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The other day I decided that we needed to get out more on the weekends, rather than try to cram as much housework as we can, along with blog work, along with family time. I said “Pfftt! Housework! Who needs a clean and organized house anyways!?” (that’s my philosophy lol) “Let’s go to the lamest freaking bbq show in the worst part of town!”

Ok, I didn’t know it was going to be lame! Or that it’s in THAT part of town. Or that the “petting zoo for kids” meant a lizard and a tired panther in a cage.

I did know that we don’t eat meat and BBQ technically means meat. I did know that probably aside from meat, there are going to be a million other things we are not interested in. But I was trying…

We walked in, we made an effort to walk around, then we left and went to the mall {Zoo was debated too but it was too late in the day.}

That is where Lexi let my hand go and started running around the racks of clothing. On her own. { To terrify me obviously.} Really fast. While clapping, squealing and talking. All at the same time. There might or might not have been head shakes too.  Head shakes and a newly walking (read: running) toddler = NO BUENO!

Then she “begged” to go to the madhouse of a mall playground with big fat boys running around and knocking each other down. She tried to copy them. Mommy didn’t let her. I followed her insane walking speed at the edges of the playground and then promptly removed her from the “warzone”.

I did, however, get her first picture of looking like a complete toddler (close up below!)


Lexi is wearing

Shoes: PediPeds
Dress: Little Shrimp
Tights: Zulily

Elena is wearing:

Top: NY & Company
Skirt: BCBG via MyHabit
Super comfy flats:  Bellsox via MyHabit

{one of the things that went with the baby was accessorizing. You won’t see any jewelry on me for a while)


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