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So here it is guys!

You’ve been bugging me for 2 days  (in the cutest way possible) to post the sex of our baby.

Yesterday we spent the whole day filming and going to the doctor’s appointment and then I stayed up till 4:30 am editing the gender reveal video ( not the smartest idea! lol).

So now it’s ready. It’s far from perfect, but to make it perfect, I would need a lot more time.

gender revealfeatured


A few notes before you watch:

  • This video is intended mostly for friends and family, so it’s relatively long, but it shows the whole reveal process the way we experienced it.
  • It’s really personal, emotional and sappy and at times really dorky ( mostly on my part as usual)
  • The dorky parts really show me the way my friends know me.
  • I have so many bloopers from this video that you will definitely get a follow up gag reel. ( i only included one blooper in this video. at the end.)
  • The ultrasound technician said she was 100% sure of the sex of the baby ( and later looking at the ultrasound, there’s no doubt! )
  • No, we’re NOT REALLY painting the baby room that particular color.




I am aware  that my “bawlfest” sounded like “ballfest” and my husband and I spent good 30 minutes laughing our butts off at that.

And I will be writing my 19 week update in a few days, but the baby was perfect and healthy.


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