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Continuing our stroller feature, I bring to you new-to-USA Kiddy City’n Move, a well-priced lightweight umbrella stroller with features that rival its more expensive competitors.

We have been awaiting the American release of this stroller ever since last year and finally it is here and it couldn’t be better. We got to test drive it pretty well during our trip to Disney.

Let me go over the stats and features, as well as give my personal opinion from weeks of use.


Weight Load: Up to 55 lbs
Age: from birth with a car seat adaptor
Weight: 21 lbs
Dimensions: 21x41x34.6″
Retail Price: $219



Aluminum chassis is light but stable. It’s not the lightest of the umbrella strollers, but it is so packed with features that it’s a worthy concession to make. It’s still light enough that it’s perfect for travel, especially if you want your baby to be comfortable and need more than a basic, what I call, “doll stroller”.



This is BY FAR one of the best features of the stroller that alone makes it trump most other umbrella strollers. It has nearly FULL SUN protection. The kind that I haven’t seen before. If you look at the pictures, it has a flap at the bottom that completes the coverage giving as good of sun protection as one can get in a stroller. The fabric has 80UPF protection as well.This really came in handy at Disney, and is the main reason why we used the stroller more than carriers. Florida’s midday sun is brutal, but couples with sunscreen this stroller made it completely comfortable and safe for little Lexi. It almost looks like you can’t see anything, but I lowered myself to her level and her view is just fine.



There are a few features to the seat itself that I am a big fan of. First, there’s the mesh netting, which allows for air flow and keeps her cool. Really important here in Florida. It has a nice recline, in that awesome case your baby likes to sleep in the stroller and it is very easy to operate. But the biggest thing is the comfort and ergonomics of the seat. It is certified by the Healthy Backs Foundation and it could be my bias showing, but both Andrew and I noticed that when we use it at home, she definitely seems more comfortable in it than some other strollers we’ve used. Alexis isn’t a fan of sleeping anywhere but the bed and she hates being reclined, however Disney was pretty exhausting for her, so she slept in her stroller once, as well as didn’t seem to protest being reclined once in a while when she was tired. She also complains whenever she gets too hot in a stroller and it didn’t seem to be an issue with this one. Though, of course, it’s not magical, so I can’t say she never whined to get out of her stroller on other days when she didn’t feel like being there.


Most umbrella strollers don’t have a large or easily accessible storage baskets. Kiddy has a decent size one that unzips for better access. It’s not huge but it’s perfect for an umbrella stroller.


You can use it FROM BIRTH. With one of the car seat adaptors (Chicco, Maxi Cosi, Peg Perego, Graco), you can pop an infant car seat into it and voila, your lightweight stroller now carries your newborn. From what I understand, not many umbrella strollers have that feature.


This is a great and uncommon feature and anyone who has used an umbrella stroller will attest to it. Unlike most lightweight strollers, Kiddy HOLDS A HEAVY DIAPER BAG unoccupied without tipping it back! This was really a BIG BIG DEAL at Disney. You try to pack up everything you might need at the park, which makes your diaper bag pretty heavy. Coupled with walking all day in the heat, the last thing you want to do is carry/hold your heavy diaper bag. Being able to hang it on the stroller to go on a ride or during a parade was really convenient.



Removable cupholder, 4 wheel suspension, stroller lock, removable bumper bar.

CONS: It’s not the lightest of the the umbrella strollers. It’s light enough for me to carry on my own, but it still weighs 21 pounds. I feel like that’s the trade off for all the features it has that most other umbrella strollers lack. But that’s something that needs to be taken into account. And this is knit picky, but I really like when the seat is machine washable. This seat cover isn’t removable (or at least easily removable. We tried but it was so complicated that we stopped for the fear of not being able to snap it back in). You can spot clean it with water and soap but I like to run my stroller seats through a washing cycle before I put Lexi in it.

So all-in-all this is the first stroller I have tried in this affordable price range that has the features of more expensive strollers, not too heavy and accommodates babies of all ages. It is a great addition to the market of foreign designed (Germany) strollers. As a matter of fact, this is the stroller I recommended that my BFF who’s pregnant buys due to its excellent price and features.

This stroller will most likely appeal to frequent travelers who like the idea of their child riding in comfort and having a more versatile, feature packed stroller, those who want a light stroller but tend to tow around a big diaper bag that they need to hang on the stroller. It will be good for chidren with back issues. For anyone who doesn’t own a car and tends to walk most places, it will provide portability and comfort for their baby over long distances.
Below are the colors available for this stroller (plus the black in my pictures), which in my opinion rock!

To learn more about the stroller, visit KIDDY USA website.
They are also a maker of amazing and highly rated car seats.

To buy, visit $219


You can win a new Kiddy USA City N Move stroller if you enter below:

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Disclosure: I was sent this stroller by Kiddy USA to facilitate the review. All opinions are my own and 100% honest, as always.

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