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One of the very first things a person learns about jogging strollers when researching them is that not all three-wheel all-terrain strollers can be called a jogging stroller. In fact, many all-terrain strollers used for jogging by many people specifically state that they are not joggers and should not be used for jogging. There is only a handful of companies that make ACTUAL jogging strollers and Baby Jogger is one of them.

Like the world’s most exotic sports cars, Baby Jogger products are manufactured in a staged assembly process. During each step, the frame is locked into place so each product is constructed with unmatched precision and within the tightest tolerances in the industry.

It’s true! When you look at the quality and design of the Summit XC stroller, it is clear that the thing is built to last. Just the size of the 16″  pneumatic air filled back tires are enough to  impress any runner.


Baby Jogger has 8 stroller models if you don’t count double strollers. Three of the all terrain strollers come in a double option. Three of the 8 are jogging strollers. Each one has its own features that make it unique and fits all kinds of situations. You can see an awesome feature comparison in this Baby Jogger supplied pdf.

We have Baby Jogger Summit XC. It’s a full featured jogger, meant for light jogging and all kinds of terrain.

Now, I am not a hardcore runner. I love the idea of running, but I am just not built for long distance running. I want to quit 5 minutes into it. My husband, however, has always been a runner. It took us a while to get to the point where we felt we could take the time to run after Alexis was born. It is not recommended to have a newborn in a jogging stroller until they are 6 months old. However, Summit XC does feature a full recline to accommodate an infant, in those cases where you want to take the stroller for a walk rather than a jog.


Why would you use a jogging stroller as an every day stroller? In the case of the Summit XC, not only you can, but you probably should.

All Baby Jogger strollers feature a {WAIT FOR IT!} one hand quick fold. It blew my mind the first time I saw it and I couldn’t believe it was right. You grab the  strap in the middle and the stroller folds. Bam! That feature deserves for it to be used every day. Seriously.

Yes, it is a jogger but it takes a car seat AND a pram.

Are you tall and most joggers and strollers handlebars are way too short for you? This one is PERFECT! At 5’11 it is the perfect height for me.

A few more things that were a big deal for us, living in hot Florida:

  • mesh recline and weather cover for extra air flow
  • side ventilation panels
  • an ENORMOUS sun panel that positions in 3 different ways.

summit3Another thing I appreciate about it, though can’t exactly use is how the seat almost cradles the baby in a way that is very conducive to sleep. Alexis has never been able to fall asleep in a stroller, but for the million babies who slumber contently while their moms run, this is is awesome. It almost feels like the fabric of the seat is suspended off the stroller rather than sits in a frame. If it’s true, then it’s probably done to reduce the shock  on the passenger.

My husband is the one who uses it most and when I told him I am writing this review, he said in passing “Make sure you write a good one, I love that stroller!”  Yes, sir!

We don’t have hills here, but there is a strap attached to the bottom of the Summit XC that goes around your wrist so that you could run hands free. There is a hand break and a parking break, which makes it for one very safe stroller. It is not meant for rollerblading ( I don’t know of a stroller that is), however if you were to go rollerblading with a stroller, having one that has a hand break is pretty crucial.


I have looked at other true jogging strollers and the construction quality, in my opinion, is far below the Summit XC on most of them. So I guess what I am trying to say is this:

I know Baby Jogger is not as mainstream and popular as the quintessential BOB Revolution strollers, but if you’re on the market for a jogger that will blow your mind, I would strongly advise you look at what Baby Jogger Summit XC and other strollers they have to offer.

Note: Accessories that can be bought separately:

  • car seat adaptor
  • rain canopy made of phthalate free material
  • bassinet
  • belly bar and console
  • child tray
  • glider board
  • carry bag

summitGoing forward into 2013, Baby Jogger is releasing an updated model of the Summit stroller- SUMMIT X3.

If you’re looking for a double stroller, it’s worth checking out Baby Jogger’s City Mini, City Mini GT and City Mini Select.


Disclosure: We received this stroller for review. All opinions are own.

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