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There is more than one way to make a baby. Families and the way they grow look different depending on your life situations and circumstances. Surrogacy, when a woman (called a surrogate mother) becomes pregnant with, and delivers the baby of another person, is becoming more popular year after year.

Have you guys ever considered being or using a surrogate? Let me know your stories.

If you are interested in this option for adding a child to your family, or if you think you might want to become a surrogate, I’ve got some very helpful information here for you

Simplified Mornings from another mom

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Hey, guys! Sprout asked me and one of my friends to discuss how their food pouches (and we both use it for different reasons) make our lives easier. Kristen and I have traveled together (our last trip was Gulf County you can read about here), we are both messy moms ( those moms who don’t seem to like to take the time to clean up and instead go have fun, guilty!!!! So our kitchens are always a mess), we both love writing and photographing, and we both work at Daily Mom. So Kristen is joining us today to talk about her breakfast and morning routine.