My new business, Melody Lane, and how it started.

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Some of you who follow me on IG might have noticed me mentioning Melody Lane  a few times and I am sure you saw the announcement  and I have finally found the time to talk about it and give you some background information on how it came to life and what it is. ( and a coupon just for my readers at the end)

Big Announcement!

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Some of you, who follow me on social media, might have noticed that for the last 6 months I have been working on a few projects. I am ready to officially announce the first one.

Together with a friend of mine, I started a new business, Melody Lane, a clothing store that is focused on making sure that women in all stages of their lives have access to comfortable, affordable and most importantly versatile clothing. (see below on details of a $500 giveaway!)

Pregnancy, motherhood, nursing, party, fitness, vacation, career, school – it’s amazing how many stages we go through as women that require a completely different wardrobe. So our goal is to offer clothing with versatility and affordability in mind. Items you could wear for several occasions and during several stages of your life. Clothing that is comfortable, yet still looks good, because I have to admit that since becoming a mother, comfort trumps looks, however I still want to look good.

PostPartum Skin Care

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A year after having a baby and I think I am finally in a good place when it comes to my personal care routine. {I am always searching for better products, though, so I will keep updating you if I find something superior}

I still don’t have time to do certain things regularly, especially now with my new website, Daily Mom.

I don’t get to shave legs unless I am going out somewhere semi-important.

I forget to moisturize my body more often than I care to admit, and that is one of the biggest things I need to work on.

I wash my hair only if I know that I will be leaving the house. Or when it’s really dirty.

I put my make up on at the same time or when I want to look more put together at home.

I like to prioritize and personal care falls somewhere in the middle on the priorities list. However, one thing I have done over the last year is assemble a good “team” of personal products that I use, love and swear by. They help me be a little bit more of a woman that I want to be without having to put too much effort into it. I’ve been mentally writing this post for 6 months and each month I would add something else to it.

In fact, in the last week, I’ve had a chance to try out some organic and natural hair products that I am quite impressed with that you can read about on Daily Mom in the coming months. I am thinking about going on a mission of finding more obscure products and brands you don’t see in retail stores and trying them out. If only I could find time…

In the meantime,

Black Friday Shopping! Are you ready?

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Hey, guys!

I wanted to share my Black Friday shopping sites and ask about your favorites as well.

I sure as hell won’t be going to actually stores during this madness, considering I don’t go to stores on normal days. We did do the whole midnight Black Friday experience one year when our Italian friends were visiting and it was actually fun to do it once to see how crazy it gets.

So this year I am sure even more people will be shopping from their couch. So will I. Andrew will be taking Lexi and, armed with a credit card and a list of items,  I will be buying stuff we’ve been holding off on buying till this day.

Traditionally every Black Friday we buy new towels, new sheets and new dinnerware. They are the cheapest than any other time of the year and it’s nice to get nice new linens every year. Most of the other items get bought when they are needed during the year, like electronics and camera equipment, because Black Friday usually has deals on more mainstream stuff like low end DSLRs and low end lenses.

Btw, if you’re looking to buy a low end ( does not equal bad quality, just means cheaper and simpler) DSLR, I would recommend Canon T3 for $449  or a newer T3i for $150 dollars more.

Here’s where I will be shopping personally:

We are obsessed! {you don’t want to miss this }

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This post is a smorgasbord of things we’re currently loving that I’d like to share with you. There are some finds here that I am tickled pink to have discovered. I started writing this with just a few items, but as I was discovering things this was getting longer and longer and at this point, I am SOOOOO happy with some of the items here. Some of these are so cool you might not want to miss out on reading this, ESPECIALLY if you have a baby/child. I buy quite a few things on daily basis that I think might be cool ( it’s a problem really) that don’t always work out, but then once in a while we find a real hit.

In addition to this post, I am currently working on a page where I can put all the products and finds that I have written about over the years, things I use and believe in and think are great. That way it will be very easy for new and old readers to find something they are looking for. So look for that new page announcement some time in the next week or so.

So here are a few of our OBSESSIONS:

Baby Beach Essentials

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As the Florida summer heat subsides, I am planning on making many more trips to the ocean and having fun in the sand. Alexis is the ultimate water baby, and so am I. So the beach is where we both belong. In the meantime I have found a few things that have made our beach outings bearable even in the summer heat. Some of them are absolute must haves for a baby, as far as I am concerned. I have put together these items hoping they would make being at the beach pleasurable even with a young baby and to my surprise they WORKED FABULOUSLY!


Awesome book finds {for adults and children}

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I wanted to write a quick post about a few books that I’ve discovered lately that I am really digging.


Our friends Teagan and Scott who visited us for my birthday brought along the most amazing Vegan Cookbook I’ve seen. I am not a fan of cookbooks, I find that I do not have time for them. I always just put things together on my own, coming up with recipes depending on what ingredients we have at home. This, however, was the first cookbook that made me want to run out to the grocery store and buy a ton of random ingredients for their recipes. I love the photography in it, the diversity of recipes and they taste great. It’s a great book for non vegans as well, since all the recipes are incredibly healthy and tasty.


I’ve been meaning to read this book for 2 years now. According to half of my friends the book MADE THEM GO VEGAN. Since I was already a convert (though I am not 100% vegan right now, I eat fish), I didn’t get around to reading it until now, since it was a birthday present from the aforementioned Teagan and Scott.  The full name of the book is “The China Study: The Most Comprehensive Study of Nutrition Ever Conducted And the Startling Implications for Diet, Weight Loss, And Long-term Health” and it’s a true eye opener.


I found this book on Amazon while browsing fun and unconventional baby books for Lexi. I loved the concept of it so much that even though it’s for older kids, I just had to buy it. My friend Leeka’s daughter who was 6 was the lucky recipient of the book and I adored helping her with it. To be completely honest, if I had a bit more time, I’d totally get one for myself to encourage creativity, because creativity in one field usually spills over to another. It’s a VERY THICK book with fun creative activities on each page. Unlike other coloring or doodling books, this one has prompts as to what to do while leaving the details to the imagination. For example, one of my favorite pages had a crying boy and a laughing girl on each page, and the activity was to draw each kid’s parents next to them.  Something like that will occupy a kid for hours. I cannot wait until Lexi is old enough to do these kind of fun activities.


One of my readers, Lena Marie, who I thank very much, sent me a link to a book by the same author and while browsing all his books, I discovered this fabulous creation. Alexis LOOOOOVES it! And when I say she loves it, I mean she laughs the whole time I am reading it to her. You draw a face  on your index fingers and read the book with your finger worms crawling through the holes in the book. I can see this book lasting all the way through toddlerhood. I definitely recommend it to anyone with kids.

GOOD NIGHTS: The Happy Parents’ Guide to the Family Bed (and a Peaceful Night’s Sleep!) 

I just started reading this book, so I cannot write a full review, but I am loving it and couldn’t wait to share. For anyone who is co-sleeping, planning on co-sleeping, struggling NOT co-sleeping or expecting a baby, this is a MUST read. It talks about benefits, it talks about dangers and how to safely co-sleep, it gives great tips. I have not gotten to this chapter but according to our raving reviews, supposedly there’s even a plan on how to get your baby to sleep through the night. Though, as you know, I am not a fan or any sort of training when it comes to small babies, I am curious to read what they propose. Also, what I like about it is how laid back the book is. Nothing is set in stone, everything is a suggestion presented in the nicest way possible.

{Obviously, this photo isn’t an example of safe co-sleeping. Lexi was napping and I was laying next to her awake.}

BABY HEARTS: A Guide to Giving Your Child an Emotional Head Start

This is my favorite book of the quarter! I love love love love love love it! I was afraid it’d be very simple based on the cover and the name, but it goes into a lot of detail and is backed up by scientific facts and studies. I am literally in the process of devouring all the information it has and am sure that it will be my emotional parenting bible for years to come. I cannot wait to read Baby Minds, as well. I would suggest that if it’s something that appeals to you, you start reading as soon as possible, because as I am reading it, I keep thinking about how I wish I had read it before Lexi was born or at least in the first month, to just be a more knowledgeable parent from the start.

Oh and one more thing: I know a lot of people will appreciate how “nicely” it is written. I don’t usually have a problem with books that take a harsh approach because I can look past that and still pick and choose what I, personally, would like to do. But if you get easily offended by a book’s tone, this one is not going to give you any problems.


 This isn’t really a FIND, per se, because anyone doing BLW who is a frequent Amazon shopper has seen it. I bought it along with the main Baby Led Weaning book. While currently we are still doing very simple BLW, because Alexis hasn’t fully gotten the hang of chewing, I have already bookmarked quite a few recipes there for future use. In particular I appreciated a decent amount of vegetable/bean based recipes in a kid friendly and kid safe form, like a chickpea patty that I am looking forward to making. A great thing about this cookbook is that you will enjoy cooking and eating these meals as well, they are for the whole family, not just for your baby.

Online Baby Clothes Shopping {what, where and how much }

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I am OBSESSED with group sale websites. Like seriously, it’s a problem!

I’ve always been an avid online shopper. I would much rather browse websites than wade through heaps of clothing at the malls and try things on (ugh!).
So it was completely normal for me to have joined some of the better discount sale websites.

Here’s the problem though:
Because I spend most of my time in my glider either nursing or rocking Alexis to sleep, my finger inadvertently finds MYHABIT, Gilt or Zulily apps on my iPhone and suddenly there are ALL these deals that I just cannot miss! Let’s just say, we should invest in a box making factory and FedEx and UPS guys know us by name and know to knock rather than ring the door bell.
I justify it by the fact that those items are on a truly great sale and I buy buy buy. At this point I am definitely stocked up on all organic clothes for 3-6 months stage, and made a decent dent into dresses for 12,18 and 24 months stage.

I recently realized it was a problem and I was doing it out of boredom and justifying it by the HUGE discounts I was getting. I didn’t completely stop buying but I am much more reasonable now.

So in the meantime i’d like to share with you some of what I’ve gotten recently.

I’ll attempt to list websites, brands, where to buy and prices (original and discounted) but I don’t have that info for everything. I also marked what’s organic ( the rest is bought for after the 6 months stage, when we’ll be doing non-organic as well). With the organic purchases, the goal isn’t the looks but getting organic outfits for a reasonable price. It’s after 6 months when I’ll be buying non-organic clothes, I will be more focused on cuteness of the clothes.

{update} My latest purchase that I’m in love with.

Where? Zulily (sale going on now here)
Brand: Lourdes
How much and sale info?
($47) $27.99

Brand: greenbaby
How much ad sale info?
($40) $29 each

Brand: Alphabet
How much and sale info?

($64) $13

Brand: Alphabet
How much and sale info?
($64) $13

Originally I bought this dress for a friend’s baby, but then when I saw the same exact dress on sale on MyHabit I just couldn’t resist.

How much and sale info?
($74) $19

Gift Guide

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I keep seeing all these gift guides online and I thought I’d make my own DREAM gift guide! Some of these gifts are quite unrealistic, unless you are really well off, but don’t we all wish we could spend unlimited amount of money on our loved ones? So dream here with me and maybe you’ll get some useful ideas, too.

For your loved one (female):

A diamond necklace ( or bracelet or earrings) like this one from

It’s small, subtle and sophisticated.

For a mom on-the-go who loves taking snapshots of her little one (unless she has a DSLR)

I love this camera. It’s what a pro photographer would use as a point-and-shoot. It records full  1080p HD video, has an ultra wide angle lens (24mm) and a great low light performance. And it’s currently 35% off on Amazon

Canon Powershot ELPH 300 HS

For a man in your life, who likes finer things in life:

Montblanc Meisterstuck Classic Ballpoint Pen

and/or a matching Montblanc Wallet

I bought this pen and this wallet for  my husband’s birthday. He’s obsessed with Montblanc.The pen is awesome, but the wallet is my true love. I own one as well ( a female version) and this wallet lasts YEARS and still looks great ( unless you’re me, who doesn’t care how much an item costs and throws it into her purse along with everything else there and get it all scratched up, just like her expensive sunglasses- I really gotta do something about that horrible habit of mine)

For a friend with a DSLR who’s new to photography

Tamron AF 28-75mm f/2.8

My next lens, for sure. I’d pick this particular lens over a similar Canon, because it’s cheaper and most importantly MUCH MUCH lighter. The Canon version is like shooting with a brick. This is great for landscape, as well as portraiture, has a constant aperture of 2.8 which means you’ll have plenty of light to shoot in gloomy or indoor conditions.

For a special kid  who loves music or  for a new baby:

Cranberry Red Baloon CD, a children’s album with soft songs that are perfect for rainy days or going to sleep.

Singing on the album – Art Garfunkel, Bruce Johnston from the Beach Boys, John
Cowsill from The Cowsills and Vicki Peterson from The Bangles!!
Buy it here

For an aspiring photographer:

Photoshop Lightroom 3 – License

It’s my go-to editing program. If you or your friend has an .edu account, you can get this at 1/3 of the retail price.

Photoshop Lightroom 3 - License

For a sexy fashionable girlfriend

What is better than aLittle Black Dress

Bette D.

For your pregnant friend:

Graco Prenatal Listener – 2J00

A super cool device that lets you spy on your unborn baby, listen to its kicks, hicupps, sounds, movements, etc

For a guy who’s really into music

A Portable speaker with awesome sound: Altec Speaker. Run on batteries rather than a USB charge like most, which means you don’t have to drain your poor iPhone battery to listen to it.

For your friend who keeps trying to lose weight but doesn’t own a scale :)

Eat Smart Scale

Your mom or sister


My mom LOVES receiving Blurb books with photos of our time together. These are my favorite photo books, quality-wise and feature-wise.

For a friend’s adorable daughter

Tea Collection Flowery Fun 5-Piece Set

Yeah I can’t get enough of their fun styles.

For a couple that is TTCing

Get Ready to Get Pregnant

By far, the best pre-conception book out there! It was and is my pre-conception BIBLE! Get it for ANYONE who’s thinking about TTC or are in the process of TTC!

For that crazy cat(or dog) lady

Laser pointers are SO LAST SEASON!

Interactive Pet Laser

A girly girl who loves looking pretty

One word: Yummy Make up Set, Celebutante

Your cool guyfriend/boyfriend/husband

Pinstripe Blazer

Rugged mixed with stylish- a total YES!

Friday Finds

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I decided to adopt Friday Finds from 7x7xMommy.

I’ve been seeing so many cool things, because I love Internet shopping, and it’s a shame not to share some of them with you.

So here’s what I am loving this week:


1. This Victoria’s Secret Dress. I was just paging through the catalog the other day, and looking at models more than clothes, because let’s admit it, I can’t fit into cute and sexy VS dresses right now, so what’s the point of torturing myself. So I was looking to see what new models they have and if I know any of them personally ( hey, I’ve seen quite a few of my model friends in magazines and catalogs), and THIS dress jumped out at me. I love love love it! Where would I wear it? Hmmm…probably nowhere  once I have a baby.  Besides, I am still hoping that we’ll somehow manage to visit some of the fancy-shmancy parties our local friends host or sexy crazy parties our Miami friends have, whether it’s a with a baby in tow ( Celebrities can do it, why can’t we?) or if we leave Alexis with grandma when she’s here. {shhhh, let a girl dream!}. The other day I was totally picturing myself wearing a black dress with Alexis in a stylish sling and husband wearing a black suit at a private symphony that our friends arranged last year. What? Totally possible if Alexis turns out to be a mellow baby. And if she’s a high needs baby, then it’s be all pjs, unwashed hair and no make up…. *sigh* …still good enough for me.

2. Speaking of dresses, the other day, hubby runs into the bedroom, saying “Check out MYHABIT right now!”.

“Oh-oh”, I think- “he found something he likes”

So he shows me this dress on a MYHABIT sale. It doesn’t look like much on this pic, but it’s gorgeous ( they have a video of the girl moving, and ahhhhhh). And I am a sucker for sparkly things. So of course I loved it. But it was $182 ( on sale from $450 or smth) and HELLO? I AM PREGNANT… So we go back and forth ALMOST buying it. Hubby is all for it, even the price. I am being more conservative, trying to justify a $182 dress purchase while pregnant. Who knows what I am going to look like once I am through with the baby making process the first time around, and then where would I wear it with a newborn baby and also, will my humongous breastfeeding boobies even fit into it, and finally even if I managed to deal with the first 3, this is “not what a mother would wear”.


My husband’s jaw dropped!  I could not believe I said that! I HATE the “I am a mother, so I should dress differently , i.e. more conservatively, and sometimes completely unstylish and bad”  justification! And here I am spouting it! I instantly took it back and told him to slap me into sanity if I EVER say that again. I can understand dressing age appropriate, but ” motherhood appropriate”- NO! Just not going to go there! Ever! Mothers can be SEXY, too! Period.

{btw, we didn’t end up buying it, because to be realistic, I won’t get much use of it in the next 2-3 years, unless I go somewhere without the baby. And the price tag was just not worth it}


3. I am in awe of these ski goggles! I am not a huge skier. I skied twice in my life: once in Vail, and once in Courchevel, France. I do love skiing, I do not love cold or snow. But I love cool gadgets. This is THE SHIT.

There’s an LCD screen  that displays your speed, the trail maps, helps you find where your friends are at, they can play music, and show you your incoming calls ( how many freaking times did you find yourself on a super hard slope with the phone ringing off the hook? Or worse, not hearing it ring?). I want these goggles!

{no picture, sorry}

4. Remember the red obsession? Well, it’s back ( or more like still here). I  love Alloy jeans. They are the only jeans that are long enough for me ( 36″ inseam) and are cute looking. My favorite are the twill skinny pants (that look like jeans) in any color. I have the more subdued colors: 3 in black ( yes I love them that much), 2 in grey, 1 white pair and 1 khaki. I would wear them EVERYWHERE.

{this was in NYC at the model’s apartment. I practically lived in the my grey and black pairs}


And now Allow came out with the awesome red! I am resisting, because of the whole “size after birth issue”, but hopefully not for too long.

5. Frontgate Puppy Sofa

If I had this sofa ( or the money to waste on it), I would  get a puppy. This is just too cute!

6. Also this week I ordered some baby board books. Most of them are by Dr Seuss, because I love rhymes and especially his rhymes, and I want to take Alexis to Universal as soon as possible to experience Dr Seussland.

My favorite is this one:

and I am super excited about  this Spanish nursery rhymes book, just because all the spanish translations of Dr Seuss don’t seem to rhyme ( what’s the point of translating if you’re not going to reproduce the genius of the rhyming:


7. What I am currently reading and loving is this {Attachment Parenting Book}:

8. And if money grew on trees ( damn them!), I would not be here right now, but instead would be hitting the check out button on this item for the nursery:

9. Also Still drooling over the new Casa Oaxaca collection here



I could go on and on and on, but I can tell you’re bored, so I’ll stop here till next Friday.

{And this weekend come back for an awesome maternity and nursing review and giveaway you’re not going to want to miss. }

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