This is what toddling looks like…

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The long awaited walking videos.

As I wrote in the 11months post, Lexi started walking full time {with support} at 9 months and then with one hand + first independent steps at 10 months and then full on ran throwing our hands aside at 11 months.

Here is the progress video of what it all looked like.

I cannot believe what a chubster she was before she started walking (i.e. in the first shots)

And if you don’t want to waste time looking at how she arrived at walking, you can check out her toddling around for the last 2 weeks.

Complete with head shakes, belly rubs, flashcard kisses, stumbles, screams and lots of running and falling into things. Hit change quality to view it in HD or less fuzzy.

Letters to Lexi: 11 Months Old

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11m main

I don’t know where to start. Again.

Again. You’ve blown our minds.

Yes, we are first time parents so our minds are pretty easy to blow. But you’re still a rockstar, regardless of anything.

At 10 months 6 days exactly you took your first independent steps. The next day you ran from mommy to grandma, and back. Then to daddy and back. By midmonth you were taking 10 steps on your own. They were wobbly and were more like running than walking- you were in the process of falling and catching yourself over and over again, which is what walking is, essentially. You spent this last month doing nothing but walking holding onto one of our hands. You don’t like holding two hands. Oh no, you push the second hand away and walk with pride holding onto only 1 finger. Crawling is long abandoned.

Letters to Lexi: Happy 10 months, Baby Girl!

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It’s only month 10 and I am already starting to run out of words for you.

There is so much that you do, so much that changes on daily basis, and so much love that grows with you.

This whole “having you as a daughter” gig keeps getting better. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t wish I could bottle up every single ounce of your cuteness for posterity.

Sometimes, I just stare at you trying desperately to commit every roll, every hair, every finger and toe, every single expression and sound you make, to memory, because I am so afraid that soon I won’t remember what you were like. A part of the reason for why I take so many photos of you ( and photos in general) is because, while I have excellent short term memory, my long term memory has always sucked. I don’t want to not remember every single thing about 10 months old you in 10 years. I want to have it right there on video and photo. So you and I are stuck with tons and tons of memories keeped in a digital file.

Letters to Lexi: 9 Months

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Dear Lexi,

This is the age! The age when I considered other people’s kids BIG. I look at you, though, and you’re still so small, so fragile, so vulnerable. There’s yet so much for you to learn , so much to master.

But you are growing at warp speed. Mastering one thing after another. One morning you would wake up and just have this new skill. Since the earlier months I have noticed one remarkable thing. I can SEE cognitive jumps in your development. Like, one day you would just be MUCH smarter than the day before. A HUGE JUMP!

VIDEO: Alexis – 7 months to 8 months

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This video is two weeks too late and so many changes happened development-wise in the meantime, but this is what life was all about for our little Alexis between being 7 and 8 months:

Learning to Crawl
Learning To Pull Up
Playing Reading Bathing
Talking Destroying Hugging
Laughing Whining Yelling

all the wonderful things that a baby can do.

ENJOY! { click CONTINUE READING below to see the video }

Lexi in Motion: From 6 to 7 Months {Video}

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The first video here is the highlights of everything that being a 6 months old entails. The second video is her highness playing with toys, mostly boring but with a few very cute/funny/adorable moments in between.

I am putting the usual disclosure of parents sharing home movies:

-Ignore my singing

-Ignore my overly excited exclamations

-Ignore any other babble coming from me that you might hear in this video

-Ignore anything anything else that comes with being a parent

Do enjoy the adorable goofball that is Lexi!

{Also, like previous videos, this was intended for friends and family, so it’s pretty long and for most will be pretty boring.  To us, of course, it’s the best video ever. :) }



Below is a compilation of videos of Alexis playing with her toys. All the above disclosures apply.


Letters to Lexi: 7 months old!

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7 m

Dear baby girl,

You are 7 months old. The number blows my mind. I remember reading other people’s blogs and thinking how big their babies were at 7 months. And here you are, exactly 7 months old, and yet you’re still so little and at the same time so grown. You’ve gone such a long way. I could never imagine myself as a mom to a 7 months old and yet in a blink of an eye, you are 7 WHOLE MONTHS OLD!

What’s been going on around here

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I’ve been pretty busy for the past few weeks attempting to get things in a semblance of order as well as having fun with friends and thoroughly enjoying my baby girl who is at an amazingly fun age.

We are in the process of getting our house painted which has resulted in a chaotic mess with furniture everywhere and lots of time wasted gabbing with the painters.

I celebrated my birthday with the few friends that are still down here during the summer and a few that drove/flew to visit. We finally made a trip to the beach with Alexis and then another one and it was more fun than I’ve had for a while.

Days are split  between playing and snuggling with an adorable six months old and trips to the pool, because I, in fact, have given birth to a water baby.

I have gotten much better at time management with an infant, a topic I am in the process of writing about. I am much more organized and focused. The problem has been and will be that when it comes to this blog my working time is extremely limited: nap times is THE ONLY time I get to edit photos, put them together, write posts, put together videos, answer emails (thankfully, comments can be answered quickly on my cell at any time). And with nap times being short (though extremely predictable), I am left with 40 drafts of great posts I have started writing but no time to finish them up properly.

Things won’t get better until everything slows down. I have more friends coming down to visit in a week, then a Disney trip for a week, then possibly another visit from friends, and then depending on how the first Disney trip foes, another one. All that yields colorful photographs that beg to be shared and no time to share them.

So I guess what I am trying to say is that at times I don’t blog about the things I want to blog about, or the things I think I should blog about, because those are usually more time-consuming involved posts that I want to sit down and write in peace, gathering my thoughts and laying out everything exactly the way I feel or think.

The photo below sums up some of the upcoming photo posts I am hoping to schedule asap, so that I could be free to share more current events as well as more serious posts.

And 10 minutes into my writing, Alexis is up, so I will be right back. {…}  Ok she’s asleep now. But of course I lost my train of thought. That is presicely why i’ve been putting off longer more important posts on parenting because I just can’t rely on more than 20 minutes and Andrew is so busy that he cant give me a few hours at a time right now.

What else is new? We’re currently “struggling” with what seems to be separation anxiety (OK, Lexi is up again… BRB… ). For the past week or so, she has been watching me like a hawk, with wide eyes and fear apparent on her face. I can’t even leave her for 2 seconds without her erupting. I feel so bad for my girl, and try to not leave her alone unless I can see she’s engrossed into what she is doing and I need to throw in a load of laundry or something. If I am around but she can’t see me (like when I am in the kitchen trying to make lunch), I try to sing her a song so that she’d feel I am still here.

It also could be the growth spurt she is going through. She’s been eating pretty much every hour and if I miss her hunger cues, and daddy goes to spend time with her, so that I could get  a few things done,… (Ok she is up again… and I am back.), as soon as I leave, she starts crying and if I am in the same room, cleaning up or moving around, she just watches me non-stop. It’s really kinda cute. I bet she’s just keeping tabs on her food source lol

It also looks like we might be ready to drop the third nap, though I am not sure if she can go all the way to her actual bedtime which is usually 8-9 pm depending on when she took her last nap. Never once though has she been able to go to sleep before 8pm.

Alexis has really changed again overnight. She does so much more and just a much bigger, even more aware baby. She seems so smart, her cognitive development has exploded, she reacts to things in a different way. She’s also such a profecient sitter and are able to reach for toys easily all around her. I just love watching her bloom into this amazing capable human being. I’ll write about everything that she’s been doing in her “7 months” post, but so many things already happened and she’s not even half way to 7 months.

She’s also developed object permanence, which is probably where the separation anxiety comes from.

I am also excited to write about Baby Led Weaning and the whole solids introduction, because it’s going fabulously and I cannot IMAGINE doing anything but that. If any of you are on the fence about trying it out, I would totally recommend this method and the book (though I am not crazy about how it’s written, I do love the concept behind it)

I started a #30daysofbreastfeeding challenge on Instagram. So if you are a supporter of breastfeeding, join me in posting a BF picture a day for 30 days with the hashtag #30daysofbreastfeeding. My IG name is @girl_on_e

Also I reset the numbers on the poll for future posts on the right, so if you feel like it, go ahead and vote for what you’d like to see. Again, I mostly go by what I feel like at that moment and the time I have when it comes to writing posts, but I do try to take the poll into consideration.

And finally, the biggest, most amazing thing that happened at 6 months and 1 week was ALEXIS’ FIRST WORD!


I didn’t want to believe it at first. She’s been babbling and using mama, baba, papa for a few weeks now, which is normal and does not constitute an actual meaningful word. For the past week, though, she’s been saying mama whenever she “appeared” to need me. Which I considered a coincidence or her new cry for food or something. She’s been saying mama and lifting her arms for me, also while crying for food, all the times either looking directly AT me or looking for FOR me. But again, I just wasn’t sure that she knew what she was saying. Last night, however, when she woke up during her witching hour at 4am and refused to go to sleep, Andrew got up to rock her (I wake up to feed her and soothe her, but if nothing works, he gets up to rock her so that I could get some sleep). He ALWAYS rocks her at night. This time, however,  she broke down into hysterics, crying “mama” and looking back at the bed where I was. I got up and she followed me with her gaze while repeating “Mamamamamamamama!” and only after I took her into my arms, she calmed down.  And with that, we have decided that, while she might not be realizing she is actually speaking or what words are, she has said her first word with intention: MAMA!

{mind explosion over}

Next up: Father’s Day in photos