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As I mentioned earlier on Facebook, we are ready to expand at Daily Mom, which means adding new team members and contributors.

If you read Daily Mom and would like to be a part of it, read on.
If you’ve never heard of it, visit the website and then read on.

Don’t mistake the goofy photos in this post for lack of seriousness. We are fun bunch, but we also take what we do seriously. Photos for this post are from a Daily Mom editors meet in 2013. I never got to post about it so at least sharing some of the photos in this post seemed semi-appropriate :) We value our team and how big Daily Mom has gotten, but we would not have been half the team we are without the humor and the craziness and all the fun we have together online and in real life. Also these are just a few of our team members, as well as some honorary ex-team members. Current staff is slightly different from the pictures below.

Stuff Lexi says: 24-27 months

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Right now has got to be the cutest age for talking. I know they get more complex and say even funnier things, but the cuteness probably overloads right at around 2-2.5 year of age.

The things she says blow my mind. The things she understand give me a better appreciation for a child’s growing brain.

It’s hard to know what they are thinking and what they know when they don’t talk. But once that talking box start up, oh my there is no stopping it.

The cutest things here are always said after a nap or in the morning. It’s like a chatterbox. The second her eye open she starts telling me stories: things she saw in her dream (I assume), things she wants to do, things she wants me to do, things she is reminiscing about.

I try my best to remember and then email them to myself when I can. I often forget. We would be at the playground, my phone would be dead, I will try to remember all the funny/cute things she said but by the time we are home, I only remember a few of the sayings.

I love my new hair!

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This is the FIRST haircut I have been in love with in the last 3 years.
I’ve always been a fan of long blonde hair and yet every few years is go short and sometimes darker.

Last week I went into the salon to cut off my damaged ends and in the spirit of trying new things, convinced my stylist to go dark and short.

Obviously not too dark and not too short but enough to feel new. And with bangs.

For the past few days I’ve been slowly falling even more in love with it. The styling is easy and fun, the bangs help with the accessorizing the face part and the dark color brings out my features and freckles.

These are just the IPhone shots I took while travelling, but I really love how they came out! Something tells me this hair is here to stay… At least until I want something new.

At the beach (photo post)

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For the next two weeks, I will be mostly posting some photo stories I haven’t had a chance to share. I want to start writing more about our lives accompanied by pictures, but I will start making an effort in a few weeks. Since I will be travelling on and off for the next 2 weeks, I’ll try to mostly queue up photo stories without much writing.

I’ve been DYING to write about the books we read and our whole “reading story” from the beginning, as well as about Lexi’s exposure to music, but these are HUGE posts that take me weeks to assemble.

Also, we are about to roll out something super exciting at Daily Mom, so we are all working hard on that.

Ok, so for today we have photos from two of the beach trips.

The first one with my mom and the second one with my friends who were visiting for Lexi’s Birthday. The second set is taken by MMWorks.

Lexi’s flowery one piece swimsuit is by Submarine Kids

Morning and Evening Bike Rides

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A while ago when Lexi was 1.5 years old, we decided that it was time to start biking as a family. Prior to that time, we weren’t so sure that Lexi would even sit in a bike seat, since getting her to sit in a stroller was pretty challenging as it is.

So after looking around for bike seats, I narrowed it down to one seat that I felt was absolutely perfect for Lexi, Yepp Mini. It was a front facing bike seat made of a softer material and had the potential of actually helping her enjoy the bike ride versus sitting in the back and not seeing much but our backs. It was sort of like using a carrier when she was little- she would absolutely refuse to be back carried or be rear-facing. It had to be front facing at all times. So pretty excited about the prospect of actually being able to go on bike rides with Lexi, we got the seat, installed it and took off for a first ride.

It was PERFECT! I cannot recommend the seat enough! Even though she hated any other mode of transportation, riding a bike was fun for her. She was facing the world and the wind and seeing the sights and it was fast and exciting. I really feel it was the seat that made a huge difference in how she perceives biking.

We Heart Lexis

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This morning when my daily Zulily email came through, I saw that they are having a RUUM sale. Being one of my favorite and really inexpensive brands, I thought I would give you guys a heads up and post some pics of the two Lexis in their RUUM outfits for Vday this year. Both the heart sweater and the heart t-shirt are available on zulily for 17.99 and 6.99. Aren’t they cute?

Goodbye, Instagram!

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I deleted my main Instagram account.

It was a pretty rash decision. But one that I’ve been going back and forth on for weeks now.

I know a lot of you really enjoyed connecting with us through Instagram and I have to admit, that was one of the best parts of it for me, too.

But something had to change. As you noticed, I’ve been struggling to write on this blog consistently due to most of my time going to spending time with Lexi and the addition of Daily Mom. I have a lot to share and talk about but only 24 hours a day and a toddler that literally needs me 20 of those 24 hours, as well as a fairly large website to run. So something had to give.

On blogging and photos

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It’s funny when I get to clean out my drafts, I often find unfinished posts or photos I never shared. The “art” of blogging isn’t exactly easy. You have a flurry of thoughts and ideas to share, you maybe find a second to write them down before they get pushed away by something more relevant, and then the most hated part of all bloggers- formatting, proofreading, etc. Ugh.

If I could just write a wall of text and hit publish, then there would be a lot more wordy posts.

But the reality is that aside from proofreading (which doesn’t always happen, and ALWAYS takes an exorbitant amount of time), there is sectioning your thoughts out, making them clearer, adding headers, organizing the post into sections so that it wasn’t a bunch of ramblings but a concise post. Then there is formatting to make it look more attractive and readable. The “illustrations”, though that’s my favorite part, take a long time. And finally, linking things to appropriate places. This is probably the most boring part, but also saves me a lot more time than it seems. If I am proactive and link and name certain things in the post, then I get fewer questions about where I got this and that. Not that I don’t welcome those comment- I certainly do, but it’s easier for me to just do it beforehand and I know readers appreciate it, because I do when I read other blogs.

The best kind of Sneetch on the beaches

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The beach

Whenever I can’t think of a creative title (read: all the time), I tend to resort to Dr. Seuss. Not sure why the guy happens to have the coolest titles ever. For a mommy/baby blog, to boot.

This is nothing more than a photo post. Back from November. Lexi is 22 months, and adorable as always. These have been sitting in my “share later” folder. I figured better “later” than never. So here we go. Just photos. just us. Just the beach. Just Lexi doing splits. Yeah, I know. Weird, but she loves it!

Lexi’s dress is from my favorite Biscotti & Kate Mack