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Vegas, here we come again

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Almost exactly a year ago we took our first cross country trip since Lexi was born to attend a trade show. It was nerve racking for many reasons and looking back I have a mix of emotions about it.

Going into it, we had no idea how  it was going to work. We had never done anything like that with Lexi and her reaction could not have been guessed.

On one hand I was excited to fly with her for the first time, to show her the sights, to experience it with her for the first time. One of my most favorite things about have a child is seeing the world through their eyes and finding things that brings them joy. At the same time, I was completely lost at the idea of how she would tolerate a 5 hour non-stop flight considering we just barely got a handle on 3 hour car rides. We were also getting into what I consider the most challenging age (18-24 months), so it was a complete shot in the dark for us. Not knowing whether I’d be able to be away for most of the day when she normally doesn’t let me out of her sight, not knowing how she will tolerate the flight, and airport waiting times and waking up early to catch the flights…

Yours truly featured among other amazing women

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We put together one of my favorite posts of all times.
An everyday woman’s take on celebrity breastfeeding photos.

I have always been irked by people using words like “that’s not real life” or “they are not portraying what real life is like” when it came to celebrities. For those celebrities it IS real life, even when it differs greatly from mine or yours an they certainly have the right to share it with the world if they choose so, regardless of the fact that it makes some feel insecure.

Real life is the one you live in, not the one that other people live or expect you to portray.

I can’t stand it!

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This blog has become such a big part of my life that during times when I can’t blog, I get this nagging sad feeling.

Right now we are frantically working to finish the National Breastfeeding Month with a bang and planning the annual Vegas trip for the ABC Expo, so very little time is left to blog, which will change again shortly at the end of this month.

In the meantime, this is what has been keeping us busy….

Something cool brewing

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I know a ton of my readers still breastfeed. Or maybe at this point are expecting a new baby or just had one.


We are running a super cool initiative for World Breastfeeding Month at Daily Mom, where readers get to share their breastfeeding stories with everyone. At the end of the month we will be running a HUGE and I mean, HUGE breastfeeding giveaway and I just want to give you the heads up to watch for it. We are putting it together now and it is massive. It will include EVERYTHING one might want, if they are a new breastfeeding mom, a mom breastfeeding a toddler, an exclusively pumping mom. We will have 4 winners. So don’t miss it.

I think that’s all. Thought it kind of went with the previous post.


Organic Toddler Snacks giveaway on Daily Mom

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We having an awesome giveaway right now over on Daily Mom right now that I wanted to share for two variety packs (12 boxes total!) of these organic  fruit snacks from Sweetie Pie Organics and think you should go and enter- yes right now! These snacks are perfect for toddlers, school aged kids, picky eaters and everything in between and I know that your kids will love them. They are absolutely perfect for school lunches or snacks. Sweetie Pie Organics Giveaway

This giveaway ends on August 26th at midnight eastern time so hurry up!

P.S. As far as my posts go, I am taking this week to catch up on stuff I let go last week while traveling, so posts will resume next week (hopefully).

South Seas Getaway Day 3: A tour around the resort and Pool time

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#justescape was the hashtag of our South Seas, Captiva trip and I can certainly say that is what we did.

We just escaped.

Looking at the photos, it is almost as if I have temporary amnesia from our stay there. I don’t even remember and can’t imagine being in that beauty.

I guess it’s normal because I feel that way every time I step onto the beaches here in Florida. But one thing I do know is how much I wish I could be there again. Taking photos, enjoying the sunshine, the food, the view. Not a care in the world.

Lexi Twins in Nununu Baby – Cuteness Overload

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Nununu Baby

So the plan was to have the girls wear these adorable and cool outfits to Disney and take lots of adorable and cool photos with them hugging and holding hands and looking adorable and cool with the Cinderella’s castle in the background.

Just like most everything in motherhood, then real life happened.

Real life means two crabby 2 year olds who either wanted a balloon or nothing to do with each other (hold hands…ha!) or out of the heat or to go ride rides.

Lesson learned, little ones, lesson learned.


So we scrapped the idea and decided to try again later. Do a Lexitwin photoshoot somewhere else. Do it after Alexa had some time to warm up to being around Lexi (opposite personalities mean that shy and quiet (in public) Alexa is often freaked out by extra-energetic in-your-face Lexi, which you can still see in some photos).

So we gave them some time to hang out and then went to take photos. It was like a miracle. These two couldn’t get enough of each other. We didn’t even have to “ASK” them to hold hands. Lexi launched into it and Alexa graciously accepted. There were hugs, lots of walking around together, mimicking each other’s actions and all around sweetness.

When these two get together and are in sync, it is impossible not to swoon and max out both your camera’s memory card and your iPhone roll. So we did just that.

Girls outfits are c/o:

All clothing is by Nununu Baby
Nununu Baby Hoodies
Nununu Baby Shorts
Nununu Baby Tee shirts
Mary Jane Shoes are by Umi Shoes (one of my new favorite brands- soooo comfy and some shoes are so wide for chubby feet.)
Sunglasses by Babiators




IMG_5820 IMG_5849 nununu1 nununu3

IMG_5876 IMG_5877 IMG_5883 IMG_5888 IMG_5897 IMG_5902 IMG_5909 IMG_5935



Our Favorite Active Outdoor Toys

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Our favorite Active Outdoor Toys

I’ve been mentally writing this post the whole summer. Every time I would go outside with Lexi, I would think about mentioning this and that in a post on the blog.

So I’ll keep it short but to the point.

After getting glasses, we decided to start spending even more time outdoors because that was the only thing that seemed to have any kind of correlation to slowing down myopia in studies . So we figured why not focus on spending as much time as possible outdoors. That meant creating an environment that was stimulating and interesting enough, especially for Lexi since she has a pretty high threshold on stimulation, just like her mama.

I had a few items we loved before that we moved outside and then slowly “collected” other toys that have together created her “outdoor space”.