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If you’ve been reading this blog from the beginning, you know that my absolute favorite brand of swimwear is Lourdes! I feel in love with her designs back when Lexi was just 3 months old. Her swimsuits are just so adorable and so happy looking. Recently, I’ve had a chance to collaborate with her on a Daily Mom post and showcase some of the summer styles here, which was amazing. Lourdes to me is the epitome of “happy childhood clothing”.

So needless to say the second Lourdes went on sale on Zulily I got a few more pieces, including some swim. The swim diaper ruins the look a little bit, but soon enough Lexi will be diaper free and sporting her cute mermaid suits.

She has the best faces at the pool, it’s a shame I almost never bring the camera with me.





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  • Catherine


    Hi Elena! I have been following your blog for quite awhile now and it’s my first time commenting. I just had to today because Lexi looks so adorable and SO happy in these photos. My baby was born about a week after Lexi was and he too loves to be in the water. It’s so nice to see a child who loves to explore without any reservations or fear and I think it’s great that you allow her the freedom to do so!


  • Carmela


    Ditto Catherine! She’s super cute! I also love how you edit your pictures. Do you have any tips on how you edit them?


    • Elena @The Art of Making a Baby


      Get a good editing software. I use Lightroom 5. And then play around with settings. Honestly that’s how I arrived at the style I have. Year of trying to find it until i perfected in. Just try different things and see what you like.


  • christine


    she’s such a cutie – and looks so like her Dad it’s unbelievable!


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