nutritious BOOBIES through special openings any time you need to breastfeed in public (or private). Your probably still squishy tummy stays hidden by the shirt, your baby is happily nursing away and you’re still looking fabulous ( picture below right)

So this was a new concept to me and a fun one too!

Next:  Softness! Aaaaahhhh! I literally melted! One word: organic bamboo ( ok, that’s two words). It’s made out of luxurious, eco-friendly bamboo fibers and probably the softest, most pleasant-to-touch piece of clothing in my whole wardrobe ( not kidding!)

We all know how sensitive our skin gets the second we get pregnant (ugh), and this shirt is like wearing a cloud ( again, not kidding).

It’s really incredibly comfortable. When I first got it, I kept prancing around the house and twirling ( yes at 22 weeks pregnant) and just enjoying the feel of it. It also fit me PERFECTLY! The fabric is really nice and stretchy, so I’d imagine it would hug everyone’s curves just the right way.


Next: Another thing I noticed is that the flap in the front sort of concealed my belly in a good way. I was 22 week pregnant while taking these photos and I was showing quite a bit. However, I could totally pull off the “what? I’m not pregnant!” look, which means that when I am really big, I’d hope that this shirt would make me look less like an elephant (I’m tired of the “whale” methaphor) and more like a … umm… you know…whatever is smaller and cuter than an elephant. A baby elephant? You get my point!

And post partum is going to be another story. I’ll probably live in this shirt, deny that I still look 5 months pregnant and keep telling myself that I am back to my prebaby shape. Because it makes you look THAT good.

Annee Matthew store has all kinds of styles: short sleeved, long sleeved, dresses, casual, dressy. I didn’t get to to try out the dresses ( remember, I am a dress addict?), but they look just as comfy.
My absolute favorite is Vanna Dress.

Ok, now onto the coolest part: GIVEAWAY

Annee Matthew would like to give  the same shirt  (found here) away to one of my readers. You’ll be able to pick the size and color ( it comes in plum{shown above} and black)

So, if you guys want to experience the coolness factor of wearing fun, soft, comfy, nice looking, versatile “maternity and beyond” clothing ( you don’t have to be pregnant to do that), enter the giveaway!

BELOW  ARE THE GIVEAWAY RULES and Mandatory Entries: {read carefully}
There are two mandatory entries, after which you will have additional entries available.

All comments will be moderated and will appear once approved.Please make sure to comment on which item from Annee Matthew store you liked to be eligible (entry #2)

{If you’re not sure how to use to enter, feel free to watch this video tutorial.
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Open to US residents only.

Maternity Activewear and (Pre-)Pregnancy Fitness Test

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Hey, guys! Hope you’re having a great Wednesday and doing all the things that make you happy.

I am in my blogging chair, with my Klean Kanteen full of fresh water, listening to the new AWESOME Blink-182 album and editing some photos from last week.

As I wrote in my last post about non-maternity maternity clothing, I have found a few maternity companies that made me think differently on the whole clothing situation during pregnancy. It’s easy to hate maternity clothes, exposed to the ordinary all-too-familiar brands when you’re used to buying clothes off of more obscure trendy online shops, so with some looking around I found a few places I liked.

So I want to start a series of posts, featuring certain maternity brands ( and maybe some giveaways) that I’ve tried out and approve of.  These will not be your run of the mill Gap, Old Navy, Target clothing. We all know about their maternity lines. It will be shops you might have never heard off that have either GREAT styles or offer unprecedented comfort. Because those are the only  two things that matter when it comes to maternity clothing.

When I got pregnant, I knew right away that when it came to exercising, I will have to get a whole new wardrobe. If boobs that grew two sizes weren’t enough to convince me of that, the ever expanding belly did. None of my stretchy tight sports bras fit anymore. My work out pants, while stretchy, pressed uncomfortably when I put them on mid-belly, and felt like they’d fall off if I roll them down.

It was very clear that if I wanted to continue exercising outside, I needed clothing designed specially for  pregnant bellies.

This brings me to THESE PANTS

3 in 1 Maternity Yoga pants by Oceanlily sold at

When I first put them on at home when they arrived, I refused to take them off. I spent hours wearing them around the house. The pants are made out of a thick and taut fabric, which made me think that I was going to die from Florida heat in them, but surprisingly enough, after about 30 minutes of taking pictures in the scorching sun, my upper body was wetter and hotter than my lower body. So apparently, they stay cool and dry better than my skin.

My favorite part, though, is that they are super versatile.

Everyone will tell you that the worst thing about buying maternity clothes is the understanding that you might never wear it again for the rest of your life, or if you do, it’ll be for a few months. So I’ve always LOVED the idea of maternity clothes that transitioned with you into mommyhood and beyond.

Not only can you wear them post-partum ( to hold that belly jiggle), but you can also position them 3 diffferent ways ( hence the 3 in 1) below the tummy, mid-tummy and over the tummy.

This  was my first pair of pants with the over-the-tummy option and it felt strangely comfortable and secure. When we went for a walk later that evening, I found myself pulling the band up over the tummy, even though it was still hot and humid. There’s something about the tautness of the material and the support that makes your belly feel secure. Do you, other preggos, ever find yourself holding onto your belly while walking, sort of to protect it for the movement? Well, I do and these pants totally do the job for me.

During the day though, I usually opt for the below the tummy option, especially if I am wearing a short top, which feels really good and firm too.


Another bonus is they come in 4 lengths: short, regular, tall and extra tall. Unfortunately, I got tall instead of extra tall, so they’re a bit short on me. But that’s a huge plus for tall girls like me, or shorter than average, since getting pants to fit right lengthwise is usually a big pain. You can get these yoga pants and other maternity activewear here

Maternity Activewear has quite a few retail locations in US and Canada, but if you’re an online shopper like me, feel free to check out their website: for more maternity yoga pants, leggings, sport tanks, tees , shorts and more.


There’s no sales tax and free shipping over a certain amount.
And just for a limited time just for my readers,
you can use code 144698 to get 15% OFF at (valid till Sunday night, October 2nd)

And since we are on the fitness topic, I’d like to post something that I should have posted A LONG TIME AGO:
(Pre-) Pregnancy Fitness Test.
It’s a test I found in Pregnancy Fitness book and mentioned in one of my old pre-conception posts before I was even pregnant. I’ve had quite a few people ask me to publish that test, so here we go.

Basically, it’s a very simple, very basic flexibility and strength test to make sure that you’re at least in the minimal shape before getting pregnant. Or if you’re already pregnant, it might give you a clue as to what you should work on to prepare for future pregnancy challenges and labor. It really helped me identify my weak points ( ankles? lol) and motivated me to work on my Kegels more


I’d also recommend buying the book. I’ve been doing their 1st trimester and 2nd trimester exercises and really enjoy them.

Maternity and Non-Maternity Clothing

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My Journey to finding comfortable and stylish maternity clothes.
Chapter 1: Buying non-maternity clothes for maternity wear.


{above: maternity style shoot we did for one of the Selfie Saturday.
These photos were taken by my hubby.
I posted the ones I took on my photography blog here.
Note: the dress is not that see-through.
I pulled the lining up to let the light come through and show the shape of my baby belly}

Those that have been following me from the beginning might remember that I started this pregnancy with a massive aversion to maternity clothes. As a newly pregnant girl who likes to look cute, I just couldn’t come to terms with the fact that being pregnant had to mean suddenly having to buy clothes at Old Navy or something equally tragic. And while some might argue that Old Navy isn’t the epitome of cheap unattractive clothing, their maternity line is definitely nausea inducing. {note: I do have admit that Old Navy has improved greatly since last time I’ve been to their store/website, which was about 5 years ago, but their maternity line is still pretty horrible).

So not knowing any better ( and I’m sure it’s going to be a recurrent theme, now that I’m on my way to mommyhood) I swore to NEVER buy/wear maternity clothes, except for when absolutely necessary. I figured I’d continue to wear my pre-pregnancy clothing as long as I can and then buy only a few pieces.

So I was pretty excited to buy a few non-maternity items in my “new” size that I can hopefully wear post-partum. One morning while obsessively checking the new “offerings” at MYHABIT ( a 50-70% off designer and non-designer sale site by Amazon), because the damn things sell out faster than Zulily, I saw a maternity line as one of their sales. I don’t even remember the name of the line, but it was cheap enough and I was curious enough to try it out. So I quickly added a few items to my cart and hit check out.

To make a long story short, I had to return 4 out of 6 items. Why? Because it was exactly what I expected. The pattern that I thought “maybe maybe maybe” could be cute in person was, in fact, exactly what makes maternity clothing so horrible. The shorts that I assumed just looked “funky” on the model were, in fact, the typical “mom shorts”. The dresses made me look like a whale, a whale covered with the most unattractive old lady pattern.

So needless to say, this cemented my decision to NEVER EVER look at maternity clothing again :)

Fast forward to today, and I gotta tell you, I did manage to find a FEW maternity clothing companies that I actually get excited about! And I finally see the reason to buy actual maternity clothes, especially if you’re working during pregnancy. I cannot wait to hold a few giveaways for all your pregnant and TTCing readers and share these discoveries with you.  So stay tuned!

But for now, I’d like to show you, guys, what I bought on my quest to find non-maternity maternity appropriate attire.

Before we proceed, I have to tell you, I’m obsessed with dresses. When I go shopping, I buy dresses. I don’t know, whether it’s my lack of styling abilities or the girl within me but dresses are my favorite things to wear. They’re comfy, easy to put on, and easy to match up, no mess and easy to fit in when you’re pregnant ( seems like easy is what I am digging these days). So you’ll be seeing a lot of dresses here. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!


Dress #1:

Ok, this is not an everyday dress by any stretch imagination. My hubby bought it for my birthday for several reasons.

  1. I LOVED IT and showed it to him ( and he actually remembered)
  2. It’s so feminine…
  3. It will accommodate my growing belly

Once I received the dress, I quickly realized that there will be very few occasions where I’ll get to wear this one during pregnancy and only with leggings, but it doesn’t mean I don’t still love it. And the bonus is I’ll be definitely wearing it post-partum.

Dress #2

You’ve seen a little bit of this one before. My friend Elena sent me a gift card to VS for my birthday and I bought two non-maternity dresses that I’ll be able to wear during pregnancy.  This was one of them.

Dress # 3

The other dress I bought with the gift card. I don’t tend to wear things that hang or slouch, but  this was too perfect for my future belly. It is actually hot pink ( you can’t tell in this light)

Dress #4

You saw this dress in our GENDER REVEAL VIDEO. I didn’t particularly like this dress online, but I ordered it because it was LITERALLY THE ONLY LIGHT PINK DRESS I could find. I needed a soft pink dress ( for a girl) and my husband wore light blue ( for a boy) to go the ultrasound. And for some reason, this is not the season for soft pink. I ordered 3 different dresses online and had them delivered and then sent them back, before I finally got this one the day of the ultrasound. It was good enough and I was desperate enough, so I kept it. All in all, I think it’s kind of cute and girlie.

Dress #5:

Are we seeing a pattern here? A lot of red, right? Why am I drawn to red all of a sudden? I don’t know, probably compensating for lack of stylish clothes that fits.
So super cute dress… very loose  and romantic. I love it.

Dress #6

My favorite non-maternity dress, because it’s comfy enough to ALMOST feel like one designed for pregnant women.

Dress #7

Last one I promise! This is an actual maternity dress ( the one I bought from MYHABIT). It has a nice feel and is big and roomy. I figured when I get really big it might come in handy.

Maternity Shirt:

My second maternity item. I feels like a normal shirt, so at least I can wear it post-partum as well. The fabric is really soft and I like the feel of a simply tank with a few frills.

Non-maternity shirt and jeans :

Shirt: After ordering it, I realized i had a similar shirt from a NYC designer I worked for who paid me in clothes (yeah, how fair is that?), but yellow is just such an irresistible color, I HAD to keep it. It makes me happy.

Jeans: I got these as a part of a non-maternity order, they were cheap- I figured I’d throw them in, for the time when I am so big  I need them or so cold I have to wear them.
So maternity jeans, huh? I’ve heard a lot about them! I gotta tell you though…. Do you think it’d be weird if I wore them when I am not pregnant?… and… Why don’t they make jeans with stretchy bands for non-pregnant people?

More red:

You’ve seen this before in my 20 week post. I bought 4 pairs of leggings of different colors and they’re just so much fun to wear. I wear them mostly at home, but once it gets colder, I’ll be layering them with a whole bunch of things.

And finally,

a ton of stretchy long tank tops. I love how they hug my belly and how they look on a pregnant body.  I am lucky to be in South Florida, so I get to wear these tank tops pretty much year round. I know most of you aren’t in the same climate, so I’ll be writing about really nice maternity options for colder climates and different lifestyles.
I feel there will be fewer options, the bigger I get and the colder it gets and I will have to make new purchases and re-assess my maternity clothing status. And I have to tell you that after trying out some true maternity clothing designed to be comfortable and stylish and support my growing belly, I am starting to come around on this whole “no maternity clothes” issue.

UPDATE: As some of you pointed out, none of these options are breasfeeding friendly ( except for a dress or two), which is not something I even thought about in early pregnancy when I was buying these. I’m definitely planning on breastfeeding and have found a few companies with great  maternity outfits for that make nursing easy.

I can’t wait to write more about it and, like I mentioned before, we’ll be having a few maternity giveaways, so don’t forget to subscribe (on the sidebar) and if you want to make sure you stay in touch and get all the updates, LIKE our Facebook Page {I’ve been a lot more active on it lately}

So today’s question for you: