Happy 1st Birthday, Alexis!

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you cannot imagine how much my heart swells when I type these words. And at the same time I get this sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach.

Too fast.

You won’t understand these words until you’re a mother yourself. You won’t get the feelings. It probably won’t matter much to you until then.

“Yeah yeah whatever you’re turning a year old. I know.”

I am not terrified of it, I am not sad. All I feel is immense pride and joy. And a little bit of worry. That the future years will go just as fast.

I am not going to say much today! Except that I love you. That noone, and I mean NOONE, will ever be MORE important to us than you.

That we have been, are and will always be doing everything in our power to make your life the best that it can be.

You are a year old!

That is a big deal! You have grown from 1 cell to a walking, babbling human being in just a matter of 2 years. {yet you’re only a year old, how ironic!}

Today you will be surrounded by what you will probably perceive as chaos, but there will also be your friends, your family, all the people that love you.

As well as cake, decorations, lots and lots of photos.

You won’t remember it, but I know you will have a blast looking through pictures and videos when you’re older.

You are the most amazing girl in the whole world and daddy and I love you!

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