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Happy Mother’s Day!
Happy Mother's Day

If anyone should be grateful today, it should be me: I have the most amazing mom ever!

She’s loving and supportive, wise and strong, absolutely selfless and giving.

I hear some stories about mothers, and it always makes me appreciate my mom even more. She spent her whole life completely devoted to us, kids. There was never any manipulation and guilt-tripping. I always felt that my mom has my best interests in mind, and that, my friends, is the only thing a child needs. To feel loved and secure and full of trust. My mom gave it to me.

Growing up we didn’t have fancy toys, or a big apartment, or money, we didn’t have a college fund or pocket money, but what we had is a mother who would do anything to make her daughters happy.

She was strict, but trusting. She never treated me like a child, always like a person with my own desires,decisions and thoughts. She let me be the person I wanted to be, while limiting me in that right way that kept me out of major trouble. I never felt stifled by her, or underestimated, or shut down.

I feel that  I am the person that I am now, mostly due to her allowing me to be myself in every possible way. That instilled confidence in me, gave me forward thinking, and open-mindedness. I often bend rules but never break them. I know I can do anything and be good at everything. She helped me be the ultimate thinker, analyser, wise beyond my age.

I love her for that! The best parenting is supportive loving conscious parenting. And while it might not have been conscious for her due to hard times, it was definitely loving a supportive.That’s all I could ever ask for.

Happy Mother's Day

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Happy Mother's Day

New Life

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Do you ever have this feeling…
…where you walk outside and witness an amazingly calm moment…

It had just rained and it’s like the water from the rain renewed everything and everyone and made it shiny, new and fresh.

I was in the middle of cooking tonight and had about 5 minutes to spare. I walked out onto our front porch and paused. I didn’t know it had rained. It might have been a calm warm Florida summer rain that goes by in 10 minutes, only leaving a trace on the shiny pavement, cooling the air, making birds sing like they’ve witnessed the beginning of life. It was dusk: still light enough to see every single bit, but dark enough for the streetlights to turn on. The air smelled unreal…unreally good…unreally fresh. The humidity of Florida and the cooling of the air produced this out-of-this world quality in the surrounding air, flowers, palm trees, bushes and streets.

I wanted to bottle this feeling, this atmosphere, this moment. Oh how I wish I could take a picture or film a video of the street, but I know from expierience that something like that cannot be transfered on film. It’ll lose its magic, it will be too dark, or not dark enough, the colors will be all wrong- so I left the camera in the house and just enjoyed it.

Not many things stop me in my tracks, but this moment did. It made me think about how beautiful life is. It made me sad, but in a good way, that way you get after a refreshing rain.  The birds obviously agreed, because the melodies sung were sad and gentle at the same time. My husband walked out and just hugged me at my waist and we stood there marvelling at the beauty of nature, the beauty of Florida.

We are so lucky we get to enjoy it every day, right here from our front porch, or on our colorful hammocks overlooking the golf course on the back patio.

I would never be able to live in the city! I love greenery, I love piece and quiet, I love moments like this where you can just appreciate nature. I am a suburbia girl, that’s a fact.

I lived in New York for a time, and while that life can be amazing, and exciting and alluring, I think it was only that way because I was a model, with all the doors open to me and people doing everything for me. I can never imagine actually living there as a family.

In my mind, I say it again and again and again: “I love where I live”. And that’s such a big thing, don’t you think?

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Lazy Beach Days

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I find days like these  the most magical.

We’re always in a rush, always working, never seem to have time to just relax and go somewhere. Plans to meet up with friends or go to the beach are always viewed as an inconvenience or obligation until we actually get there….ahhhh. And then we remember what life is about.

It’s so easy to get lost in the “work work work” mode, or the “baby” mode, or whatever currently occupies you. So hard to step back for a second and remember why we are here. And that is to enjoy life to the fullest. For some people that might mean food, or alcohol or smoking or fast cars. For me, it’s the easy laid back days at the beach like yesterday.

When people find out we’re vegan/vegetarian and we don’t eat most processed foods,they  say “You only live once! Enjoy it! Stop being so strict with food. Live a little!”

But for me THAT IS LIFE! I love being healthy and feeling healthy and I want to continue enjoying beach days like this well into the old age. I want to look good and feel good forever. That is why taking care of my body, being mindful of what I eat, how much  exercise  is not a chore for me. It honestly brings me joy. Joy that I am doing the absolute best for my health.

How did this post turn into a health post? I’m not sure, but what I do know is that moments like yesterday is what really makes me feel alive. And photography prolongs those feelings because I get to bask in those moments for a few more days while I edit the photos, and then a few more when I share them with you, guys. And then when I’m old and wrinkly, I will look at my young hot self and for a second remember what it felt like.

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Do you know what sucks?

I’ve been pining over some new clothing stores I found online and have not been able to do anything about it?

What’s the point in buying new clothes when your closet is filled with old stuff and you’re about to grow a stomach the size of a watermelon?

Agh! So frustrating! Clothes is like therapy for us, women! I don’t need no Prozac, just give us some dough to buy something cute and we’ll be all right.

Just needed to get his out :)

Also, I haven’t been able to comment on anyone’s blog for a week or so, because of stupid MyOpenID that suddenly deleted my accounts.
They’re now re-opened and I am back in business!

A little bit of everything

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  • I was out rollerblading today and for once my hubby came with me. He usually runs or bikes while I Rollerblade, but that’s never fun, because I can’t go at the speeds I want. So i was all happy and showing off my  awesome blading skills, doing figure eights when suddenly my rollerblades wavered…and BAM! I went flying onto the pavement. All those days of wearing knee and wrist and elow guards when i was first starting to rollerblade and not a single fall. And as I get confident enough, it has to shutter my spirit, damn it! My fault for trying to show off. But now my right knee is badly skinned, so is my right hand and wrist. I also really bruised my wrist bone on my left hand. Fun fun fun! I think I might have been in a little bit of a shock, because after we bandaged me up, I insisted we go back out because “I didn’t get my rollerblading done” hahaha
  • We’re officially a month from trying to conceive.
  • I met a neighbor who’s preggo right now. Our neighborhood is so quiet that sometimes you forget anyone lives here. I’ve seen this adorable looking couple walk by our street a couple of times with the girl being very pregnant,we always wave to each other…. I thought about introducing myself, but never really had a chance. So a few days ago, as they were passing by, I said hi and told them we’ll be pregnant soon, too, hopefully. We spent a lot time chatting. We are amazingly alike. It’ll be nice having another new mom right here on my street.
  • I’ve been sort of missing  from both my blogs, because it’s tax time and with us being the lousy procrastinators as we are, I am forced to catch up with all the inputting for the year for 2 different business and personal returns. Let me tell you that’s a lot of work
  • I decided to push myself harder on the exercise front, thanks to the inspiration that adorable 7x7xmommy gave me. Anyone who looks like that at 29 weeks deserves my respect. I want my pregnant belly to have the shape of a uterus and not a beach ball. My abs have always been very strong ( genetics?) but it won’t hurt to pump them up a bit before I get pregnant. Plus I resolved to do more stretching and flexibility exercises which will help too.
  • I discovered that sleep is everything for me ( ironic, right? Just as I am getting ready to put myself in a position of restless sleep and then no sleep at all). I have been feeling crappy and not up to my usual work outs lately, and it turns out I wasn’t getting enough sleep. I have been setting the alarm for 8 am, and trying to go to bed at 9, but really making it by 11 at the earliest, but mostly by 1. The last two days I’ve let myself sleep  in till 10 and, my, what a difference it makes. I am full of energy, happy, ready to work out and work.
  • Reading more about babies made me realize that I need to get some things done before I don’t have time: some video editing, major cleanings, painting ( our house has been  half painted for two years now)
  • I want to start a weekly pregnancy/motherhood question feature here just for myself. I have so many mom readers and blogger friends, it seems silly not to use their wisdom to my advantage. Weekly I will be posting a question that bothers me or that I want to hear your opinion/experience on. It’ll have something to do with pregnancy/motherhood and I would REALLY appreciate it if you all could participate and give me your opinions.


A week in Cell Photos

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Starting with most recent events:
Below: pool time with friends and their babies.

Our seasonal neighbors left this week. I am going to miss them a lot. I had the kid’s climb into my fort. They were so amazed! I see them begging their parents to build them one.
Two photos below: time out with some internet friends from Flickr. I LOVE LOVE LOVE meeting long time internet friends in real life.

St Patty’s day: Green overload.

Beautiful Third Street South on St Patty’s Day. That’s why I love Naples…. There is so much beauty to be found any time of the day and night.

Awesome epiphany that my hubby’s clothes doesn’t fit any more. He has lost 30 pounds in the last 4 months and we’re “forced” to buy him all new clothes.

Super cute sunset on the beach in Naples

And that’s my week in photos. For once it was exciting enough! We gotta get out more :) lol

Workin’ it!

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Naples Winters

How are you guys doing on your fitness/food goals this week?

I am happy to be doing much better. The weather is gorgeous, sun gives me a TON of energy!

I am getting ready to go do pilates and I jsut thought I’d check in and see how you all are doing.

On a different note, my new policy with maternity coverage should be arriving in the mail in a few days. I cannot wait to read it ( yeah I am a nerd that way) and make sure everything is in order and what it all covers.

Naples Winters
I’ve been busy this whole week studying for my {re-}licensing classes and exams we are being forced to take again along with new CE credit in the future because the state decided to switch to a new system, thus making us re-do all the work we did when we first got licensed 6 years ago.
Yesterday I passed one of the classroom exams, have 2 more online ones, and another classroom one. Don’t need to wish me luck, cuz honestly this is bullshit that they’re making us retake it all. We’ve been in the business for too long to need luck or to worry about the outcome.

I am so busy but my heart aches to go to the beach. I am hoping I can get hubby to go hang out at the Third Street South, which is covered with blooms right now…listen to live bands, and watch the sunset on the beach…. Would be nice, wouldn’t it?

Naples Winters

This week’s update and A Princess Castle

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So I have to say this week kicked my butt, time-wise. I didn’t have time for ANYTHING. How do you people with kids do it, I still have no idea!
I had to study for an exam and take some continuing education classes for our licenses.

NO biggie, usually. But when you also have to work and blog, and cook and work out and clean and rest…. well let’s just say you always end up skipping one of those activities.
And all I really wanted to do this week is play drums. I am finally well enough to drum away to super loud music and I can’t find the time to do, besides 10 pm when I am honestly collapsing.
I do have to say my routine isn’t that perfect nowadays. And I crumble without a routine – get nothing done.

So today is Friday and I have the following that I HAVE to do:
1. work
2. finish two units of the classes and 2 exams for both me and hubby
3. work out (pilates)
4. Post 2 blog posts from
GET FIT and Selfie Saturdays and actually make them educational.
5. Go to the mall to buy hubby a suit or at least dress pants, because his old suits are about 4 sizes too big, now that he lost 30 pounds (YAY to that!)
6. Go to the private symphony performance ( hence the suit) at 6 pm
7. Cook breakfast, lunch and dinner, because mostly likely the symphony dinner isn’t going to be vegetarian (for me) or vegan ( for hubby)
8. Wash hair/style hair, find a dress, shave my legs (TMI) and look presentable.

yeah, so how about that, bitches?

I am only now realizing that I  am going to have to MOVE to get all that accomplished.

On a more positive note, we made me a “princess castle“. That’s what we call a fort! I totally got the inspiration from shutter{mama}. I hadn’t done one in years and I definitely never had an idea of lights.
But I love it….sitting in it as I type this post. I feel so safe!
{disclaimer: not a selfie. Had the hubby take these pics}

And then when it gets dark!
I am wondering if I should cover the top too.

A week in phone camera photos

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I’ve been meaning to participate in this for a while now, but had nothing to show unless you count pictures of my swollen cheeks and my bed.
Well, upon close inspection, it turns out I have over 3000 iphone photos (woops)

So here is the latest stuff:


1. My cat loves towels. He loves them so much he will sit on a towel regardless of where it’s located. Even if it’s on my head
2. Swollen from wisdom teeth surgery ( i can’t believe i posted this monstrosity)
5. I got flowers from hubby out of the blue. The training has been paying off.
6. Cats attacking me for my oatmeal. You’d think I don’t feed them.

3. Going for a rollerblading run in the neighborhood
4. Our community is blooming like crazy. Mental note to self: love February and March
7. Cool Floridian shadows on our driveway
8. Gorgeous tropical flowers bought from a local farmer’s market.

9. My typical afternoon: sitting by the fire reading a book
10. First time out after the surgery. As you can see, NOT HAPPY about being out.
11. Rollerblading again
12. I got my Apron Queen apron from taking 4th place in this contest. YAY to that.