Sun and Fun: Submarine Kids

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I am super excited about getting this series started.

Aside from the fact that we live in Florida with eternal sunshine, UV rays, SPF, UPF and swimsuits, I am just really stoked about the swimsuit companies I have found and have been using that I want to share with you.

Submarine Kids Swimwear

This has to be my favorite children’s swimsuit company. I have never seen such unique and colorful designs.

2nd Birthday Party Outfits: Swan Lake

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So I have a lot of photos from Lexitwin birthday party.

In order to share some of them, I decided to break the posts down into parts, just like before.

You might want to read:

Planning, Decor and Favor Bags

With this part being all about our party outfits which was a big part of party planning.


Pink dress, black stars.

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The other day we visited the library for a petting zoo and some book reading. Lexi wore her pink Nununu dress from the Spring collection and I swear that she has never received as many compliments on a dress as that day.

It really is so unique, so I wanted to share these photos here, since I don’t do Instagram anymore.

Also I have some iPhone photos to share that I really love, because they show a more real side of our lives, because they get snapped at a moment’s notice.

We Heart Lexis

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This morning when my daily Zulily email came through, I saw that they are having a RUUM sale. Being one of my favorite and really inexpensive brands, I thought I would give you guys a heads up and post some pics of the two Lexis in their RUUM outfits for Vday this year. Both the heart sweater and the heart t-shirt are available on zulily for 17.99 and 6.99. Aren’t they cute?

Disney Fashions Part I

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The very first post of the Disney recap and series from this year is a very visual one. It’s the very first post in part because it doesn’t require much writing, mostly photography. The other Disney posts will have to do more with tips, ideas on what to ride and what to skip if you’re visiting with a toddler, where to stay, what to take, as well as the photo recap of our annual 2 weeks at Disney.

For those new to the blog, we live three hours away and go to Disney regularly (once a month at least), but every year we also take an extended 2 week stay at Disney to enjoy the parks fully and visit all the attractions. The annual visit always falls on September, the least busy time of the year, so we get to walk onto all ride and really maximize our time there. Read about Disney Trip 2012.

A relatively big part of planning for our trip is always outfit selection. I’m not very good at styling clothes for myself, and it’s too hot in Florida to really style much for a toddler (since you cannot layer or use leggings and other accessories under skirts and dresses), but I always enjoy planning what we’d be wearing for each park and each day. And, of course, having a baby girl is absolutely amazing, because you get to dress her up even more (though I have to admit some of these brand make ADORABLE baby boy clothing, too). And if you’re not interested in clothing, at least you’ll get to enjoy beautiful photography.

It all began with a shoe on the wall…

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This post has been due since Lexi started walking 5 months ago.


Such an important part of a baby’s wardrobe.

Making sure what they are wearing is comfortable, doesn’t rub, lasts through their roughplaying, looks great and is versatile (because at $30-50 per quality pair of shoe, they better last long and look great).

Proper footwear is surprisingly important for your baby’s foot health, their developing walking skills and their comfort.

Here are our favorite shoes and brands:

Russian Roses

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I am absolutely in love with the Russian trend in baby clothes. This is quite unlike me because I don’t tend to like “Russian things”, but the old Russian style of Matreshkas and roses and fashions of that era agrees with me. The heritage plays a big role, too, of course. I do want Alexis to know where her mom came from and the history of Russia and its rich culture. One day we’ll be sitting next to each each other reading History of Russia together ( as long as her love of reading continues to grow like on steriods).

One of my favorite brands, Polarn O Pyret, surprised me with a release of Russian Rose collection (search for it on their website) this year, which is, mind you, on sale right now. I am in love! They really are masters of prints. Check out this post about their spring pattern on Daily Mom

So one of the cooler spring days, when my mom was still here ( *tear*), we went out for a walk in the park and a little Russian Rose inspired photoshoot.

I present to you, Russian Alexis!

Our Favorite Outfits: NununuBaby

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I was editing pictures to post on here and then decided to group them by outfits instead.

When it comes to clothing, Alexis has more of it than she can wear ( damn you, sale sites), and mostly they are all of different random brands, but there are a few companies that keep a constant presence in her wardrobe.

One of the is NununuBaby. I think I mentioned it a million times. It is alternative style clothing that is like nothing you’d expect a girl to wear. Skulls, stars, alphabet and funny toddler sayings is what you’ll see on it and only a few colors: light pink, white, black, grey and neon green. I think they are super cool! Definitely standout in the crowd of bright pink and ruffles ( not that I don’t like that, I very much do, but I also enjoy variety and contrasts in my life).

Since this has been a super cold winter by Florida standards, we’ve been wearing a lot of NununuBaby, since we had some cute stuff from their winter line. I was even excited to have Alexis wear a size 2 dress that was CLEARLY too big for her, but it was cold and the dress is so cute, we still put it on. It will be a while till it doesn’t look like a nightgown on her… That’s what I like about NununuBaby, their sizing is generous,so the pieces last longer.

If you’re interested in checking out the brand, you can visit their website here. I usually buy most of their clothing on end of season MyHabit sales, since they discount it almost 50% and I occasionally get sent a few pieces to try them out for the blog.


I am so excited!

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The time has come for you guys to learn about what it is I have been working on so hard for the last 6 months. FEBRUARY 28th!


I’ve mentioned this name in passing a few times, but I doubt many of you noticed or paid attention. However it is now a huge part of my life that I am incredibly excited about. It took a lot of work and it’s almost here and you, guys, get to be the first ones to see it. A new portal that will hopefully stand out in the sea of mommy-oriented websites. I first came upon the idea for the website when I was sick of wading through hundreds of useless posts that sucked me in and wasted my time on big corporate website ( you know the ones I am talking about, those with scandalous news and celebrity gossip).  One post that has the potential of helping me as a mom and a woman among 10 posts of useless (but admittedly entertaining content). I wondered if there was a place for a website that doesn’t try to entertain, but tries to help. I instantly thought of Pinterest and how awesome of a service that is. My next thought was “I wish there was a blog like Pinterest, where all that awesomeness was delivered to me daily in a blog format into my email or RSS feed.”


(that was the lightbulb over my head) Now over a year later after the initial idea and 6 months of grueling work along with my kick ass team of moms, Daily Mom is here.

So what is Daily Mom?

This is how we define it!