Full Term Breastfeeding: the wonders and challenges of breastfeeding a toddler

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Breastfeeding a Toddler
This post is about breastfeeding a  toddler in general. Specifics like when, how, how long will be coming next week in the “daily routines” post.

I could start this with a typical sentence that you hear from the majority of women who are still breastfeeding at a year and a half  “When I first had my son/daughter, I never thought I would breastfeed for this long!”.

It would be a lie, though. I always knew. I knew that if it was up to me, I would breastfeed well into toddlerhood. It was an obvious, a given.

But I actually respect the women who say they never thought they’d breastfeed for this long, because that means they  adjusted their plans and expectations as they went, and more importantly did what was best for their baby.

New Baby and Relationships

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New Baby and Relationships

This has been one of the most requested posts and I have been dreading writing it, because I am just not sure what to say.

I mean I WAS NOT sure.

I am writing it now because after a whole year, we are finally starting to find our place together, our new relationship. That’s right – it took us a year to get into an equilibrium!

So I will finally put a complete mess of my thoughts into a post in an attempt to make some semblance of it.

New Baby and Relationships

Photography for Mommies: GEAR

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Today I will start a series of posts that are probably the most requested ones of all time.


Photography for Mommies

(it’s like “photography for dummies” books, but it’s mommies. Get it? Get it?)

It’s not a series for people who are well versed in photography. This will be written for beginners, new mommies and veteran mommies, who are looking to get better pictures of their kids and themselves, and their families, and their dog, you get it!

I wanted to start this series with a post about photography gear for two reasons: