The last day of 50 days of giveaways – don’t miss it!

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I’d like to write a quick post to remind you, guys, that the event meant to celebrate the launch of Daily Mom has come to an end. The last giveaway of the 50 Days of Giveaways has been posted today.
The good news is that you  can still enter the last 7 giveaways and hopefully win (fingers crossed). So if you’ve been staying away until now, here’s your last chance.

I am happy and sad that the giveaways are over.

Happy because it was A LOT OF work for me and some of my fellow Daily Mom’ers and the primary reason why I’ve been missing from the blog. So I am very happy to be partially reclaiming my life back and working on other aspects of the website, as well as writing for this blog. I am also glad to be getting back to what Daily Mom was supposed to be, a website designed to help women, posts that enrich and help our lives.

Sad because it was a great event, it was wonderful to hear the excitement from winners and in a small way help women get something nice for free with minimal effort. Once you’ve entered one giveaway, others are a breeze.

So here’s list of the giveaways that are still going and can be entered into. Good Luck!

9 hours left to enter


1 day left to enter

2 days left to enter

3 days left to enter

4 days left to enter

5 days left to enter

6 days left to enter

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  • Nicole


    Hey, have you ever posted about conceiving again? It’d be cool to see what you’d do differently this time. 😀


    • Elena @The Art of Making a Baby


      No I haven’t. In theory I wouldn’t want to change anything in the way we were doing things. In practice, not sure how it would jive with having a toddler. The conception part was easy. It was the way we approached pregnancy that would be challenged by having Lexi.


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